About B2B Leads

Done For You Lead Generation That Actually Works

You likely know how important lead generation is to your company. No matter how good your product or services is, without leads you don’t have customers and without customers you don’t have a business. You know there is a potential gold mine of clients waiting on LinkedIn but aren’t sure how to develop a strategy that has key decision makers ready to jump on a call with you.

The good news is that here at B2B Leads we are experts at LinkedIn outbound marketing and running complete done-for-you lead generation campaigns that actually work. Using our proven 4 step process developed from running thousands of campaigns all across the globe we can take care of your business’s entire outbound lead generation strategy on LinkedIn! From optimising your presence through to finding potential clients, starting conversations and nurturing them through to booked discovery calls, we manage the entire process from start to finish (We even have a money back guarantee). You can finally stop worrying about lead generation and focus on what you do best – running your business.

Of course, we understand that outsourcing your B2B lead generation takes a lot of trust. Learn more about our journey, why we are here and why we’re the one’s that can help you tap into the gold mine that is LinkedIn.

Why We Are Here

B2B Leads Is Here To Create Freedom For The Lives Of Our Clients And Our Team

Freedom for our clients by delivering a reliable source of business leads and the control to grow your company on your own terms (rather than relying on ‘hope’ marketing). With the ability to essentially ‘buy’ new clients at will, we help businesses gain the cashflow, confidence and freedom to scale up, improve their products and services or simply buy back their time to focus on what they enjoy most.

Freedom for our team with flexible working arrangements and a culture geared towards work life balance. We specialise in B2B but the B doesn’t stand for boring! We believe that doing the things you love should be a part of your every day life, not just reserved for a few weeks a year when you take leave.

We are freedom fighters, working to create freedom for business owners and professionals to succeed on their own terms and to make time for the things that matter most. 

Our Journey

Though officially starting in 2018, the B2B Leads journey is one that began much earlier. 

B2B Leads Founder, Ryan Caswell started his professional career in mining, working as an engineer & data analyst before moving into business improvement. 

Whilst the work was interesting, Ryan had always admired business owners and entrepreneurs and felt he had what it took to start his own company (So naive, if only he knew what the next 5 years would have in store).

From a failed eco-farm and B&B in the remote mountains of South Brazil, to an ecommerce company selling rock climbing equipment, Ryan met failure after failure but not without learning a very valuable lesson along the way…

“It doesn’t matter how good you think your product or service is, if you don’t have a process or system to acquire new clients, you don’t have a business.”

Completely broke and now with the arrival of his son in 2016, a family to support, it was sink or swim time. 

Working full time as a web developer and delivering UberEATS at night, Ryan spent every other spare moment he had on learning and testing digital marketing strategies in order to crack the code of client acquisition.

Spending untold hours on SEO, Facebook, YouTube, networking, trade shows and paid advertising he discovered only one platform that delivered time and time again on the strict lead generation requirements for start-ups and small businesses. 


LinkedIn was low cost/free, low risk, quick to generate results and simple to scale up. 

Not long after, B2B Leads was born, a company purely focused on running B2B lead generation processes that generate measurable ROI for it’s clients. 

Our Values

We can’t improve what we don’t measure: Unlike most outbound agencies, our approach is incredibly data driven. There is no one perfect message to send on LinkedIn but with the right strategy, data will lead the way!

Health: We value healthy minds, bodies and keeping B2B Leads and our clients operating as healthy businesses.  Healthy businesses aren’t affected by short term cash flow and can make better, more strategic long term decisions. 

Happy Clients: We want each client interaction to be positive and for clients to love working with us. 

Leverage: Always focus on high value, leveraged actions rather than doing everything. 

Integrity: ‘Do or do not… There is no try’ ~ Yoda. 

Have Fun: B doesn’t stand for ‘Boring’!

Our People

Ryan Caswell


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Founder of B2B leads, Ryan Caswell is a process obsessed engineer at heart who enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and son, scaling cliff faces or getting choked out in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Justin Evans

Partnerships Manager

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Justin is an experienced sales allrounder who enjoys all things adrenaline related. He takes pride in providing assistance to our clients “as as soon as they have a query”, he knows the importance of timing. He enjoys copious amounts of caffeine which ensures our clients are well looked after in a timely manner with exuberant energy. As our Partnerships Manager, Justin looks after our customers globally, learning and applying learnt & proven strategies to our new clients, thus always adapting and testing new ways of doing things better & more efficiently.

Amelia Orr

Senior Account Manager

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With a professional background in both marketing and account management, Amelia is passionate is helping SME B2B organisations thrive. With a proven track record of developing impactful strategies that resonate within the B2B landscape, her keen understanding of market dynamics and client needs enable her to deliver targeted solutions that drive results.

When she’s not creating B2B marketing solutions, she’s travelling to new parts of the world, climbing a cliff face or trail running through a jungle.

Kayleigh Glynn

Marketing Specialist / Account Manager

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With a professional background in marketing, Kayleigh is passionate about transforming ideas into impactful results for clients. Her journey in the marketing world has been a thrilling adventure, much like her travels around parts of the world. When not crafting and testing ideas, she’s exploring new destinations, cuddling her friends’ dogs, or being a self-confessed cheeseboard connoisseur.

Lewis Mycock

Account Manager

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Lewis brings extensive experience in marketing, client relationship management and lead generation. He is passionate about providing clients and people with excellent experiences. Away from the 9-5, Lewis’s enthusiasm lies in travelling and seeking exciting adventures, and arrives at B2B Leads following an epic trip around South East Asia.

Sophie Morgan

Marketing Assistant

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With a background in communications, Sophie is incredibly passionate about crafting successful marketing copy to maximise client opportunities to achieve the greatest level of success, and client satisfaction. In her personal time, you will find Sophie teaching her friends new board games, crafting the perfect playlist, or annotating the latest book that piques her interest.