Podcast: This One Simple Tool Will Change Your Business Forever!

It’s hard to explain how useful this one tool is. It’s so simple, it’s hard to believe how big an effect it can have on your profit.

To see what I mean check out my latest video where I share a simple, low-cost tool I think every professional should use.

Video Transcript
Today I want to share with you one tool, one critical tool that absolutely every business owner and sales rep needs to be using right now. Can you guess what it is?

All right. So in case you’re wondering, no, it’s not a hammer. The one tool I recommend absolutely everyone should use because honestly, not just business owners, not just sales reps, everyone can afford to start. Anyone who uses a computer can start to leverage this tool and start basically, essentially making more money cuz it makes your time far more efficient.

And that tool is text expander.com if you wanna have a look at them or any form of what I believe are called text automators. So what’s really powerful about this tool or these. You have a look, you can go to the website, text expander.com. You can sign up for. Just set up a, a, a normal account is it allows you to start systemizing a lot of things that everyone does every day.

So for instance, if you find yourself signing off an email the same way or introducing yourself the same way, basically, anytime you write the same body of text more than once, you can start to systemize. And automate those processes. And you’d be surprised, like I hear it all the time. Oh, you know, it only takes me a second or it only takes me a minute, or this and that and that.

It’s, yeah, it, it doesn’t only take that amount of time, but that time adds up. The more and more and more you do it. And not only that, it’s the thought that has to go into it. It’s the mental energy. Every second of your day needs to be up for scrutiny and optimization. In order to really get the most outta your and make your time more valuable, especially for business owners, like every second of your day that you can optimize. That’s just more scalability and more value you can add into your time. So what’s some examples of what you can use and how it works? So you can sign up here and then what happens is you actually download an app.
That lands on your desktop. I’ll bring it up here and just as an example, we’ll set something up. So to keep you interested before you start, you know, failing and thinking this isn’t for you. I’ll share a couple examples. So for instance, if people wanted to book a call with me, I’d use my little code L lump 30.

And it would spread out my booking link here. Things like my address, bank details, abn, all that kind of useful stuff. Even, you know, when you go out to connect to someone on LinkedIn, rather than writing the same thing every single time, you can do that LM intro. And this is really useful for sales teams as well, especially because you can share these codes across the team and then, If you need to update how you’re communicating with your clients, or you discover something that is really useful and you wanna share it with the whole team, rather than trying to communicate and tell everyone and get them to start using new ways of communication, you can simply just update it.

In your system. And then as people use that code to respond to people, it’s updates for everyone. So really powerful stuff. But if you wanna just keep things simple, it’s a great way to automate just simple things that you’re typing all day, every day. So, as an example, we can set up a new. Group here and we’ll call it test.

And then within test we’ll create a wallet called I dunno what they’re called. Snippets, essentially, we’ll call it Test oh one. This is my test body of text that I never want to write in full, ever, ever, ever again. Oh, lemme start that. And then if I head down, Test one one. Now it’s, I never have to write that full block of text out ever again, and that’s gonna work whether I’m typing in Google, Google Docs, email, word documents.

Absolutely any application or program you use on your computer, it’ll pick up those codes. It’ll recognize them and it’ll spit them out. You can even add it on your phone, which is really cool. So if you’ve ever had to give your Uber delivery guys some specific instructions on how to get into your building because, or delivery guys.

Yeah. This is a perfect example for that. You just. You know, lm access and it’ll spit out a whole sentence with step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Maybe I’m just a massive nerd and I like to optimize every second of my day, but it’s hard to argue with, you know, why you shouldn’t do this. So I think it’s super cheap.

There are free ones, things like Atex I used to use that are free. A tax expander lives in the cloud, which means that. If anything was to like if you, your computer crashed or if you wanna share it with team members, there’s a lot of value to do that as well. So huge potential for anyone who wants to be a nerd and optimize their time and make more money, which I think is most people.

Yeah, and if you have any questions or ideas or quirky ways that you’ve used text expander or text automators in the past, I’d love to hear it in the comments below as well. Hope that helps. I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com. As always, have a great day.

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