High-Quality Leads In 30 days Or Your Money Back

Learn what it’s like to work with B2B Leads and start generating high quality business leads in the next 30 days!

4 Steps To Generating High-Quality Leads On LinkedIn

We manage you or your team’s LinkedIn profiles and generate conversations, leads and booked calls with your target customers.

Step 1 – Find Your Ideal Clients

First we take the time to locate your exact target market on LinkedIn using Sales Navigator. We then organise them into separate campaign lists for split testing so we can identify your ideal market fit on LinkedIn.

Step 2 – LinkedIn Profile And Strategy

We optimise your LinkedIn profile, value proposition and messaging so when we reach out to prospects it’s instantly obvious how you add value to their bottom line and have them want to know more.

Step 3 – Start Your Campaigns

We connect and drip feed a series of non-salesy messages aimed to get your prospects wanting to talk to you. We hand over conversations or scheduled calls with warm leads managed with our CRM for LinkedIn.

Step 4 – Review & Optimise

We constantly review campaign data and optimise. We catch up regularly to ensure we are hitting KPIs and that you’re on track to get an ROI with a repeatable and scalable lead generating process on LinkedIn.

Should You Use LinkedIn To Generate Leads?

We love outbound lead generation using LinkedIn but the truth is that its not for everyone. In this short video I go through where LinkedIn should fit into your marketing strategy (if at all) and what kind of an approach you should take depending on your industry, type of product or service, the maturity of your organisation, your sales processes and available resources.

We are running a lead generation campaign, but it is up to you to nurture the lead and close the sale. You will most likely be dealing with the entire spectrum of leads from cold (never heard of you before) through to red hot (ready to jump straight on a call). Unlike referrals, outbound leads can take more nurturing before becoming a client. We provide guidance on the best way to nurture these relationships, what to say, how often to follow up from our years of experience running outbound campaigns on LinkedIn.

After Running 1000+ Campaigns On LinkedIn

After running thousands of campaigns on LinkedIn we’ve found the following criteria tends to provide the best edge when looking for ROI on LinkedIn.

High-Value Offer

Your CLV (customer lifetime value) or client subscription model is above $3000/year.

Service/Product Ready

You are already established with an existing client base/product offer, or you’re ready to take your new product/service to market.

Large Market

You can service your clients nationally or internationally. We’re best suited to partner with clients who have serious growth potential.

Hunger For Growth

Your business is hungry for more leads, more sales and serious growth!

What’s It All Cost?

Follow the link below to get started working together. Please note that the setup and strategy process and cost is the same for both services. Once Everything is setup and we are ready to start our campaigns you can choose which monthly service you would like then.

Money Back Guarantee

“Win/Win” is a core value here at B2BLeads.com, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our monthly retainer. This forces us to only sign customers who we think will be a great fit and we are sure will have great results.

Why You Should Work With Us!

"Far outdid anything we’ve done in 2 decades!" - Joe Roberts - CEO, Joe Roberts Speaking Inc.

"1000% + return on investment, working with Ryan has been extremely beneficial to my business" - Trent Butler - Owner, Butler & Co

"In 2 weeks we achieved the same as 6 months worth of cold sales calls and emails" - Peter Iansek - Owner, Operative Intelligence

"70% of my new clients came directly from LinkedIn!" - Matt Heywood - Owner, Lance IT

"I have leads coming through on a weekly basis." - Bobby Semple - Founder, Simplified Recruitment

"Within about 24 hours of starting the campaign we started receiving leads" - Kirrily Dear - Owner, Eyes Wide Open

"Its definitely been a great way to connect with my community without having to be there physically" - Bianca Raby - Owner, Oppida

"Its been an absolutely phenomenal campaign!" - Peter Dubiez - CEO, Enviro Frontier

"I’ve had a number of conversations that have lead to warm leads and actual clients" - Ben Farrow - Co-Founder FirmChecker.com.au