We would all love to automate certain aspects of our lives and business.

So much so, that we often find ourselves being sold into expensive programs, software subscriptions, and CRMs with the hopes of making our lives easier and of course… More profitable!

However, there is a crucial step that most businesses forget when it comes to automation.

Check out my latest video where I discuss the first most important step to automating your business.

Video Transcript

One of the easiest ways to make your business and services more profitable is to try and build yourself out of things that don’t really require you. Now, oftentimes we get really excited by all these CRMs and new applications, because they can automate this and do that, and we get sold into them and then we get into them and we think, well, I can automate, but I have nothing to automate because people haven’t actually built out their processes.

So one of the best things I think anyone can do in their business is start to think, all right, what am I doing each day? A lot of people just go in and they don’t really have a plan, or they don’t really have steps mapped out. They just sort of do it really willy nilly. But if you can start to map out your day in terms of steps, you can then start to see, oh, well, I can take this block of this process or these steps and give it to someone else to manage and make my time more valuable.

So one of the best things you can do is start to really process out your day. And then you have the materials that you can start automating. And a lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to actually automate. There’s so many great systems, Zapier, Integromat that can just take actions that happen on one platform, pretty much any platform online, and then do something over there. A lot of great potential.

So on the best things you can do is start to focus on the processes. So my company, B2B Leads, we focus really heavily on the processes to generate leads on LinkedIn. A lot of people say, you should build your own software, your own specialized system that can do this and charge for that. But what we’ve been really focused on is the process to generating leads. What to say, how often to follow up, we’ve put all our focus on that.

‘Cause like I always tell people the automation software, it’s a dime a dozen, there’s so many of them out there, what you really need is the actual processes. What to say, how to resonate, get your messaging right. So if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about getting your messaging right, getting the processes right, and then how to automate it, head to and check out some of our great resources or get in contact. I’ll be more than happy to share what we do and how we generate leads. Hope that helps.

I’m Ryan Caswell from, cheers.

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  1. Tim hyde

    Great advice Ryan. We often miss the little things that in isolation don’t seem like much in isolation, but when done thousands of times across our business creates massive opportunities for efficiency, and by extension, competitive advantage and profitability

    • Ryan

      Thanks Tim, absolutely. Often ignored as well due to the whole “oh it only takes a minute” mindset. Minutes add up fast!


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