The age-old debate when it comes to marketing and lead gen is whether it’s better to focus on quantity or quality?

But what if I was to tell you there was something else entirely that you should be focussing on?

Check out my latest video where I go over what you really need to focus on to improve your B2B marketing and lead generation.

Video Transcript

What’s more important? Is it quality? Posting quality content, spending a lot of time writing customized messages to prospects? Or is it more about quantity? Getting lots of posts out, every single day, messaging and connecting with thousands of different prospects? Some people will say quality, some people will say it’s more important to get volume and quantity out. I say the most important thing is habit. Because with habit comes quality, and with habit comes quantity.

Let me explain. So if you aim to do, let’s say, let’s say, let’s talk about going to the gym or getting healthy. Now, you can go to the gym and do the best gym session in the world. You can run your guts out until you’re sweating and you can no longer stand. That’s quality. Now, if you only do that once, you’re not gonna see any results, you’re gonna get disheartened, you’re never gonna go to the gym again ’cause it was so painful, and then you’re gonna stop. Now, if you go for quantity, you could do, go twice a day for the next few weeks.

Once again, you’re gonna get, it’s gonna become too much for you, if you’re just turning up and not doing anything then it’s gonna stop as well, but if you focus on building a habit, so a habit meaning, an absolute bare minimum that you will always do, something that becomes, not even something that you have to think about, you just do it. And what happens with habit, is instinctively, inherently, over time, we improve.

So a lot of us go into things hoping to be an expert from day one, and it really disheartens us when we don’t see results instantly, but if we just build something into a habit, something we don’t think about, something we just turn up and do, then what happens, is inherently over time, we will improve, ’cause it’s just human nature, the more you do something, the better you get at it. And then, what happens is, with habit, with consistency, with the bare minimum that you committed to always hitting, no matter what, it will improve. So I do the same with my content, my videos.

Once a week I’m always producing at least one decent piece of content. Now, it’s not always quality, and some people will tell me that. And of course I won’t be putting out the best quality all the time, but what happens is, it’s more important that I’m getting it out every week, ’cause there is quality stuff coming out and sometimes it’s not, but what’s most important, is doing something, and being visible with your audience.

So yes, quality is good, quantity is good, together they’re both good, but build a habit. Just commit to doing something no matter what, come hell or high water, you will achieve it. Don’t set it too ridiculous that you won’t ever achieve it, just set a bare-minimum standard that you will achieve. Do you wanna connect with 10 new people on LinkedIn every day? Fine, make it happen.

Do you want to do a post once a day? Fine, make it happen. I suggest maybe once a week, something that you know you can commit and absolutely no matter what, make it happen. So quality or quantity, build a habit, ’cause with a habit comes quality, quantity, results, leads, clients.

Hope that’s been helpful, I am Ryan from Have a great day, cheers.

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  1. Shane Gareth Quinnell

    Great stuff Ryan, like the message and so true. Neither quality not quantity are worth much if they are intermittent and not built on habitual foundations

    • Ryan

      Thanks Shane 🙂

  2. Joe Burrill

    Love it Ryan! Consistancy is so important, pushing through the hard parts and keep moving forward 🙂

    • Ryan

      Thanks Joe! Agree! Nothing great is achieved without consistently chipping away at it.


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