Podcast: The Most Valuable Activity Everyone Forgets On LinkedIn


Recently I ran some experiments to scale up my LinkedIn lead generation.

I’d had success doing this in the past however this time round I missed a very important step and results suffered because of it.

Check out this video where I go over the crucial element most people are missing from their LinkedIn lead generation.

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Video Transcript


Hello there. Today I want to talk about the most valuable activity on LinkedIn with lead generation that no one is doing, and that is nurturing. Let’s grab a seat there.

So when I talk about nurturing, I’m talking about getting those touchpoints in, following up people, and getting those, really nurturing your leads, once you’ve started the conversation. So a lot of people on LinkedIn are really good at getting those conversations started, they’re good at reaching out and connecting with people, getting lots of connections, a big deal, and starting on lots of conversations. Okay, that’s great. But the real money, and this is where I see a lot of people give up, and it’s understandable, comes in that nurturing process. So following up people, continuing those conversations, and keeping things, keeping the wheels in motion. Now content marketing is a really great way to get more of those touchpoints in without having to actively reach out to each person individually. But once you’ve started a conversation on LinkedIn, it’s very different from a conversation you would have, say, with someone in real life.

Now a real-life conversation with face-to-face people or over a call, the conversation happens there and then. But on LinkedIn, a conversation can really be stretched out over, potentially, weeks. And what happens is, in the beginning, and this is where I made the biggest mistake initially, was even though most of the energy, and excitement, and I guess, potential, comes from those first messages when you send people on LinkedIn, from the right people. Really to get the most value out of those, you need to keep those in progress. So a lot of times, people will be interested in chat or want you to follow up in a few weeks, and then what happens is a lot of people will fall off in a couple of weeks, and then they don’t hear anything back, and then they give up. But really you need a way to be able to keep track of who you followed up, who needs to be continued to follow up, and where everyone is, basically, in the system.

Now LinkedIn, the Messenger inbox is horrible to manage, and it’s understandable, it’s not a CRM. So what you really need is some way, or some systems or processes, to help you manage and understand where everyone is in the process that you’ve reached out and contacted so you know who to follow up each week. And the most important thing I think I can get you to take action on is to set a block of time each week to come back through your list and follow up anyone who has ever expressed interest or is just worth touching base again.

It takes a lot of touchpoints to get someone to a lead or to get some interest in your business, so make sure that you follow up on anyone who’s expressed interest before. Because when it comes to outbound lead generation, the truth of the matter is is you’re very low on people’s priority list. You’ve reached out to them, they haven’t heard about you, the trust is really low. So the more times you can follow people up and show that you’re actually in this for the long haul, you’re not just spamming the crap out of people and that you’re personalizing the messages and sending them information that’s relevant to them, that’s what’s really gonna get you over the line and get you a lot more leads, and get you ahead of everyone else who’s to lazy to do this because it takes time. But it doesn’t take time when you have the right systems in place.

Now I’ve got a really great spreadsheet, basically a simple CRM, that anyone can use and set up from today, basically. So I know it’s tough times at the moment, so if anyone who’s got spare time, and looking to learn how to manage things a bit better with their LinkedIn lead generation, I’ll put a link below this video. More than happy to have a chat, show you how you can better manage your leads and your lead generation on LinkedIn. Yeah, it’d be great to chat, happy to help. Hope this video helps for anyone looking to get more out of their LinkedIn lead generation and have a better process around nurturing.

So that’s it for today, have a great day, and stay safe. Cheers.

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