It astounds me how many businesses lack simple processes to ensure important sales emails are not just missed, but followed up on and nurtured unti they become a sale or no longer relevant.

In this short video I share a great, simple, low cost tool to ensure you never miss an important sales follow up or email again.

Video Transcript
All right. Today, I’m going to show you one quick, simple trick. That’ll make sure that no one misses an important email from you ever again.

All right. So there’s a bunch of reasons why people can miss an important email from you. They could just straight up not see it. They could see it and it requires a lot for them to make a decision on whether they’re going to, like, say it’s a sales email and you’re, you’re sending over the essentially the invoice to pay.

A lot of people do take their time on this and put it to later and procrastinate on it because it is a big decision in a lot of cases. So people could miss emails. People would simply just be procrastinating and pushing it to the side, forget about it. Completely miss it or just need more nurturing and need more following up.

So we think about a simple process that we need. You certainly don’t need like a fancy CRM to make sure that you’re following up prospects and emailing and all that sort of stuff. You just need a simple. Simple process. And I’m going to show you what that is. So we think about what the process really is to ensure we don’t miss anything.

It’s as we send someone an email and they’re either going to reply, they’re going to not reply. Now, if they reply, it’s pretty simple. You’re going to see it. And then you’re going to respond back and answer them. Or they’re going to not reply. And then most people just miss this opportunity. What you can do is you can set a reminder on that email to say, okay, if they haven’t replied.

Within one week send me a reminder and then you’ll see the reminder. You’ll see an email and we’re back I know this probably doesn’t sound that profound but a lot of people do miss this opportunity. They send emails and If they don’t hear back, they, they just lose track of where everyone’s at because you can send like seven emails in a day.

One might need to be followed up one month. One might be needing follow up the next day. One might be next week. People put notifications in their calendar, but those are next to useless because you put them on the calendar and if you don’t action it there and then. You move past it and a lot of the times it just gets missed.

So you need something that lives kind of almost like a to do list and a lot of people use their inbox like a to do list. These unread emails will come back into your email saying you need to follow this person up. It’s right there. It has all the information and then you can simply follow them up and put in a reminder to check back in after a week.

So a really useful tool for that. Which I’ve been using for the last five years is something called Yesware and it attaches to I think Outlook and Gmail We use it with Gmail and you can see it here on when I write an email You can see it adds this little extension here. It shows activity Activity is really cool too because it can show when people has have checked your email So you can see if someone’s actually genuinely missed it or if they’re checking it Sometimes if a few months have gone by you can see people are thinking about you again.

They’re checking emails And it’s pretty sneaky and it’s cool and you can follow people up while they’re actually thinking about you. So, what you can do is go… So let’s say I’ll send myself an email. B2B leads, test email. Now let’s say this is an important, important email and I need to follow them up if they don’t get back to me.

It really is as simple as, you’ve got these little extra buttons here, which you can say, remind me, if no one replies, remind me. Again, in one week, confirm. And then when you send the email one week later, if no one replies, it’s going to come back into my inbox. You can add notes here. Hey, this person was this, this, or needed to be followed up at this day.

And this is really useful because as you start to talk to a lot of people and send a lot of emails out, you don’t want to have to be thinking, Oh man, was I meant to follow up them? Or. Hey, what happened with that person? You just need a system that says, Hey, this is the time you need to follow up, turn off brain, follow the person up, move on with your day.

Cause if you keep thinking, should I follow them up? Is it too late? Is it, doesn’t have a good process that tells you what you need to do and when, and this make your life a lot easier. So a really simple tool. It’s only like, I think 15 a month or something like that, but every single email. Like I use this all day, every single day, there’s a bunch of other cool tools with it, like templates for emails that you’re constantly resending all the time.

But this one little feature alone is what makes it worth it in my opinion. So hopefully that helps. If you don’t have a process with your emails and your sales process for following people up, this is a great way to build out templates. Like you can see, we’ve got sales, Legion like customer success, essentially.

All the different types of emails that we run. So you can really start to process out what you do and essentially be more efficient and save time. So if that’s helpful, check out Yesware. I’m sure there’s other tools like it, but that’s what we use and we find it really makes life a lot easier without having to invest in, you know, over expensive CRMs and complicated systems.

Any questions? Let me know. As always, Ryan Caswell from b2bleads. com. Have a great day.

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