Meet Steve. Working together, using simple strategies on LinkedIn, Steve has been able to significantly increase his sales.

We recently conducted an interview with Steve to give you an idea of what it’s like to work with us and to share some insights on how to run a successful LinkedIn campaign.

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Hey everyone. I’ve got Steve Ebejer here with me today from Culture Solutions, and he’s going to be sharing a little bit about himself, his business, and his experience working with us at b2beleads. com. Welcome, Steve. Thanks for joining us. Thanks Ryan. I appreciate being here. No worries. Awesome. Well, let’s jump straight into it.

I’ve got a couple of little questions and we can dive into those a little bit deeper if necessary as well. So first question I’d like to ask is, yeah, tell me a little bit more about you and your business. Yeah. So look, I, I come from a construction background. I’m actually electrician by trade and yeah, we, I formed culture solutions two years ago off the back of the, the, the need for industry certifications, prequalifications, business improvement, and then also applying my background of, of asset management in, in the roads industry.

So we work with companies to help them with gaining certifications under the ISO standards. Prequalification with government organizations such as Transport for New South Wales some of the, the power providers, so the, the ASB, the Authorized Service Provider Scheme and other safety accreditations.

We also do some internal auditing for businesses where we come in and, Do a complete audit across a range of areas in the business and look at areas of high performance areas of, of low performance and, and provide strategies and recommendations on how to improve their systems. And, and the outcome is by improving their people and the performance of their services.

Yeah. So you cover a lot of areas. Very interesting. So with the qualifications and certifications, why do you think businesses? And the reason why this is valuable for businesses. Yeah, look, from, from an ISO certification perspective, there’s a range of reasons why companies do get ISO certified. It is the highest level of standard that you can implement into your business for work health safety.

Quality and environmental management. It reduces risk for your people, reduces risk for your business. It improves consistency in your products and services. And and as a result improves customer satisfaction. And then also it allows your business to understand what environmental aspects and impacts that your products or services have and how you can better plan your works to improve the environment.

So. From that side, it’s, it’s, it’s a really good risk management exercise for your business. Number one number two, depending on the size of the projects that you, you actually want to start tendering for some clients and particularly government organizations require you to be ISO certified to be able to take on that level of work.

And again, it’s, it’s basically, if you look at it two ways, if you had a resume or it’s an offer for, of someone who is certified and who isn’t certified. You know, generally they’re going to go with the person or the company, you know, that has those risk management processes in place, they have consistency in their service.

And if they’re going to hand the keys to their car over they know how to drive. Yeah. Being a marketer, my, my mind’s going to, yeah, this helps you promote your business better. It helps you apply for bigger roles. And so like, yeah, I mean, I’m sure the benefits are way more than that once you actually have them.

But. Like we’ll probably talk about this a little bit as well is, is that’s very much what we lead in with around, you know, value to the company is around. Everyone wants that front end, more sales, more opportunities, and so it was good to lead with that. All right, cool. And I guess coming back around to the beginning, how did you first hear about us at

It was actually through LinkedIn. So, I mean, yeah, you that LinkedIn is probably one of the most powerful tools that I have, you know, at the tips of my fingers, and not only from just connecting with, with people relevant in the industry, but also staying in touch with what those people are up to, what their businesses are up to, and, you know, particularly if you are a business to business style organization, it allows you to really connect with people who are specific, you know, play specific roles in the business or people who, you know, you could potentially provide your services to and make a difference to their organization.

All right, and were you using LinkedIn much for your own lead generation prior to working with us? Yeah, I was and I knew from from social media side, obviously the way that the marketing marketing works these days, you know, digital marketing presence is, is, has to be at the forefront. But you know, LinkedIn I found was one of those great tools where I had the ability to directly inbox people.

I’ve also had the ability to, to set up meetings from there and, and really just to share value from my services as well through a lot of my posting and the content that, that we undertake within the business. Yeah. So I guess compared to what you were doing previously. Where do you think we’ve added the most value in terms of our work on LinkedIn?

Yeah, it’s just the consistency in the message. So, you know, bring it on B2B for me has really got that consistency of, of, of grabbing the making those conversations with the people that are very targeted through using sales navigator, and then also having specific direct messages where we know that we can provide some level of value.

