The B2B Lead Machine provides you with all the processes, training and support to setup a system that generates high quality business leads and fills your sales pipeline while you sleep.

Get agency level lead generation for a tenth of the cost without wasting countless hours on marketing each week.

Master B2B Lead Generation With LinkedIn

What is it?

The B2B Lead Machine is an online training program with support, live calls and a community of successful entrepreneurs. The program shows you how to grow your business using LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

Our goal is to help you build the leanest lead generation system possible. We teach many methods of lead generation but keep our focus on where you will see the best return (LinkedIn).

Who is it for?

For B2B consultants, advisors, speakers, agencies or coaches who want to turn their business into a production line machine by building predictable sales systems and automation.

How does it work?

You watch the video tutorials, complete the action items, use the provided tools & templates. Ask questions in the community or on the live calls, follow the process, ask for help and you’ll get results

What People Say

"1000% + return on investment, working with Ryan has been extremely beneficial to my business" - Trent Butler - Owner, Butler & Co

"70% of my new clients came directly from LinkedIn!" - Matt Heywood - Owner, Lance IT

"In 2 weeks we achieved the same as 6 months worth of cold sales calls and emails" - Peter Iansek - Owner, Operative Intelligence

Why does it work?

We only teach high value lead generating systems and help you focus on what works best rather than adding more low value activities and complexity to your day.

How long is it?

You have 1 year access to the program and community. The course is designed to get your lead generating system up and running in 5 weeks or less and give you an ROI as fast as possible.

I don’t have time!

The program is engineered so that you can spend as little time on social media as possible. Once everything is set up you should only expect to spend 15-30 minutes on LinkedIn a day.

Why does it exist?

The B2B Lead Machine was created because most entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to sales & marketing and making their lead generation predictable, consistent and systemized.

Here’s How The B2B Lead Machine Works

Online e-learning platform

Watch training videos on any device anywhere in the world. Listen to the mp3 recordings while driving or on the go to reinforce the learnings. The platform is built to support all learning styles and lets you work at your own pace.

Optimising your LinkedIn profile

All of the tactics implemented are built on the foundation of an optimised profile and tagline. We provide the step by step instructions to polish your profile for conversion.

Build highly targeted lists of leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We Provide you with the exact strategies used to find your ideal clients in mass on LinkedIn so you can set up highly potent campaigns that run on autopilot.

Building your lead generation strategy and scripts

Getting a complete stranger to jump on a call with you is an art. We help you write scripts to capture your prospects attention. Most people get disheartened by the lack of response they get on LinkedIn. We’ve built a fool-proof system to turn lifeless conversations and dead leads into high paying customers.

Purpose built CRM

Use our purpose built, fully integrated CRM that prompts when to interact with your prospects, increase your touch points with your warmest leads and generate more quality calls! Already have a CRM? Great! Our system is free and is specifically designed to manage prospects on LinkedIn until they become qualified leads, after which they would be moved into your existing CRM or processes.

Sales Training

There’s no point generating leads if you don’t know what to do with them. Outbound lead generation requires its own process for sales which we go over extensively in our training. Most people are used to inbound leads or referrals where there is already a high degree of trust established and are converted easily. We show you how to master the art of sales and establish trust with complete strangers and have them wanting to work with you.

Positioning Yourself As An Expert In Your Industry

We hate wasting time and are not interested in telling you to spend hours each week creating content no one will see. We show you how to first grow your audience and then teach you our system to 20x the value of each piece of content you create without wasting a second on social media.

Coaching and Support

It’s taken years to master this craft. Let us help you achieve it in a fraction of the time. You have 1 year of access to the program and community and can ask questions and get help any time you need it.

Interactive Entrepreneur Community

Join an energetic community of fellow business owners and company leaders who actually get it. This path can be lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who are not aiming for high goals. You'll be inspired, you'll be able to learn from others' questions and more importantly, you'll actually enjoy this journey of change.

Expected Results

The aim of the program is to have your lead generating machine up and running in 4-5 weeks, however you have 1 year access to the program, a team of B2B lead generation experts and a powerful community of successful B2B professionals.

You will get access to all the latest news in B2B lead generation and the best systems, tools and support to help you maximise your sales.

We are constantly researching and testing the best ways to generate quality leads so that you can just focus on doing what you do best and running your business.

You will have the tools and systems to grow your lead generation to suit your business. We currently use this exact system to generate 10-20 leads a week.

At a minimum we want you to have a system that will...

