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Ryan’s system for strengthening your LI profile and generating leads is second only to his dedication to excellent service that gets results. I have been so impressed by Ryan’s professionalism and his uncanny knack of creating systems which make generating leads easier, faster and more effective. Could not recommend Ryan more highly

Kerry Anne Nelson

Owner/Director, Operation Verve

If you need leads and you want a system that really delivers, then Ryan should be your first point of call. As an expert in both lead generation and the LinkedIn platform as a whole, it’s extremely helpful to have Ryan on your side. He helps you figure out how to build your profile, get engagement, fine tune your outreach strategy and automate parts of the process that are otherwise highly time consuming. And he’s a great guy to work with – steady, smart, down to earth, and best of all, a no-BS kind of guy.

Brad Monaghan

Managing Director, Revenue Builder

We previously used another lead gen service before working with Ryan and did not have much luck getting quality leads. Where Ryan stood out was his focus on not just getting connections, but getting the right connections and generating actual calls with qualified leads. Thanks Ryan! ?

Daniel Hanna

Solution Expert, Lookup - Making IT Simple

You know how I ended up working with Ryan? Because he contacted me on LinkedIn! He practices what he preaches. It always feels a bit of a risk to actually go for a ‘help you on social media’ character…he turned out to be a legit, decent human who listened a lot, and only brought out his signficant expertise once he understood how he could help. As much as his systems are both useful and down-to-earth, I found as much value in his willingness to offer ad hoc advice and just generally help with questions across wording, technology and presentation. My goal was to increase presence so my content and ideas could reach more people. His confident advice helped me to get focussed, and I now have a rapidly growing LinkedIn presence as well as a locked in work ethic around production. If you’re on the fence on whether to take the plunge and get Ryan’s advice…just do it. You’ll get your money’s worth just by watching how he goes about it!

Adam Thompson

Owner/Director, Thompson Organisations

One my best recent decisions has been to start working with Ryan Caswell and his semi-automated LinkedIn B2B lead generation service. Not only is Ryan a pleasure to  deal with, his process yields results beyond what we had hoped for in the 3-month campaign. We’ll be back for more!

Dr George Beaton

Executive Chairman, beaton - Voice of Your Clients

Before starting my campaign with Ryan I was nervous about reaching out to so many people I didn’t know over LinkedIn. Ryan’s processes made it easy to manage and his approach actually got complete strangers engaged in real conversations. By the end of the first month I’d booked over 10 calls and had many more text conversations with my exact target market. I also made meaningful personal connections with people whose interests perfectly aligned with my business, including meeting with a perfect potential business partner. Thanks Ryan!
Warren Rerden

Owner, Writer Click

Ryan Caswell is an awesome human! He brings simplicity and storytelling to the learning experience. An expert in the field, I’d recommend this man to lead you into battle sourcing solid prospects for your business.

Warren Kennard

Owner/Director, Cahoot Learning

I met Ryan through LinkedIn and engaged him to help me with lead generation and expanding my network to promote my technology consulting business. Ryan’s main strength is his understanding of LinkedIn and marketing and sales as a subject across many types of businesses. As a result he was able to help me expand my network and setup meetings with potential clients in an ethical and professional manner. Ryan’s primary focus is the benefit of his clients and he is very structured and diligent in his approach. I recommend Ryan to anyone who is looking to build their network and expand their business.

Janak Mistry

Owner, Poseidon Consulting Solutions

We’ve been working with Ryan for 4 months now and in that time he has helped us generate over 1600 connections, and more than 300 engaged conversations with our exact target market. It’s been a great way to connect and engage directly with our end users. Thanks Ryan!

Ben Vagg

Global Product Manager, Datamine Software - Software Solutions for Every Stage of Mining

Ryan helped me successfully transform my approach to lead generation and content marketing on LinkedIn. The results in my specialised organisational psychology practice speak for themselves.

Margaret Beaton

Organisational psychologist | Leading executive coach, Beaton Executive Coaching

Personable, knowledgeable, pleasant to work with. Ryan is the person to go to for everything LinkedIn Lead Generation as well as digital marketing and frontend technology.

Alice Xiyue Hu


I have been working with Ryan for some time now and I can confidently say that he delivers on his commitment. Ryan takes his time to understand your industry/audience before giving a marketing strategy. I am quite happy with the results I have received so far and I highly recommend Ryan to all business owners who are serious about growing their businesses.

Mona Zia

Founding Director, Avant Tech - Web Dev, Software & App Development

Ryan has been great to work with. As promised, he has been able to generate genuine leads for our business, which other marketing companies we tried could not deliver on. He provides practical suggestions for your LinkedIn profile and his marketing process to then generate leads through LinkedIn works. It was a smooth process to step up and we saw results very quickly. I highly recommend him!

Richard Marshall

Director & Owner, BM Online - NetSuite Solution Provider

Ryan is the go to expert for B2B lead generation. He is honest and his support is immaculate. His results based payment plan works and generates great return on investment! I highly recommend Ryan to anybody looking to generate more leads!


Founder & CEO, Founder's GO2

Ryan is a clear, articulate presenter of all things LinkedIn. Full of great value ideas – simple but effective tips and concepts. And, a very genuine guy.

Michael Royal

Finance Specialist, BIR Solutions

I worked with Ryan to discover the people in my very niche market and reach out to them in a way that didn’t feel spammy or salesy, and it worked! I gained over a thousand new connections, and have started many great conversations with potential clients. Ryan was helpful, considerate, and worked hard to understand my business. He didn’t just trot out a standard template, but tailored the messaging specially for my audience. He always answered my questions clearly, and was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend – this was one of my top three investments over all the years of my business!

Karen O'Brien

Owner, Setting Up Shop

In the first 2 months working with Ryan, I had over 50 promising conversations with potential clients, conducted 5 face to face meetings with more in the pipeline and got a foot in the door in a new industry. Ryan was not just helping me to connect with clients, but is also very interested in my business and helped and advised me to think more creatively on how to grow my business. Can certainly recommend his service and professionalism!

Paul Peter

Owner, Auxilium One - Risk Management Services

Ryan is wonderful to work with. He is patient and great at helping to get and keep you on track. I would recommend him to any business owner who wants to boost their client engagement.

Emmanuella Grace

Voice and Performance Coach, Find Your Voice

I am Taisa from True Virtual and we offer 3D media solutions for businesses, I met Ryan at a networking event and we started working together about 6 months ago, Ryan has been great, we have implemented a great marketing strategy for True Virtual and I am starting to see the results in terms of lead generation and conversions, Ryan is really accommodating of my business needs, and really open to suggestions. He is always willing to help and will jump at things straight away to get them done, I want to say a big thank you to Ryan and his team and looking forward to working together in the new year!

Taisa Morassi

Owner/Operator, True Virtual

Ryan is passionate about what he does and genuinely wants to see your business succeed. He is proactive in making sure you are getting the most out of your website, and definitely goes beyond with his customer service.

Tish Wasson

Owner/Operator, Valhalla Strength

Ryan is diligent, communicative, honest and driven to deliver results for us.  Indeed, if he cannot do this, then he won’t take on the work!

Ken Cunz

CEO, Skyline Exhibits Australia

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