Podcast: Meet Richard Milland (3 sales in first 2 weeks)


Catching up with Richard Milland from The CRM House he shares some great insights from our work together generating leads and sales with LinkedIn.

We cover a number of great topics including…

– Focusing on connecting and real engagements before posting
– How Richard was able to get 3 new sales in the first 2 weeks of his campaign.
– Richard’s experience with other LinkedIn lead gen programs in the past and how our system is superior (this my favorite part haha)

Though the sound quality is not great there are some really valuable insights shared by Richard.

Video Transcript

- Hey everyone. How’s it going? I have Richard Melland here with me today from the CRM house. And he’s going to share a little bit more about his experience with the B2B Lead Machine, his business, who he serves. So please, Richard, tell us a bit more about who you are, your business and what you do.

– Oh, thanks Ryan. The company’s called the CRM House, their main focus is to help small businesses embrace technology. We use a preventative approach to this when we forward getting them resolved at that point. And most popular system is Zoho one, which is essentially a ablation of 45 different applications or linked together. So you can work with all the applications without having to copy and copy and double handle information. Typically, we, we focused on the CRM side of it to start Integrating with outlook and integrating with the website.

Set up campaign with Facebook and an accounting mounted systems. And yeah, the 40 odd occasions that are linked to that. I think in each customer has different requirements. So we pride ourselves on doing it right. The first time municipal monitory we’d set up a discovery session is dealing with the client, have a chat to them. Yeah! Yeah! I asked for the future what the and it’s a classic case of people don’t know what they don’t know. So in that discovery session, we have a chat to them about those needs and fill in the gaps and put in a plan for them and providing a fixed price. No surprises.

– Awesome. What I’ve also found recently, as well as people don’t realize how long Zoho has been around for how long have you been doing it for?

– Oh, I’ve been doing Zara now for about six years. I’ve been working with CRM since 1999.

– Wow!

– Funny story. I had a training company at the time and I implemented a CRM system called act and I liked the product so much that I sold the training company and includes my Mac sorting. And the more recently I went to write years ago, I looked at your online system. And so I had was the one I chose after looking at things like Salesforce. And more recently Zoho one has proved to be an even better tool because of its integration with other applications within the front of it. So yeah, it’s, it’s hands on. It’s pretty funny.

– Yeah. Wow. Sorry. It’s still a little bit hard to hear you Richard, but just see if we can get that microphone nice and close. That should be a little bit better, but yeah, like you talk about all the integrations with the CRM and automation. Like I’m a big promoter of automation integration as well. Cause every time you automate integrate something and remove yourself from the equation, it just makes you more scalable and your time more valuable. So yeah, anyone who’s not leveraging the power of CRM is definitely needs to be, but yeah, I guess coming to the B2B lead machine, and I guess my first question around that is how did you, I guess first find out about the beat me and BB leads and, and the program.

– I’ll be working with a number of different things, programs, systems over the many years and it was through that process and working with LinkedIn that I started corresponding with Joanne who works here and and we discussed the beta program and I was really scared. But then I had a chat to Ryan and he showed me its capabilities and saw do, and a level of detail and really decided to join straight away wide system is just takes him to him.

– Yeah. I’ve, I’m really become a bit obsessed with like engineering and optimizing it even down to like an extra click minimizing things. So it’s great to hear. What would you say, I know it’s still early days for you, but what would you say is added the most value for you in the program?

– Well, it is really nice. I’m surprised at the results of the results I’ve gotten, initially I’m really, you know, the first couple of weeks in the program and getting giving asylum each week, just from Canadian that’s not with posting, which is also part of the course and the videos, never will. And I’m also finding that the quality of the contentions better, and you’re not sending out as many invites. So this is extra success, right. Is just much better as well. So it’s interesting that when you set up a structured connections through that individuation process that you solve for something, and then you refine it and this is where you’ve helped a lot, the finding that process.

– Yeah. That’s great to hear. And I think you’ve, like you said, you’ve used, you’ve used some automation software before. You’ve, you’ve tried the process before, even though it’s not, I guess once all boils down like super complicated, you’re sending messages to the right people. It’s just about, I guess, tweaking it and getting those messages just right. So that people actually want to have a conversation with you and like you said, if you just the connecting, you’re only connecting with people at the moment and you’ve already got a sale in your first week and another one, have you already got another one as well?

– I’ve actually, I’ve been locked down with the system for just over two weeks and we’ve had three sons.

– Wow! That’s always plate to record response from this process.

– And that’s when it’s slowest as well in its first few weeks. So….

– You haven’t done any posts or any videos.

– Nice.

– Big fan. I’m a big promoter of reach out, start conversations. Posting will strengthen that, but on its own posting is hard work. You want to build real relationships, but fantastic to hear and fantastic to see results coming from that. So I guess my next question was going to be what have been your results so far, but we’ve kind of already touched on that. I guess if you have it to share, what, what would you think, what would you say is the secret sauce or your favorite tactic or secret weapon?

– The system needs a system basically in immense habit. You’ve got things you need to be doing and they need to be done every day. And if you follow the process, you follow the content marketing process. You do that until it work. You gotta to work to make it work basically, but you want to mention sort of inward. So if you’re willing to invest the time and it’s not a lot of time, certainly no more than an hour a day, and it will work for you

– Yeah. Fantastic. And I guess final question is what would you say to anyone who’s considering working with us joining the program?

– Well, in my case, I can honestly say hand on heart that I spent years looking at different systems. Seriously. I spent a lot of money wise, a lot of time and… frankly, on your system certainly the best one. I always say to someone don’t waste your time and your money on other systems is always coming back to right. Anyway.

– Awesome. Yeah. I can’t say that. So.

– But I, and I’m sincere about it. Seriously. I have been different in systems. You will understand. Yeah.

– Awesome. Fantastic. Well, thanks so much for saying that Richard cause yeah, definitely appreciate it. And glad to hear you’re getting results. I mean, that’s pretty much it. Thank you so much for taking the time. Once again, I know you’re a busy business owner and your time is very valuable. Thanks so much for sharing and joining me today and yeah. Thanks again and have a great week.

– Thanks Ryan. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

– Cheers Richard.

– Cheers!

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