To their business or to the individual. A lot of the times we’re just provoking conversation for people and, and seeing if they, if there is a need for that style of service but also just to build a wider network. I suppose that’s probably the one, one of the, the key things that I’m finding out of this is that we’re not just trying to directly, you know, bring leads into the business, but we’re just trying to really broaden our network and connect with as many people as we can.

So when we do share content and if we’re providing that value based content, you know, they can benefit from that content. Yeah, absolutely. So I often talk about like the ways that you can build trust around a market need and like what you have, you have a strong offer and you have a strong presence in that space.

Like, but the strong brand and using content to, you know, stay front of mind with that portion of the audience, that’s not ready to buy right now. Yeah. That’s where a lot of value lives. And we’re always for our clients and rightly so they want us to generate leads now, but a lot of the value lives in.
The leads that we generate today that are, you know, not interested today, but learn about you know, you see you and over the next few years come to trust you and buy in the future. But that’s the cool thing about this is you can get a return on investment in the beginning for something that provides even more value on the future.

So, yeah, that’s, that’s right. And I suppose the real thing that I found, and I suppose from a social media strategy that we develop in the business is that. And it’s very easy for us to, to just try to sell to people and say that, you know, you need me and we can provide you these services, but. You know, just, just providing that value based content and not always trying to constantly sell your products or you sell your services.

You do tend to build a trust in the long term with your connections and that builds a really strong brand. And you know, as I said, from expanding our network and then consistently providing that value based content we try to To implement a, you know, an 80, 20, we’re all around 80% value based content and a 20% sale based content.

But you know, we find that, you know, our ability to, to build a network on LinkedIn and, and get consistent to posting. And then obviously consistent messaging through, through B2B is, is you know, really made a difference for us in bringing in leads. And it is showing through even just recently, you know, a record number of sales within the business.

Yeah. Awesome. If, I mean, if you’re happy to share, can you. Share some of the results you’ve gotten from our work together. Yeah, so look, we, I’ve been on with B2B for around three months now. A good amount of time we spent was actually coming up with a strategy on who’s our target clientele, what industries we want to look into what the job roles are of those people.

And it’s also the, not only who we want, it’s who we want to exclude too. So we don’t want to target people who potentially fit a certain role. But probably don’t say the type of industry. So, you know, a big part of that was, was developing that strategy and then just B2B providing that, that consistent messaging and that consistent flow of conversation with, with that network that we’re building.

So, you know, from that three months, we’ve managed to basically double our LinkedIn connections in a, in a very small space of three months, which if we were to undertake it ourselves, it would have taken much, much longer. So they have a very specified service in doing that. But then also you know, from coming out of Christmas and having those conversations over, you know, December and January, we managed to, you know, to build, you know, quite a lot of sales really a record number for us in that direct targeted space, which, you know, has been fantastic for the business and not only the sales, the leads that we have in Plagas and, and a large number of proposals that we’ve actually sent out to our clients side, the service has worked really, really well for us. Awesome. Fantastic. And I’m hoping I know the answer to the next question is, what would you say to anyone who’s considering working with us in the future?

Yeah, I, I think I would, I’ll really look to understand if you really want to get out and build a network and build a brand and have that consistent messaging across, you know, we all try to tend to do things ourselves, but what that does, it makes us time poor and, you know, you don’t get that consistency of messaging out to, to your network.

So. In engaging B2B, we, we found that we were able to really grow our network quite quickly and then we could focus on doing the work where they focus on bringing the leads. The sales process is left over to us, which is what we you know, where we specialize in. We know our products, we know our brand, but bringing those leads in for us and our goal, our 12 month goal is to scale to a certain level of staff and a certain level of revenue and bringing in leads was the first forefront key in order to do that. So bringing on B2B has really put us, you know, more than a step ahead for us to be able to, to reach that 12 month goal.

Fantastic. Thanks so much, Steve. And yeah, thanks so much for your time. I know you’re a busy business owner, so very much appreciate it. Fantastic Ryan. I appreciate you having me.

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