Facebook – is ranked as the 3rd most visited website worldwide!
Linkedin – is ranked 27th

Facebook – 66% of monthly users use it daily
Linkedin – 40% of monthly users use it daily.

Facebook – has over 2.32 billion members
LinkedIn – has over 500 million members

In the battle of the stats Facebook clearly wins out, So, why would I be telling you to use LinkedIn over Facebook for your lead generation?

It’s all about knowing where you are most likely going to generate new sales in the beginning as a consultant that deals exclusively with businesses.

When I first started my agency, I made the mistake of trying Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, adwords and more!

I spread myself too thin rather than focusing on what provided the best return on investment and generated results FAST.

I only sold to businesses, so I decided to focus on the platform made for business.


Now I am consistently generating new clients from the comfort of my own home and even had to stop in order to catch up with the work coming in!

It is all because of these 2 simple reasons.

LinkedIn is a place for Business

LinkedIn is a place for business!

Not a place for puppies, cats and pictures of what you had a for lunch. It’s a professional network where people are expecting and open to business opportunities and networking and far less work is required to get on a phone call with someone for collaboration.

You can build highly targeted lists of leads

Most importantly, you can build highly targeted lists of leads.

As a B2B consultant you will be targeting people based on things like

  • Industry
  • Job Position
  • Title
  • Company Size
  • Location
  • Seniority

All of which are options you can use in LinkedIn to create highly targeted lists of leads. This is of course opposed to basing searches on social interests and Facebook groups.

What Now?

I wasted a lot of time and money to get to that point. But, you don’t have to! To help you learn how to use LinkedIn to generate new leads for your business every month, just follow the link below.

In this training, I talk about how to use LinkedIn to

-Find your ideal client
-Optimise your profile for conversion
-Start lead generating conversations with complete strangers

Best of all, you can learn it all in under 20 minutes!

If you have had poor success with digital marketing and you deal exclusively with other businesses its time to stop spreading yourself too thin.

Focus on getting the most from your time and money invested. Just follow the link below to learn how in my 100% free step by step guide.


About The Author

About The Author

Ryan is a B2B lead generation specialist who helps companies grow exponentially by defining their message and starting valuable conversations with their ideal clients on Linkedin. If you'd like to see if Ryan can help you and your business grow then apply for a FREE strategy session using the link below.

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