Have you ever wondered if it’s worth investing time and effort into creating a compelling LinkedIn profile background?

In this video, we’ll share insights and tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn banner to make a lasting impression, capture the attention of your target audience, establish credibility, and drive engagement – helping you get more sales and leads.

Video Transcript
So you’ve probably noticed a lot of people on LinkedIn have different background images. The real question is, is it even worth it?

Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here from B2B leads.com. Today we’re gonna be diving into whether or not you actually need to have a LinkedIn background image on your profile on LinkedIn profile. And whether or not it’s worth it, and of course what you need to, if you do have one, what you need to make sure you cover or what you need on it, and to make sure you get the most value from it.

So to cut straight to the chase. Yes. If you’re looking to generate leads on LinkedIn and, and drive more sales, then a LinkedIn banner is a great way to do that. Now, the reason it’s so important to actually drive more sales and leads and, and things like that, it’s because it takes up such a big component of your page.

It’s, it’s above. If you’re familiar with the saying above the fold, it’s. Gold, which referred to newspapers. The top of the page one on the newspaper where it used to sit on the pile. It was the only thing that you could see. So it was basically saying that real estate was gold. And that’s the same thing on LinkedIn.

It’s anything that’s above the fold when people first line on your page, and that’s specs ’em in the face is gold and real estate, and you need to make sure that you do the most with it in order to capture people’s attention. Remember, a lot of us are gonna be doing outbound lead generation, or let’s say even if we’re doing inbound.

Where we’re posting content and people might end up on our page, we need to capture people’s attention really quickly in order for them to read more about our profile, go to the about section and end up on our website and book calls with us, become leads, become clients. So it’s really important that we get this right.

Make sure it looks good and that actually drives people to our website and to us and to leads into sales. So let’s have a look at some examples here and explain what you need to have in place in order to have a good background image. So we’re on my profile here. You can see mine. So as far as LinkedIn backgrounds go, yeah, I mean it’s nice and slick.

It’s kind of interesting. The most important thing for me is that it captures people’s attention and gets them to wanna learn more. So when it comes to background images, What we are trying to do is really the first thing, like I said, is capture people’s attention. That’s our primary objective with it enough that people are gonna get interested and want to go down and read more on LinkedIn.

We’re dealing a lot with people’s subconscious biases, which means that first impressions really matter, and if your background image doesn’t sort of drive a positive or intriguing type first impression, then people are just gonna bounce. And head elsewhere. So first thing is it needs to be attention grabbing.

The next thing we want to do is try and build credibility. So mine’s not necessarily the best at building credibility. I’m of the belief that the domain name itself is valuable and that people will see B2B leads and see that we are leaders in B2B lead space. And that’s where I’ve tried to leverage that credibility aspect.

But there’s tons of different ways that you can build credibility. I’ll show you a good example of one where you can actually leverage if you. Worked with big brands in the past, you can leverage that in your background image as a way to build credibility and trust. Like there’s this intrinsic, when you see these logos of big companies that, you know, there’s this intrinsic feeling of trust that hey, these big companies trust him and these guys are massive companies.

Therefore, you know I can too subconscious biases. It’s not necessarily the thought process that runs through the head, but it does happen subconsciously. So this is a really great example of another way that you can build credibility. So, That’s another one. Another one is if you talk and you run keynote speaks speeches, name Smith.

Good example. Talking up the front of an audience if there’s a big crowd that you can include in it as well. Wow. A really great way to build that credibility and trust and drive people to read more about you and just drive this instant idea that, hey, this guy’s a cred a credible source, or, You know an expert in his field.

And if you can try and have an image, if you can’t do that, another really powerful thing you can do is call out your target market and get the image on brand. So if you deal in construction, maybe have an image of like construction or people working construction. If you have an app that’s targeted construction, someone in construction with you know, holding a tablet.

So you can use go to pixels, I think has free, free background or free images that you can use. My experience is you can never really get what you want with this because it’s free. So I’d recommend heading to Shutter Shut if you want to get something quite specific and quite targeted Shutter stock. So you can type in something like construction iPad.

Something like that, and you’ll get tons of images, pretty much exactly what you want. High quality only like 10 bucks an image. Now how you go about creating it, if you are comfortable with design, obviously you can put something together yourself, but for the most part, I’d recommend just heading to somewhere like fiverr.com.

Just type in LinkedIn banner and you’ll find tons of people who could do it for like 15, 20 bucks kind of next to nothing. And they’ll do a great job as well. So have a scan around, look at the reviews, and you can find someone there to do it for you if you’re really trying to save money and do it on the cheap.

Head to B2B leads.com and bgc, background creator. And I’ve created a little one here that you can use to create your own image. So just change the logo out with your own change the text out with your own. Obviously you can change the font. This is just using Google Google Docs, Google slideshow.

And I’ve put this overlay here so that you can change out the image in the background. So say you found one on pixels or shutter stock that you want to use, copy image. Just paste it in so you buy the quote. Proper version and then just send it to the order. Send it to the back. Bring this guy down, delete the background a little bit fidgety.

Move that across, and then you can just change out the text and logo with your own ones there. So there’s an option for a dark background. There’s an option for a light background, and like I said, this will, and then once you’ve got it how you want it, simply download as a jpeg and then you can just upload it to your LinkedIn profile, get back to your profile and change photo upload.

It’s very simple, very easy to do. And very important, when people land on your page, your profile picture and your background image is the first thing they see. It needs to be slappy on the face, obvious why they should trust you, who you help, what you do, credibility, all that kind of stuff. It needs to like, without using any words, almost just make that obvious.

So should you use the background image on your LinkedIn profile? Well, yeah. If you’re trying to get clients and generate leads on the platform. It’s a prime opportunity to build that trust, build credibility, help people understand what you do, drive interest, and get them to wanna read more and learn more.

I hope that’s been helpful. I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com. Have a great day.

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