My background is a little different to most marketers and I often get asked why I ended up starting a B2B lead generation business.

In this video, I share why.

Video Transcript
Hey, so this is just a short video giving you a bit of an idea of why I personally started b2b, and I guess what drives me and the company to keep continuing to improve and yeah, give you an insight to what we’re all about.

All right, let’s jump straight into it. So why I started b2b and full disclosure did not start as b2b The story starts way back when. Well, I’ll go all the way back to the beginning. So for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ryan. I’m the founder of b2b I actually was born, well, not born, but I grew up in a little town called Null Boy or Gove.

In a small town in Australia, in the Northern Territory. And I grew up very much out in the bush shooting, fishing, camping spending a lot of time outdoors. And I really developed a love for just being outdoors in nature and being just fairly active and outside. So, you know, I, I grew up, up in the Northern Territory.

I then moved to a place called Brisbane where I went to to school to high school. And then went to uni. I actually studied mining engineering, so I’m an engineer by a background and, you know, I got into a bunch of different hobbies, but I, my real passion’s life live in, you know, being outdoors, camping, family, rock climbing jiu-jitsu, bit of travel at least, probably more so before Covid, but still, I do enjoy traveling when we get the chance.

And I’m spending time with my family and family and friends. Not too profound, not too exciting or interesting. I’m sure most of you are the same, but yeah. My professional career outside of all this actually began in mining, as you probably tell, from being in mining engineering. And I spent three years out in central Queensland working as an operator, putting up bolts in underground coal mines.

Very dark, dirty work, work wasn’t, I guess, too bad, but it wasn’t really something I was particularly passionate or excited about. And after about three years of that ended up leaving the mines and my wife and I, we ended up moving of, of all things out to Brazil. And we actually bought a farm. You can see it down there.

That’s me sitting on the cliff face, but that. Patch of grass down there is actually our farm. And we set up a bed and breakfast out in the mountains, see us building out there. Really quite an interesting sort of adventure, but unfortunately this was my first taste in business and it was a complete another failure financially.

It was a lot of fun. I, I’d probably do it again given the chance, but financially it was far from success and it’s where I really lent my first lesson in business. But unfortunately I didn’t learn it until a few more. Years later, so completely broke back in Australia now. I was working, trying to get my foot in the I guess the digital space.

I wasn’t too excited to get back into mining though at heart. I really feel like I still am to this day, an engineer at heart. I really love me some data and I love to optimize and build things. That’s really what I love most, I think is, is taking something relatively simple, not doing a thousand different things and just.

Focusing intently on that and optimizing and improving and trying to perfect it as much as possible. I really enjoy that process and I think that’s something that’s really key to our culture at B2B leads is that building optimal processes and constant tweaking and optimization. Anyway, back in Australia, now I’m trying to get my foot into the digital arena.

I worked at digital marketing agency. I worked as a web developer for a motor home and National International Motor Home Company, and All the while, like, like I said, completely broke from that adventure in Brazil trying to get some money, save up some money and start a business on the side.

So there were a lot of different attempts at business. There was how I was trying to start a rock climbing training equipment website, a a marketing consultancy website. It was very general and very broad, and there was no sort of key messaging. Around it and sadly, well, not sadly, but basically all these were failures in, in the long run.

But I mean, essentially they all led me to where we are now and they’re all very valuable lessons learnt and, and in a way like unavoidable. That’s, that’s really how I got to where I was and how I learnt what really is important when it comes to business. And yeah, it wasn’t until the arrival of my son in 2016 that it really was sink or swim time.

Like, like I said, we were completely broke. I was riding Uber delivery eats delivering people’s foods at nighttime, just trying to do everything that we could to, to bring in money. And my wife and I, we both came from, you know, professional roles in, in mining and my wife wasn’t working. She was looking after my son and just it was a big hit to us financially.

And, but the, the good thing about it was obviously amazing to have a son and a family, but. There was this huge drive now it really was this, you know, drive to actually make the business work. And I realized that for the business to work, for a business to work, to actually have a successful business, which is something I really did want to have.

The thing, the key thing that I needed to do was solve a problem in the past. If I was to look at what I had done previously, it wasn’t. Solving problems. I was just doing things that I liked, you know, bread and breakfast in the mountains. It’s a cool idea, but it’s far from it’s far from necessarily a problem that needs to be solved.

And if I looked back at all my business and failures and whatnot in the past, the common problem that always needed to be solved for me was this idea of client acquisition. Like a successful business A. A business in general needs a way to be able to essentially buy clients when it needs to and grow at its own.

You know, at its own will, essentially. And I really, really committed myself to learning absolutely everything I could. So I was working full-time doing delivery eats, and every spare second I had, I was barely sleeping at night. I was putting into learning different ways to acquire clients through digital marketing methods and practices.

And there was success with, you know, a number of different things. I’m not here to say that different platforms don’t work, but. A lot of what I work did do. I found it was frustrating cause I found it would work for more established businesses, but when it came to actually generating leads for myself, it was just not the right method.

And it wasn’t until I found a LinkedIn that this was a strategy I could use to generate leads for myself and my business. And it was also a platform that I could use to help my clients grow their businesses. And it really came down to this, what I was saying for what I really enjoy. And what is really key to our culture is not trying to do absolutely everything, but focusing in and being really good and optimizing and tweaking and improving one thing.

And so generate being able to generate leads with this method for ourselves. Meant that we could optimize it for ourselves, but as we’re optimizing it for ourselves and growing our client base, we could also be playing what we learned to our clients and growing theirs and what we learned from theirs.

We could apply it to ours. And so constantly, you know, being a small business, you don’t have a ton of resources, so it allowed us to grow really fast by just focusing in on one thing. That generated the best results. And it wasn’t really until, yeah, I discovered LinkedIn that we were able to grow the business quite substantially, been growing double the double size or double revenue year on year and, and more than that in profit for the last five years.

And really excited to see where we’re gonna take it. So we’re really focused quite heavily on LinkedIn and will continue to until it’s time to start adding other services that can add equal or better value to our clients. And that’s what’s been really important to us, is we’ve always focused on where we felt we found the most leverage for both us and our clients.

So coming back to, I guess, understanding why we started b2b, it really does come down to this idea of freedom, this idea of freedom to control the growth of your company, the freedom to spend time with your family and do the things you love. Every day, not necessarily just on the few weeks that you can have holiday.

And and yeah, this is really core to our culture B2B leads who we want in our team, the types of clients we want. People who, you know, enjoy life, want to have more time to do the things they enjoy, and the freedom to grow their business so they can either spend more time on their business.

Doing high value things or to spend more time with the family or doing their hobbies. So that’s just a little bit of insight into why I, we created the business where we, I guess what’s core to what we do, the kinds of clients we wanna work with, people who resonate with that. And that’s pretty much it.

Yeah. Hope that was insightful or interesting. I’d love to know why you started your business. Leave some comments below. I hope to hear from you. And as always, have a great day. Cheers.

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