When your business promises access to the top 1% of software developers and engineers, then you better be able to deliver on that promise.

UpStack delivers on this promise to its clients, by constantly finding the best up-and-coming talent in the industry, this is at the forefront of Maja’s mind as UpStack’s Lead Talent Manager, Maja.

Overseeing the whole recruitment process, from talent identification to onboarding and pairing freelancers with Upstack’s clients, Maja needs to have her finger on the pulse to get in front of the talent her clients need now and in the future.

One of the  most important channels for talent recruitment is LinkedIn.

“The majority of my work, besides coordinating other talent managers and besides trying to improve some of our processes and making our lives easier, is actually leading the recruitment cycle, which is something that we care about when it comes to our candidates,” Maja explained.

“We have different sources for our candidates. A lot of them are Googling us. A lot of them are coming by referrals, but we also do a lot of LinkedIn outreach, which is where Ryan and B2B Leads come in and help us.”

Maja said LinkedIn was quickly becoming an important channel for recruitment, thanks in large part to B2B Leads ability to identify, approach and engage with the types of developers and engineers UpStack needs at any given time.

“B2B Leads engages with the developers that could be of interest for Upstack,” she said.

“Now, as we strive to hire or to accept into our network only the world’s top 1% of engineers, it’s Ryan’s job to kind of determine which software engineers are a good fit for us and our clientele.”

“In a number of years of experience, there’s certain programming languages that we look at.”

There’s certain technical skills and several other criteria, such as understanding if they have freelance experience, and how keen they are on freelancing. 

“We also want to know how much start-up experience the have, as that’s what a lot of our clients are looking for.”

B2B Leads is tasked not only with finding these people, but qualifying them before booking in a meeting with Maja.

“B2B Leads provides a lot of information regarding what we do at Upstack and only once B2B Leads determine they are interested, are happy to learn more and are a good fit for our business do they book in a meeting with me, which means I’m only talking to the right people,” she said.

“A lot of candidates, a lot of leads that B2B Leads brought, turned out to be amazing Software Engineers.”

“They turned out to be so approachable. They had this lovely attitude and they were happy talk to us and happy to become a part of our network.”

“The collaboration with B2B Leads is so smooth and so easy because they are are very open to our inputs and requirements.”

“If I ask they, ‘can we limit your searches to developers coming from Europe or Latin America.’ they do this immediately.”

Prior to working with B2B Leads, UpStack had an internal team handling LinkedIn outreach.

However, the strike rate was nowhere near what B2B Leads has been able to deliver.

“We used to do outreach ourselves as well as talent managers, but the results were not like when we’re talking numbers, they were not as high as they are now,” Maja said.

“Well, imagine a situation where 500 people are reached out to, and out of the 500, you have 12 interviews booked and maybe eight of them showed up. You see how quickly it scaled down.”

“With B2B Leads, I just keep receiving booked interviews. It’s just a much higher rate of booked interviews.”

“B2B Leads just sends the candidates my current booking link, these guys book meetings with me, and then I take over, or I forward this interview to one of my colleagues and they take over.”

“If they come back to B2B Leads with additional questions, then obviously they stay continue to engage with them.”

Maja said that an important aspect of B2B Leads ability to consistently generate successful leads and booked meetings was their attention to detail.

“B2B Leads dig into these platforms and find engineers and developers that are exactly what we’re looking for,” she said.

“There are many platforms out there where you can find freelancers. What we need at UpStack is to ensure that our freelancers are the top 1%.”

“B2B Leads is finding these guys.”

“He wants team leads. He wants architects. He wants seniors with a lot of years of experience, and this is something that Ryan and B2B Leads are finding for us.”

“This is something that eliminates the stress from our work.”

Maja said any businesses looking for qualified connections and leads on LinkedIn should seriously consider using B2B Leads.

“Ryan does not mess about.”

“B2B Leads are taking their work very seriously, responsibly and diligently and I’m not waiting on B2B Leads to move, they are hands on and  I never have to question whether or not they are getting things done.”

“I see the results all the time, it’s just consistently ongoing and it’s obvious they are providing us such great service.”

“There is no doubting that B2B Leads would provide another client the same level of service.”

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