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For brand new businesses it’s fairly well accepted what you need to focus on in the beginning.

Leads and Sales!

Without a reliable system to generate leads and sales then you simply won’t have the means to iterate and improve your product and services for long-term growth and scale.

But what do you do once you have lead generation and sales covered? What should you focus on next?

In this video, I share some ideas for our focus in 2023 outside of lead generation and sales.

Video Transcript
2022 was a really exciting year for B2B leads. We’re able to grow our team, helping our clients generate great results using LinkedIn to generate leads and grow their business. And we finally became a seven figure business, which was the goal I personally set way back in 2018. And it’s super exciting to reach that. And today I’m really excited to share what we’ve got in store for 2023 and why you should be excited.

Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here from b2b leads.com and today I’m gonna be talking all about our plans for 2023 and why you should get excited. So, as I said, 2022 was a super exciting year for us. It’ll just start growing the team, growing our client base, and really growing the business as a result, win win, win. So in terms of what we’re gonna be looking to do in 2023, there’s really three key areas that if we focus on, it’s gonna be the best case result, best case scenario for our clients and for us. And the first thing is brand. And what I mean, Is over the years I’ve really learnt the importance of building a really solid brand.

Now, when I first got started, all I thought it was, you know, being a lead gen company, it was all about leads, leads, leads, get leads in the door, build process, follow this process, you get this result, et cetera, et cetera. The problem with that approach is very systemized approach, which don’t get me wrong, I love a good system, but the problem is it’s very linear now and it’s very mechanical. So you do this process, you’re gonna get this result. Power of having a good brand is that no matter what happens with the process, there’s a trust established with that company, with the people. And no matter what happens, there’s this trust that you can sell. If tomorrow you chose to do something different, there’s a lot more power in that than just having a simple process that you keep following.

What I mean by that is, as a company, we are B2B leads business to. Lead generation. We’re not LinkedIn leads. We’re business business leads. Now we focus on LinkedIn cause we see that as the best. To generate leads at the moment for business to business professionals. Now tomorrow that could change.
LinkedIn could change its algorithm, it could be, you know, turned into the worst place down the road. But what’s important and what’s gonna be valuable about our company is that we’re always going to be devoted to solving that problem as effectively and as efficiently as possible. And why it’s important for us to build a solid brand and trust around what we do is that when inevitably does change, everything changes nothing.Forever.

Our audience knows that whatever we come up with next, it’s gonna be the next best thing. And so, building brand, what I might mean by that, besides the red tie, is really focusing on more content, but more educational, helpful content. You know, we’ve really seen that, especially over the years, that a lot of people wanna learn LinkedIn and, and we want to help people do that and build trust in with that audience.
But a lot of people as. Just don’t have the time. And that’s where we can help. We can help by actually running the service, running complete, done for you, lead generation services through LinkedIn for companies, teams, all that sort of stuff. But what we really wanna focus on is building that trust, that educational content, helping people who don’t have the resources or wanna learn to do it themselves.

And for those who don’t have the time, they know that we’re the experts in this space and they can reach out to us and we can help them as well. Of course, we’ve got that money back guarantee. And we’re focused completely on LinkedIn, so we know that space really well. The next is team. So really exciting.
We’re able to start growing the team in 2022, and this has had one of the best like effects for the business ever. Like this is really exciting. So we’re gonna continue the growing team. We’ve brought on a sales component in 2022, and we’re looking for more help with the actual client servicing, account manage.Copywriting strategic component of that as well.
So by freeing myself up from the sales process, I’ve been able to focus a lot more on that strategy and on the product. And this year I’m hoping to do the same as well. By growing the team, I can spend a lot more time on optimizing process. Biggest thing I’ve taken away from what we’ve done in terms of optimizing our process isn’t about finding the one perfect message to write on LinkedIn or the one perfect audience. It’s around creating better systems to track and measure. Cuz every offer, every business, everything is different and the only real way to improve is to get better at measuring and understanding what’s happening. And so that’s been the one of the most effective things we’ve. I guess in terms of our process, and it’s something I’d like to keep working on in terms of the product is better ways to measure and understand what’s going on and how to improve.

We’ve really got the, I call them levers to lead generation pretty well dialed. We know there’s only a handful of things that you can adjust, and if you know what those things are, then you know what you can adjust. Then it’s pretty easy to troubleshoot and work out where your lead generation is going.
Or what you need to do in order to improve that as well, which is what I was talking about before. Getting, having growing the team is gonna help us spend or help me spend more time on developing the product. You know, being an engineer, this is what I love doing the most, is optimizing, tweaking and improving.

And obviously we want to improve the product and service. Complete done view, lead generation with. More and more we want to reduce the amount of time our clients need to spend on this platform. So more and more focuses on how do we do that entirely, but also how can we add more services in? You know, once we’ve got that proof of concept on a repeatable strategy with LinkedIn, how do we scale that up and how do we add in extra ways of generating leads as well for clients who.
Or want more volume on their lead generation. So that’s our plan for 2023, our areas of focus. We’re not too crazy on more lead generation cause we know that this all lives upstream of more leads coming in. And if we do this right, we’re gonna get more of the right kinds of leads, more of the right kinds of clients, and better results for our clients and for us as a company.

So I hope that’s been helpful or at least exciting or insightful. If you know anyone, any sales or marketing. Feel free to point them our way. We are growing, we are hiring. Or if you are one yourself, feel free to reach out as well. So that’s all for today. I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com and as always, have a great day.

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