4 Simple Steps To Book Calls & Close Sales With LinkedIn

Join my next free training session and Q&A where I will be going over our proven 4 step process to book calls and close sales on LinkedIn.

After running thousands of campaigns on LinkedIn in dozens of industries I’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes one campaign successful while others seem to inexplicably fail.

In 30 minutes I’ll run through our proven process and dive into which approach is best for you, depending on things like your target market, business model (eg. SaaS vs Consulting) and the size of your team.

I keep the presentation short and sharp with plenty of time for questions and discussion. See you there! – Ryan

When we first started working with Ryan I had a my doubts, we have a very technical product and had struggled to communicate the value or get in front of the right people in the past. To my surprise Ryan’s approach was not pushy at all and got straight the right decision makers and technical users and had them booking calls without constant prompting. We’ve already had 9 calls with very relevant prospects and got some very valuable feedback on our product. Thanks Ryan.

Brenton Ford

Chief Vision Officer, ServerTribe

Far outdid anything we’ve done in 2 decades!

Joe Roberts

The Skid Row CEO, Joe Roberts Speaking Inc.

We previously used another lead gen service before working with Ryan and did not have much luck getting quality leads. Where Ryan stood out was his focus on not just getting connections, but getting the right connections and generating actual calls with qualified leads. Thanks Ryan! ?

Daniel Hanna

Solution Expert, Lookup - Making IT Simple

In 2 weeks we achieved the same as 6 months worth of cold sales calls and emails…. High value leads, including 2 executives at multi billion dollar companies

Peter Iansek

Co-Founder & CEO, Operative Intelligence

Working together with Ryan I managed to get results moving along fairly quickly and was quite surprised. I had at least two to three conversations booked almost every day after I got the ball rolling and I had to slow my process down a little to keep up! I’ve generated many new, absolutely fantastic clients and got a great ROI from working together. In addition to clients, I’ve made great connections across the platform so I am able to help connect people as well! Thanks Ryan!

Jon Mak

President, Making Better Bids

Its been an absolutely phenomenal campaign!

Peter Dubiaz

CEO, Enviro Frontier

Working with Ryan has enabled me to triple my client base. In addition, I was able to increase my price as well because as I started to optimize and spend less time on prospecting I was able to put more time into my coaching clients and offer them more value.

Jon Chintanaroad

Founder, Recruiting Accelerator

1000% + return on investment, working with Ryan has been extremely beneficial to my business

Trent Butler

Owner, Butler & Co Marketing

Ryan has been great to work with. As promised, he has been able to generate genuine leads for our business, which other marketing companies we tried could not deliver on. He provides practical suggestions for your LinkedIn profile and his marketing process to then generate leads through LinkedIn works. It was a smooth process to step up and we saw results very quickly. I highly recommend him!

Richard Marshall

Director & Owner, BM Online - NetSuite Solution Provider