Podcast: What most people miss with their LinkedIn outreach


When it comes finding new leads on LinkedIn, a lot of people can get the process started.

Find your ideal client and start a conversation… Simple right?

However, once a conversation gets started, this is where a lot of people struggle, especially at scale.

Everyone is at a different point in the prospect journey and if they aren’t ready to jump straight on a call, a lot of people fail to nurture those relationships through to booked appointments and sales.

In this short video I share my thoughts on the importance of nurturing relationships on LinkedIn.

Video Transcript

One of the biggest thing I see people struggle with when trying to generate clients on LinkedIn, it’s not necessarily getting your value proposition right, it’s not necessarily starting a conversation, it’s more nurturing that conversation through to the point where someone actual trusts you enough to want to jump on a call with you.

Now the reason people struggle with this so much is that they don’t know how to nurture that relationship and they’re not used, when you’re used to dealing with people through emails, and through calls, normal conversation is pretty back and forth, you know, we’re all used to it, when someone says something the other person replies, it goes back and forth and then there’s an outcome from their conversation.

Now, LinkedIn conversation can be spaced-out over days, weeks, months, even years in some cases, and the idea is that you need to have some sort of process in place to follow people up who’ve shown interest in what you’re doing. A lot of people struggle with this because they don’t want to be seen as annoying people and that’s completely like, legitimate and something that you wanna avoid doing, you don’t wanna just be keep on hounding people.

But by the same token, LinkedIn Inbox is kind of a nightmare to manage, and a lot of times because you’re not on top of people’s priorities list, there’s a good chance if they don’t take action on the message there and then, then you’re gonna get forgotten about. I mean, you know, even my own parents don’t always reply to my messages, so you’re talking about a stranger on LinkedIn trying to talk to you about something that isn’t necessarily a priority at the moment.

Then what you gonna need to do is follow that person up, get permission to talk to them later and really nurture that relationship through to the point where okay yeah, it’s time to jump on a call, I really need to talk about this, you’ve got touch points in over time, so people are trusting you more and they say, all right this guy’s legitimate, they might have seen some of your content, depending on how you’re running your process on LinkedIn.

But, don’t forget about the nurturing process, follow people up if they’ve expressed interest. Just don’t go overboard with it. So, yeah, I would suggest spacing it out over a week or just try and get permission to touch base again at a later point in time. ‘Cause when you do that, then you have better chance of getting them when they’re actually interested in talking about you and your service.

So, hope that helps, don’t forget about the nurturing process, when I actually built a process around nurturing on LinkedIn, something that was very, if this, then that, I pretty much doubled my results in terms of my lead generation. So, definitely don’t ignore it, if you’re interested in learning more about how to nurture, head to b2bleads.com, tons of great content and a great training on our 4-step process to generating leads on LinkedIn.

Hope that helps, have a great day. Cheers.

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