Podcast: Quality or quantity (What matters most on LinkedIn)?

The age-old debate when it comes to marketing and lead gen is whether it’s better to focus on quantity or quality?

Check out my latest video where I go over what you really need to focus on to improve your B2B marketing and lead generation.

Video Transcript
What’s more important quality or quantity when it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn, do you need to be more tailored and specific with who you reach out to customized messages or do you need to go really broad and send lots of messages out? Or is it something else entirely now for anyone who’s seen some of my previous content. I say the most important thing is habit. So consistency cause with consistency, obviously you’re going to, you can start to build up the quantity once you start to see the results. And you also will improve quantity quality with consistency. Cause you want to improve with time. It’s just kind of the human condition, but you can’t improve something unless you start actually getting moving and being consistent.

But today, I really wanted to focus on the quality part of the equation because without quality, it’s impossible to get any leads on LinkedIn. Now, the reason this is so important is that there is a huge amount of noise on LinkedIn. For anyone who’s ever used LinkedIn there’s they probably know there’s a lot of crap, a lot of spam people just messaging relevant things, completely not related to them with terrible messages and really poor approaches. So there’s obviously going to be a lot of people who just are rubbed the wrong way from this poor approach on LinkedIn, which is why it’s really important to get the quality, right, get the right messaging, getting the exact people you need to talk to so that you can actually stand out from this ocean of noise.

And that’s why it’s really important that you need to focus on quality targeting quality people, people who are engaged on LinkedIn, people who are your target market. Cause it’s really important that you resonate. I, I, I mentioned this, I talk about this. I call it the resonance threshold for lack of a better term, but basically it means how much you need to resonate with someone in order to get them to take action. Now, a lot of people try to go really broad and they try to kind of somewhat appeal to everyone. But what happens is you end up resonating. Too passively with lots of people, but not enough to get anyone, push anyone over the line to actually take action. So it’s really important to get the quality right in your messaging, obviously the right, targeting the right message, the right profile, all optimize and, and optimizing all that because ultimately crapping equals crap out.

So if you do something poor put in poor effort and just try and scale something that doesn’t work very well. You can’t scale it basically. So it’s really important to get the quality right. In order to stand out on LinkedIn from all the other noise and mess out there, because ultimately what LinkedIn wants is a good, positive user experience. For its users. What makes LinkedIn so powerful is the fact that people have their people are active and engaged on it. It’s what makes all of these platforms, LinkedIn, Google all these billion dollar companies, because people go there, they’re engaged there. That that’s where they’re spending their time and where people spent their time.

You can put advertisements and these big companies can make money. So ultimately people don’t have to be on LinkedIn. They don’t have to be on Google. They don’t have to be on these platforms. They stay there. If the user experience is good. So really important that you focus on good messaging, like quality messaging, quality prospects, people who are people that you would actually want to work with before you can even think about getting that quantity as well, because you will need to get quantity as well. As well on top of quality, but absolutely focused on quality in the beginning and building a habit. So messaging people consistently as part of your daily habit for business development.

So that’s my thoughts on quality versus quantity, and also talking a little bit about habit, but I wanted to say.First focus on building a habit and getting the quality, right? Because you can’t scale up crap in basically that’s my thoughts on quality versus quantity for today. Hope that helps want to learn more head to B2B leads.com or just reach out as well as always have a great day, cheers.

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