Catching up with Martin Schwall from Home Squad he shares some great insights from our work together generating leads with LinkedIn.

We discuss how we were able to help him scale up his outreach without breaking the bank and his new business model aimed to help people work more effectively from home during these crazy COVID times.

Some great insights and worth checking out.

Video Transcript

- Alright. Hey everyone. Today, I’ve got Martin Schwaben here with me today. He’s going to share a little bit about himself, his business, his results, and his experience working together on the B2B lead machine. So, hi Martin. Thanks so much for joining us today. Would you mind starting by sharing a little bit more about you and your business?

– Hi Ryan. Thank you very much for receiving me today.

– You’re welcome. So we run assess software company. We deliver a working from home solution to help manage better employees working remotely. It’s quite an innovative solution and we just launched it in Australia. It’s called, and we reached out to Ryan to help us bring this new solution to market.

– Awesome, awesome. It’s a pretty great product we’re launching at this time in, I’ll say in history, probably not a coincidence. Tell me a little bit more about that in terms of how Home Squad addressed a very specific issue that’s happening at the moment.

– Absolutely. So Home Squad is a product that was developed and invented by our internal teams. So we have 70 developers that work across different countries, and we always had the challenge of being remote from each other. And from this challenge that we were meeting, over the past seven years, we developed into the new solution to help us communicate better, to help our management, have better touch point with the different staff member. And because it’s developed from our employee, it’s actually far away from the big cross approach that you would find a lot of companies are looking at at the moment. We betting on communication, on interactions, on community, and we do have some checks on employees, but it stretch to the high level just to ensure we all deliver on our duty and continue doing our work. So it’s very innovative, very well received by the market. And as you mentioned, very timely. The events that happened actually pushed us to bring our knowledge to market. So we didn’t come up with an idea the day COVID hit the ground, but we actually used our experience inside at the right moment to bring it to market.

– Alright, great. Now test your memory a bit. Do you remember how you first found out about, I guess my service and B2B

– Yes, through LinkedIn.

– Yeah, oh, what a surprise Yeah, cool.

– I think when a few campaigns reached out to me when a few automation and I think within two days we were in business.

– Yeah. I think I remember you saying, and quite typical of what people say is that I never usually respond to these things, but we had the need and right message at the right time. So I guess the important thing to take away is, yeah, not everyone is ready to buy, but you just have to get out and find the right people. Otherwise, we would never have met.

– Absolutely. And how do you meet people nowadays and it’s difficult to go and visit customers? So LinkedIn really helps in that sense.

– Yeah. So it’s been great. And even industries that have been hit pretty hard in terms of spending, a lot of industries have been… a lot of people are still more active and networking and that’s a huge part of lead generation is getting online and talking to people. So it’s been anyone who paused really miss to keep moving with their lead generation during these times.

– Yeah, that’s true.

– So what was your situation before us starting to work together?

– Well, look, we had a product, we were building the basic marketing materials, website, brochure, email signature, et cetera. And we were looking at how we were going to approach the market and how we were going to bring this solution to market. So the solution being brand new, having no history of existing customers except internally, and probably one or two, it was a bit difficult to know where to start from. And we thought, well, given everybody’s home at the moment and we’re sending working from home solution, LinkedIn would be a good medium.

– Yeah. And working together, what part of the program did you find to be most valuable?

– Look, I think I hired in the past some consultant to take care of my LinkedIn profile and post and send connection requests, et cetera. And we were paying a hefty fee compared to what we’re spending now, having someone supposedly actually doing all the actions themselves and ready to do and probably using the same tool that we’re using altogether. And so the big advantage of this solution for me is it has enabled us to scale. We’ve gained the knowledge on how to use LinkedIn and the social media, and we’ve been able to do it ourselves, which is very important for us in commercializing the solution. We can’t really rely on using external people to do it. And on top of that, it has opened our eyes to different possibilities of the social networks. And now we’ve extended what we’ve learned with you Ryan and we stopped posting, having the information in posting. We started an SEO campaign and we’ve started mixing and matching different marketing material and process to optimize the reasons that we get through LinkedIn. So it’s been a really great experience.

– Yeah. That keyword process, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth repeating and yeah, that’s definitely the case. And like you said, learning to do it yourself. Yeah, wow, the benefits of being able to scale it and the amount of extra fat you have to work with, you can save like 10 times the amount and do it more effectively and scale it up. It’s a great way. Cool. And so what have been your results so far with your LinkedIn lead generation?

– Look, we have three people on it and I think each of them are getting two demonstration a week now. So, I would say, initially, the first challenge has been to identify the right target market. We started by targeting probably the wrong people. So we were getting response, but the companies were too small. So we were able to identify better our market target. We adjusted. And once we adjusted, we’ve been able to target the right companies. And then it is now about adjusting the messaging. So we’re learning about the pushbacks through buttons, we’re learning about what are the companies that are doing better or accepting better, the product that we have, compared to others which vertical, which industry.

And LinkedIn has also enabled us that because if we were going and just trying to meet companies in the streets, we wouldn’t be able to target so many different industries, we wouldn’t be able to test drive and do AB testing that much. So we’re in that phase at the moment, in the phase of adjusting the messaging and making sure we have good answer to the pushback of potential customers.

For example, the usual pushback is we are working from home, it’s working fine, we don’t need your help. Well, we could make it way better and by the way, it’s probably going to last, so let’s structure it. So that has been the experience. And I think it’s an ongoing experience. This gonna be more on things down the track.

– Yeah. So the LinkedIn lead generation is really great for that initial finding, that small percent that’s ready to buy, but that’s when, once you’ve started to build that audience of your potential customer, that’s where the content marketing can really come in to educate that bigger percentage that needs to be educated as to the benefits, because yeah, there’s always going to be a chunk who don’t understand the pain or the benefits in working better or using services like yourself. So that’s where content marketing comes in once you’ve actually established the relevant audience.

– Absolutely.

– All right, great. And final question, what would you tell someone who’s thinking about maybe working together with myself with the B2B, and thinking about joining the B2B lead machine program?

– Start building your profile, before even starting. Start getting connections, start using LinkedIn, start understanding how the tutor works, because when you get started, the better prepared you are, the faster you will go and the best opportunity you get. we have people starting with two connections or three connections on their LinkedIn profile, and they’re having a hard time to start. It’s taking a bit longer. So prepare yourself And it actually works very well. So go for it and test it. There’s only good things coming out of it.

– Yeah, great. One final thing I will add is, if you have a brand new profile, reach out and connect with recruiters, ’cause that’ll grow your second degree connections really quickly ’cause they’re typically connected to a lot of people. So a really great way to grow your second degree connections and have more second degree, which are generally more valuable, quickly, especially for a brand new profile.

– Absolutely.

– Awesome. Well, thanks so much for your time today, Martin, and I’m look forward to seeing you growing this and scaling up even more with LinkedIn.

– Thank you.

– Cheers

– Have a good day.

– Cheers.

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