Procure Spots’ B2B Lead Generation and Sales Success

Discover how we supported Matt, founder and CEO at Procure Spot, to generate an impressive sales pipeline of $1.2 million over only a few months.

After relying solely on word-of-mouth and referrals, Matt partnered with B2B Leads to develop his businesses’ marketing and sales efforts. Through our strategic lead generation tactics, B2B Leads helped the Procure Spot team achieve almost instantaneous success – signing off new work not only every week but on nearly a daily basis.

Explore our discussions with Matt on what it’s like to work with the B2B Leads team, diving into how we built up his database of leads and generated a sales pipeline of $1.2 million

Video Transcript
In the pipeline. So we’ve got three proposals in and being considered, and by the way, we’re closing business every single day since we’ve been working with you, we’ve nev never experienced that before. Yeah, so we’ve got probably in excess of 1.2, 1.3 mil in the pipeline. Hey everyone. I’m here with Matt Armour from Procure Spot and bidio, and he’s gonna be sharing a little bit about his experience working together and a bit more about his company and some of the success we’ve had running campaigns on LinkedIn. Welcome Matt. Thank you so much for joining us. It’s a pleasure, Ryan. Thanks for having me. No worries. So to kick things off, can you tell us a little bit about your company or companies and a bit more about yourself and I guess how you came to work with us at b2b Leads?

Sure. So I started Procure Spot first. Procure Spot was founded in 2016. Off the back of a career in government. So I was a public servant for 22 years starting off in federal government. Then I moved to state government, Victoria, and then state government, new South Wales. And always had a passion for helping businesses succeed.

And particularly through the tender process. So o over the bat time I became even. Quite proficient in procurement on the government side. And so Willy were very keen to help businesses cuz one of the things I noticed was that many businesses that go through a competitive process ought not to have because they didn’t understand or they didn’t read them of mandatory conditions.

And so it became a passion of mine to kind of help these businesses understand. The process and when to be, and when not to bid for government work. So Procure Spot was born and the service offer did, has done very well over time. We then moved into ISO consulting, so quality management, environmental management, occupational health of the safety.

And in more recent times information security. And so we help businesses set up their systems to be attractive and competitive in a competitive process tender process to to win government work across all sectors. So construction it. Recruitment, social services, you name it. We, we can do it.

Our team can assist. And in 2018 we decided to reinvest interview a platform to help small businesses find track and manage all of their tendering efforts with government. And that’s why bidio. AI was born to, to help small businesses and indeed government with procurement analytics, with insights into government spending behavior.

You can do deep dives and competitor analysis and all that on the platform. So that was the reason why we do what we do. We’re very passionate about, well, What we do as an organization and two companies now. And how did we come to work with B2B Levied Wealth? That’s the question I’ll ever under left, I’m sure Ralph.

Our business grew through referral and word of mouth. We never spent a sc cent on marketing. It e except for bidio. We did some some market testing of the platform with lead magnets through our crm and. And, and testing different platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and but other than that, we’ve only ever cross sold.

The platform from the procurer spot services that we run and offer. And we decided, well, it’s time to actually apply a marketing, sales, and marketing budget in our forward budget and, and forecast. And so started to look for a company that we could outsource some of the lead gen to. And so in, in doing that, we landed on.

A, an an offshore company at first. And we were about to click the accept on their proposal. And there was just something about it that there was, I had, I, I, I do work a lot on my gut feeling, Ryan, as he probably knows. So you’ve got to know me a little bit now. So I actually was unsure, asked for references off this particular outsourced company that based in Poquette.

And so they gave me some Australian references and they all said good things about the company. But, but there was just something about them that they either go in Tim jail or, or something. One of their references was a business, a consulting business based down at Perth. And they gave a pretty good reference.

But they said, look, if you are tossing up and you having I found this company and it was B2B leads and I very went with them. The only thing that reason why I didn’t was I didn’t have the budget. And so I went with this company instead. But I was very impressed with their. With their whole process and and, and they’re on boarding and, and all of that.