- Generate 200-400 new connections per month with your target market per month
- Generate 30-100 warm LinkedIn conversations per month
- Book 5-20+ calls per month

Course Overview

Week 1 - Working Smart

Module 1.1 Overview

  • In week 1 we go over the core foundations for business growth. 
  • We are not interested in creating mindless instruction following zombies.
  • We teach our students how to keep track of their campaigns and their time and identify high value activities and opportunities rather than trying to cram more activities into a day.

Module 1.2 Housekeeping

  • In this module we cover general housekeeping throughout the program and how to get the most out of the B2B Lead Machine program. 

Module 1.3 Setting Your Foundations

  • What we cover in this lesson: 
    • General housekeeping and how to get the most out of this program. 
    • Getting the most from the community. 
    • Setting your foundations and why your success depends on them. 
    • My story: How and why I ended up in lead generation. 
    • What is a machine and why this program is called The B2B Lead Machine. 
    • The main thing - General overview of the course and what it is all about.

Module 1.4 Leverage Technology

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What is leverage and why it’s important
    • Why we need to invest in good technology
    • Useful Tools to get started

Module 1.5 Engineering Your Machine

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Feedback loops the key to your business success 
    • If you can't measure it, you can't improve it 
    • What to measure so you can scale
    • Where to focus your time and energy
    • The Ultimate Business Uplevel Tool
Week 2 - Sales

Module 2.1 Overview

  • In this module we cover the essentials of business to business sales principles strategies and most importantly, how to build a predictable, repeatable sales system that's constantly improving. 

Module 2.2 Your Secret Sales Weapon

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What is your secret weapon in sales?
    • The biggest ball and chain when it came to sales and marketing
    • False perceptions of sales
    • The numbers side of sales

Module 2.3 Your Super Sales Script 

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Why are we talking about sales before we generate leads
    • My mistakes in the past
    • Why do we need a sales script?
    • Crafting your own sales script

Module 2.4 Your Sales System

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Your marketing and sales process in more detail
    • The software stack it takes to streamline your sales process and remove all unnecessary thought and automate wherever possible 
    • Booking Software (Calendly/Oncehub) 
    • Email Sales Software (Yesware)
    • Email Sales Templates
    • Follow up Template
    • Automation (Zapier)
    • Email Capture
    • Text automation
Week 3 - LinkedIn Outbound

Module 3.1 Overview

  • This module covers everything you need to know to master and build a high return lead machine using LinkedIn

Module 3.2 LinkedIn Outbound

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What is LinkedIn prospecting/outbound
    • What are we trying to accomplish
    • Look at the process done manually
    • How to prospect effectively with LinkedIn

Module 3.3 Defining Your Value

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Foundations in sales & marketing: Understanding the foundations of what makes people want to take action and work with you.
    • Defining your offer/niche: Creating an offer that is obvious and your ideal client will want to be a part of.
    • Profile: Using the 80:20 rule to optimise your profile and get prospects to take action on.
    • Let there be life: Adding just enough life to your profile to make it look legitimate.
    • Settings: Making sure all the privacy settings are correctly set up so you maximise the potential of your profile.
    • Company Page: Is it important? What needs to go on a company page.

Module 3.4 List Building Strategy

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Theory and structure to building lists with LinkedIn.
    • What is Sales Navigator and how to sign up.
    • Terminology.
    • The different types of campaigns you can run.
    • Staying organised.
    • Getting started.

Module 3.5 Finding Your Clients

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Defining your client.
    • Filters on Sales Navigator.
    • Your 2 best friends on Sales Navigator.
    • Limitations of Sales Navigator.
    • Building your first ‘base list’ and ‘campaign’.
    • Company/account searches.

Module 3.6 Lead Generating Scripts

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • The main thing - Coming back to the 4 main things we need to accomplish our main goal
    • How to grow your network and start conversations with complete strangers
    • How to continue to engage your connections until they become calls or sales
    • What no one is talking about - systemising the nurturing process
    • Template and swipe file of examples that work!

