People are often shocked when I tell them my daily routine.

Through business and life, I believe consistency and routine have been pivotal to the success we’ve had at B2B Leads.

If it’s of interest, check out my latest video where I walk through my daily routine.

Video Transcript
Some people have been surprised when I tell them what my daily routine is, and in this video I thought it might be fun to share what my daily routine is, why I think it’s been so important to the success of our clients and our business as a whole, and why I think a daily routine or routine and habit in general is so important.

Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here from B2B and today I wanted to talk about something that I’m very excited about and passionate about, and just think it’s so critical and important to success, and that’s around routine and building a solid habit. So I’ll quickly start off by telling you what my daily habit is, my daily routine.

I’d love to hear from you what yours is as well, but mine starts off. In the morning at 4:00 AM every day I wake up at the same time. Sometimes I sleep in until around 4 30, 5 o’clock. On the weekends, maybe a little bit later. But for the most part, my body’s pretty adapted to waking up really early. I do still get plenty of sleep.

A lot of people think that I’m some sort of crazy person who doesn’t get enough sleep, but I just go to bed a lot earlier. This works for me really well because I find that waking up at 4:00 AM just gives you a good headstart on the day. Now I know a lot of people aren’t programmed to be morning people, and this is actually, I’ve done some study on this.

This is actually biologically programmed into us whether we are more geared towards nighttime, more geared towards morning time. I prefer getting up early and getting a good headstart on the day. There’s less people sending me emails, asking questions, and also has a good overlap with our international clients.

In America, uk, Canada and things like that. So I like to get up 4:00 AM I don’t like to exercise or do anything like that. I pretty much get straight into work. I have a big cup of coffee and I just launch straight into high quality work. I might check a couple of emails, but for the most part I’m try, this is where I’m most focused, most energetic, and I’m trying to do the work that requires the most thought, the highest decision maker power.

And I’ve got the time locked out, so there’s no meetings at this immediate. Start time in the morning. So I generally work through till about 6:30 – 7:00. It just depends when my son wakes up to start getting ready for school. And then I generally take about 15 to minutes to an hour off to have breakfast with the family.

After that, it’s back into work and this is where I start to open up the calendar start taking meetings, doing more client work, getting. Client started. It just really depends on who’s booking in meetings and when. And I try and fit everything in around that. So I generally power through and do a lot of work all the way through till about lunchtime.

And then lunchtime is when I decide to go to the gym. Now a lot of people like to get the gym done first thing in the morning, and I. I definitely understand that because getting up early, getting that end into Warfarin release makes you feel like you’ve, you know, accomplished something first thing in the morning.

But for me, I really enjoy going to the gym, so it’s more like my treat. It’s like that thing that I look forward to, and I don’t need that when I’m most energetic. To focus on that. So I tend to save that for later once I’ve finished all the work that needs to be done for the day. So I personally really like jiu-jitsu.

I do a lot of juujitsu. I tend to train every single day or rock climbing or j head to the gym and go to the gym and do some training there as well. So at the moment I’m a bit injured. I’ve got a pinch nerve busted elbow. So I can’t do a lot of training at Jiujitsu. So I’ve been spending a bit more time at the gym, but I generally try to always do some sort of physical exertion.

Get that end Warfarin release. Keep the body healthy, keep the mind healthy, and not just overwork myself all day, every single day. I’m a big believer that you should always do something each day that you genuine, genuinely enjoy. And that’s one of the reasons I don’t personally like to take a lot of holidays or many holidays.

I tend to prefer just trying to make, optimize each day and do something that I enjoy every single day. So I generally take a fairly extended. Break in the middle of the day to do that. And I don’t usually eat wine. I never eat lunch. I tend to have a big breakfast and then that gets me through to dinner.

I find I’m, I find I work more efficiently. I’m, I’m more energetic on an empty stomach after a big feed during the day. At lunchtime, all I wanna do is go to sleep. So I generally push all the way through till dinner time and don’t have lunch. I prefer to use that time to go exercise, go to the gym.

Things like that. So around two o’clock I’m back at work and for the most part, all the critical work is done by this point in time and it’s just checking emails, maybe a couple of extra meetings here and there, but for the most part, I’m trying to clear out the decks so I can spend time with my son when he gets home from school.

And I don’t feel too bad about finishing up early because I’m starting at four o’clock in the morning and I’m getting it all done. Oftentimes I do sort of. Do a bit, few bits and pieces that’ll take me through till five o’clock, but for the most part I like to keep that open so I can do things with my son, go for a bike ride you know, just bits and pieces.

That’s what really started this business for me, was all about, was to spend more time with the family and like I said, doe things that you enjoy every single day. Then you feel like you never want to have a holiday. And then, yeah, I, my brain basically shuts down by about five o’clock dinner time.

Relaxing, hanging out with the family and then, you know, go to bed pretty early around eight o’clock, get seven and a half hours is perfect sleep for me. I find I’m always up at four whether the alarm goes off or not, and I’m genuinely, genuinely, I. Generally and genuinely excited to get into work again the next day.

Cuz there’s always things that I want to do. There’s never enough time in the day and and I find that works really well for me. So why do I believe routine and habit is so important? Well, there’s a few key things that I believe exist in having a good, solid routine and a good habit. The main thing is that it really reduces the number of decisions that you need to make in a day and reduces that decision fatigue.

When you know that you just need to turn up at the same time every single day, these are the steps that you follow. It opens up. More decision making power for things that really require it. And in business, there’s no shortage of decisions and, and difficult decisions that need to be made and be constantly wondering whether you should wake up at this time or whether you should take lunch at this time, or whether you should go here, but you should do.

It’s just, it’s just unnecessary thinking. I’m all about reducing thought as much as possible, only leaving thought for things that really require it, and that’s why I’m so process obsessed. If you can build a process, if you do something more than once. Then you can build a process and you don’t need to think about that anymore.

And second of all, having a routine, a habit is really important because the quality of your work really lives upstream of habit. And what I mean by that, and that’s probably a terrible way to explain it, but what I mean by that is if you want to get better at something, You need to turn up and you need to keep doing it.

Basically, you can’t just get better at something by doing it here and there randomly. You’ve gotta stay consistent and the more consistent you are, the natural process is that you will improve. If you keep doing it. You can’t just keep studying and hoping that one day you’ll be better. Just keep turning up.

Stay consistent and that’s how you improve. So anyway, that’s my routine, my habit it’s been working for me for the last three to five years, more or less. Sometimes it changes, adjust slightly. We move around a lot. So it’s changed quite a bit from one year to the next. But at its core, get up early. Get the important work done, go exercise around lunchtime and finish up nice and early to spend time with the family.

So that’s worked really well for me. I think routine and habit is critical and super useful. If you want to remove unnecessary thought from your day and optimize your time, I’d love to hear what your processes, your habits are, what your routines are, what do you do? What’s interesting? It’s what I do.

I’d love to hear what you do. Put it in the comments below, and I hope that’s been. I don’t know. Interesting to at the very least, hear. And as always, Ryan Caswell from B2B Have a great day. Cheers.

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