So I was like, okay, let’s, let’s check ’em out. So I think it was from the very first call I had with you, Ryan, that I knew I wanted to work with you. You were that little bit more expensive than, than the others that I was about to switch the pull the switch on. And I’ve had no regrets. We’ve had a great experience with B2B leads.

We started our campaigns probably mid December when we got into, yeah, we, we started just, just before Christmas. And I remember you saying like, is this a good time to start or, Yeah, and we, we certainly launched into it and yeah, it didn’t turn, I think it was still the best. I think that was great.

We did pause out of the shutdown period and then we left it up again. And so for us, the experience has been fantastic. We’ve gone from, you know, I think the last count was there’s well over 280 leads in, in the database qualified. And of those, I think we’ve you probably know the stats better than me cause I haven’t gone back.

Yeah, you’ve done, you’ve got some very impressive I guess statistics. And it’d be interesting to talk a little bit around, like, I’ll, I’ll catch it in a minute. Like, why you think things work so well. With regard to some of the campaigns we’ve, we’ve run and, and cause it’s, it’s a, it’s a great case study without diving into too much of the specifics and giving too much of the secret source away, but us, I think it’s a great case study.

What we did with you. I, I might dive into it a little bit now in that you hit a lot of the markers that I think people really struggle with on LinkedIn and. And that is you really understood where your clients needed help and you offered a very easy solution to a very specific pain point that it was just, it was too, it was so easy to say yes, basically.

And I think that’s something that really needs to be. I think that’s a really, an important message to put out there to people who are thinking of using LinkedIn. That it’s, it’s not just a matter of spraying and praying. It’s, it’s really like getting quite granular on your target market.

Understanding where you add value and getting a message in front of them and always say, people don’t care how they recede their mail so long as what’s inside it is of value. And, and that’s where I think you and I worked together to put something that was a value to that market. So, Yeah, I nothing totally clear to you and your understanding of your market.

Yeah. Yes. And I think, you know over, you know, over the six, seven years we’ve been in business, we’ve understood our market and we are understanding more and more about what our customers want. And we’ve listened to our customers and we’ve responded WI Video, which is an online platform. That gives them very quick information, helps ’em make a go, a no-go decision in like 30 minutes where they could be, you know, deep diving for two weeks before they make an actual decision on whether we should go for it or not.

Whether we’ve got, you know, that inside we hit that pain point for them. And there’s probably another three or four pain points that we hit across our range of services and LinkedIn is, you know, why go in all in with LinkedIn? We’d realized very early. That our entire audience is on our market is on LinkedIn.

Whether we’re working with government clients which are getting a lot more active on on LinkedIn. Or whether we’re working with the, you know, small business owners who are also active on LinkedIn nowadays and, you know, are are, are more engaging with content and and we’re able to find them, we’re able to find ’em on LinkedIn and we’re able to make a meaningful connection with a meaningful and affordable service that will be offered.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And I guess, what would you say. Maybe you’ve done a bit of marketing and stuff in the, in the past, what would you say has added the most value with, I guess, our strategy compared to what you’ve done previously? Well, look, it’s everything that would’ve be done previously. I can’t put a finger on the return on the investment.

Because there’s been no return on the investment. So there’s been like, you know, for example you know, we’ve, we’ve run a campaign, we run a paid ad campaign on LinkedIn and we’ve had, we’ve got lots of impressions, but we’ve got zero conversions. Yeah. That’s a common story. That’s a common story. So we’ve had.

You know very meaningful engagement on the campaigns we’ve done with B2B leads. And not only meaningful, but we’ve had a good chunk of significant sales. Not just on the platform, but also with our consulting services. So for us, you know, looking at what’s working and sitting down with you in our catch up calls to say, okay, well this is really working. Why don’t we double down on this? Yeah. And doubling down on that has, has proven to be quite successful too. Yeah. And one of the other things about our business model that may help our cause is that, you know, if we’re campaigning on a bit, you know, on tenders.

There is it, it does reduce the sales cycle because there is a due date on that Tinder, you know, so there isn’t that two revenue for the business too. So as a very easy link between you, the work you do and that revenue like that and value that you’ll see you’re often say b2b, it’s about connecting you like 99 times out of a hundred.