Module 3.7 Review Time

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What you should have done by this point
    • How to get feedback

Module 3.8 Plugging In Your Machine

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Overview of the whole system
    • How to sign up for the software that will drive your campaign
    • Everything in one place (creating a separate chrome profile to run everything from)
    • Setting up your CRM spreadsheet
    • Connecting your LinkedIn account with the software
    • Creating Your Zap automations and integrations
    • Adjusting your general campaign settings

Module 3.9 Turning On Your Machine

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Everything you need to know about setting up and starting a campaign
    • Preflight checklist to start your campaign

Module 3.10 Keeping Your Machine Running

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Daily workflow
    • 4 things that matter
    • Daily action checklist
    • Things to remember

Module 3.11 Understanding Your Stats

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Key stats/numbers when running campaigns on LinkedIn

Module 3.12 InMail Campaign

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What is InMail?
    • When and why you would use InMail
    • Who you should target with InMail
    • What kind of messaging should you use for InMail
    • Setting up an InMail Campaign
    • Managing an InMail Campaign

Module 3.13 1st Degree Campaign

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What is a 1st degree campaign?
    • When and why you would use a 1st degree campaign
    • What kind of messaging should you use for a 1st degree campaign
    • Setting up an 1st degree Campaign

Module 3.14 100 invite Hack Campaign

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • How to run a special type of campaign that lets us surpass the LinkedIn 100 invite per week limit
Week 4 - Email Outbound

Module 4.1 Overview

  • In this module we go over how to scale up your lead generation using the highest ROI form of digital marketing, email! 

Module 4.2 Outbound Email Marketing

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What is outbound/cold email marketing
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • What do we need to consider
    • Components of successful campaign
    • Typical process

Module 4.3 Technical Setup

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Choosing your inbox
    • Ensuring good deliverability
    • Warming up an inbox
    • Setup checklist

Module 4.4 Finding Email Leads

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Where to find clients for outbound email campaigns
    • Organising lists
    • Finding verified email addresses

Module 4.5 Outbound Email Scripts

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What are we trying to accomplish with our scripts
    • Typical Message Sequence
    • Nurturing
    • Email Template

Module 4.6 Review Time

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • What you should have done by this point
    • How to get feedback

Module 4.7 Summary Of Campaigns

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • The 3 main types of campaigns we will cover and which one to choose
    • General information when starting your first campaign

Module 4.8 Standard Campaign

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Prerequisites
    • Advantages/disadvantages of this kind of campaign
    • Setup and management

Module 4.9 LinkedIn Screenshot Campaign

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • Prerequisites
    • Advantages/disadvantages of this kind of campaign
    • Setup and management
    • Things to keep in mind

Module 4.10 LinkedIn Leftovers Campaign

  • In this lesson we show you how to run email campaigns to those prospects who were originally contacted through LinkedIn but never engaged. A powerful way to engage with LinkedIn prospects who may not be active on the LinkedIn platform.
Week 5 - Inbound Leads

5.1 Overview

  • This module goes how to build a highly efficient inbound lead machine. Inbound leads are by far the best kind of leads to generate as they are generally pre warmed and ready to go! In this module we focus on how to create compelling content, but most importantly, how to do it fast and in volume to maximise the ROI on every second and dollar spent. 

5.2 Creating Compelling Content

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • - What is content marketing and why do you need it?
    • - Quick overview of the 2 lessons ahead and your outcomes.
    • - What kind of content should you be creating?
    • - What content medium should you use?
    • - How to come up with ideas.
    • - Where to post your content and how often.
    • - Creating your first keystone content.
    • - Swipe file and examples.
    • - Typical roadblocks.
    • - Outputs and action items.

5.3 Content Marketing Machine

  • What we cover in this lesson:
    • - Quick overview of the previous lesson and what we will go over in this lesson.
    • - Overview of the Content Marketing Machine.
    • - All of your tasks and procedures.
    • - How to automatically schedule and delegate tasks.
    • - How to add more to the Content Marketing Machine.
    • - Typical roadblocks.
    • - Outputs and action items.

5.4 Getting Testimonials

  • If content is king, then testimonials must be God! Testimonials are by far the best content you can produce for marketing and promotional purposes. In this lesson we go over how to get testimonials and reviews, the best kind of testimonials and reviews and how to share them to get more inbound leads coming your way!
Bonus Week - Webinar Leads

Unlock the bonus week to learn more 🙂

Risk Free

“Win/Win” is a core value here at, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Seriously, we will give you your money back if you aren't happy for any reason! This forces us to only sign customers who we think will be a great fit and we are sure will have great results.

What People Say

"I’ve had a number of conversations that have lead to warm leads and actual clients" - Ben Farrow - Co-Founder

"Its definitely been a great way to connect with my community without having to be there physically" - Bianca Raby - Owner, Oppida

"Within about 24 hours of starting the campaign we started receiving leads" - Kirrily Dear - Owner, Eyes Wide Open


If you’re interested in generating more quality leads on auto pilot each month then you will love the B2B Lead Machine!

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