It’s. How do you help them make more money? That’s when businesses do anything really. It’s about making more money. So if the, the quicker you can make that connection, which is easy look like getting people to apply for tenders, for example. Yeah. More effective and the quicker your sales cycle is as well.

Yeah. So our, our catch phrase is, we meet you at the bid with everything you need to be competitive. Yeah, and thinking in our first conversation, I said, if we sum up what we do, that would be it. And and then, you know, you taking over my my LinkedIn profile, you’re able to you know, put that, it made a huge difference.

I think I really like how my banner looks now. And yeah, I think like, like you said, we are, we are more expensive than most people on LinkedIn, but I think that’s where, that’s where the money lives is not just saying. Hey, here’s an audience. Here’s a message sequence. Dial up the volume and walk away.

It’s like, Hey, here’s a really specific audience. Here’s something that’s really valuable to them. Let’s run this campaign to them, this campaign to them. Let’s adjust the profile. Let’s get really deep on like what value you provide to that audience. Let’s adjust your value proposition from LinkedIn, and it’s a lot of that.

Cool. Like that initial strategy component that’s so important for this and often overlooked. People just wanna go straight to sending out messages, but the profile does so much of the heavy lifting air, hands down. You know, and I’ve, I’ve said this and, and you know, Ryan, because I’ve referred many of Yeah.

My network your way and have become customers of B2B leads, and, and I’ve told all of the, and they all agree with me, that the, the whole onboarding process with B2B leads, I think really does set you apart from. Your competitors because you take that time to understand our business, you understand what really sets us apart?

And then you bring that to life, not just through our profiles, but through the campaigns and, and the weight and the messaging and the approval of the scripts that we use. I think that really is. A differentiator of your, the, the services that you offer to your market. Certainly we’ve benefited from that and you know, we are pretty much shouting it for the rooftops cuz we’ve seen a lot of success and we can pull points to the return on the investment.

Yeah. If you’re happy to share piggy ballpark, how much has potentially gone into the pipeline? Certainly that up dude, if you don’t go, I’m happy to. I’m happy to. Yeah, no, no, I’m happy to. So we’re talking about really. January, February. So you know, the date today is the 21st of Feb. So in those two months and in the pipeline, so the sisters, we’ve got three proposals in and been considered.

And by the way, we are closing business every single day since we’ve been working with you. We’ve ne never experienced that before, you know, so we’ve got probably in excess of 1.2, 1.3 mil. In the pipeline. Yeah. That’s crazy. That’s a fantastic outcome, man. I, I’ve certainly seen, I’ve, I’ve even lied to watch from this is, is the value of getting really, really understanding that market, hitting all the markers and, and going off to the right people with the right message.

So that’s fantastic. I’m really happy to hear that. And I guess my last question is, and I, I think you’ve already kind of answered this by. You know, promoting us and sending clients our away is. What would you say about anyone considering working with us? I’d say go down the rabbit hole. And, and see where you get truly I mean that sincerely mean it.

You know, I’m, I’m not looking back. We are, we are really happy with the support that we’ve received from be being leads, but also so, you know, working with you like you’re an extended part of our team. You know, you’ve come to understand our business. You are having ideas on how we can do things better.

In terms of reaching our audience and yeah. So we’re all in and and I know that the, the guys and I’ve referred your away are, are very happy as well. So yeah, my advice is go jack down the rabbit hole. You can always get out if you, if you feel Yeah. That that’s, yep. An interesting one.

That’s, that’s kind of one of our, that uncovered as one of the core reasons a lot of people use us is it is low risk. It is easy to get started and, you know, like, Y there’s no long-term commitment. Just have a go and, and see how it works and generally it works really well. So yeah. Thanks so much Matt. I, I always appreciate, you know, speaking with busy business owners like yourself.

I know you, you know, your time’s very valuable. So thank you so much and looking forward to continuing doing more work together. It’s a pleasure and thank you so much. Thanks for the matter.

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