Meet Jon, he runs a coaching company that helps people set up successful recruiting businesses.

He had a great service and was familiar with LinkedIn as a former recruiter himself, but was having trouble scaling his efforts without having to spend all day on LinkedIn. 

The Problem 

Unable to scale his lead generation on LinkedIn. 

The Solution 

Joined the B2B Lead Machine (my 5-week training program that shows you how to build a lean lead machine that feeds your business consistent quality leads). 

We focused heavily on getting the messaging right so he could spend less time back and forthing with prospects and get more of the right people taking notice on LinkedIn. 

We then built a repeatable system that didn’t depend on Jon himself to run so he was able to delegate to sales reps and focus on what he loves most… Helping his clients.. 


Jon was able to triple his client base using LinkedIn over the course of a few months.

If you want to check out the interview with Jon, sharing his insights then follow the Link below.

Video Transcript
- Hey everyone, I’m here with Jon Chintanaroad from Learn to Recruit. And he’s gonna be talking to me a bit more about his experience on the B2B Lead Machine program working together and a bit more about his business and who he helps. So thanks so much for joining us today, Jon.

– Yeah, thanks for having me, Ryan, I’m excited.

– No worries, well, first and foremost, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself or I guess more importantly your business and who you serve?

– Sure, so I offer a program that helps recruiters who work at agencies or maybe in-house at a corporation how to start their own recruiting business, which is exactly my background. My background, I’ve worked at recruiting firms for a few years in San Francisco and eventually left to start my own agency and did well I grew that and now I get to help people who want to do the same.

– Oh, awesome, fantastic. Yes, the online training coaching space is very big right now and yeah, it’s great to be a part of it. So I’d like if you can tell me how you found out about the B2B Lead Machine or

– Yeah, I found you through I think one of my friends group for something and I saw your post and I was always intrigued of how to scale up. And I think I kinda watched your stuff for like a year, it took me a lot of long time to even initiate a call because I was so afraid of automation. Because as a recruiter, LinkedIn is like your lifeblood like it’d be a death sentence in my career if I got banned so even though I heard of automation for awhile, I’m like, nope, nope, too risky, I need to do it manually like I can’t ever risk any bad. But after a while just seeing so many more people adopt it, I’m like, okay, let me just give it a try. And that’s when I set up a call with you and you kinda walk me through your system.

– Yeah, it’s an interesting one ’cause ultimately it’d be nice to just have like a custom message ground to every single person but yeah, you’re playing the rules of a game where yeah, you gotta be on an even playing field and you wanna find that quickly people who are interested and focus your time on the right people. That was my experience.

– Absolutely.

– Yeah, having done this manually, and I’m sure you as well, manually virtual assistance and then automated, yeah.

– Yeah, and I think for me, like I was probably a bit slower to adopt because when I started my agency like eight years ago for my recruiting business there was really no automation or it wasn’t a big thing and so I was used to doing it manually. So I’m sure a lot of people out there are, so if you’re somewhere out there and you’re like me used to doing things manually because it’s how you’ve always done it it’s how people in your industry always do it, like I wish I had adopted this years prior ’cause it would have saved me so much more time and would’ve made me a lot more money.

– Yeah, yeah, I wish I had adopted it earlier as well. So on the B2B Lead Machine program what would you say has added the most value to you and your business?

– I think it was probably like a combination of four or five different, like time-saving shortcuts, for like lack of a better word. So for example, I used to type in a similar message over and over again that I thought, okay, this is getting redundant so I would have like a Google doc where I would just copy and paste like my most commonly used like responses ’cause they’re all basically the same five or six type of messages, and then you shared one of the strategies of using a tool, a hot key tool, where just with a couple of taps on your finger it just spits out and I don’t have to copy and paste and sure that might only save me maybe 10 seconds per message. But when I scale that over weeks and weeks and all of the messages I do I’m sure just that one trick alone has saved me hours. So that’s one trick, right?

– Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s I often hear like, oh, it doesn’t take that long, but it still takes time and when you do the same thing even something that doesn’t take long over and over and over that’s time that could be invested somewhere obviously more important using the brain high level thought. So, yeah, it’s amazing.

– Absolutely, and then like, so that’s one example. Another one that was like your CRM tool, it’s based on Google sheets and I had Google sheets for years but I would manually type in the status like, follow up with this person on this day, I’ll just type it in. And then when you have like your dropdown menu system I’m like, that’s brilliant, I just never knew how to set it up but now that I do like I’ll never ever have a spreadsheet again that doesn’t have a drop down menu if it’s something that it’s a values cost, so stuff like that. So it’s not just the exact strategies but I think the philosophy behind it because after that I became obsessed and everything that could find that would shave me seconds or minutes here and there, I would just edit, it’s been compounding and the results have been really good.

– Fantastic, now, as you probably know the coaching space is quite competitive so I’m sure a lot of people wanna know what would you say has helped you stand out on LinkedIn and in your marketing in general?

– Probably your messaging strategy was one of the biggest game changers and it was definitely the first thing I implemented that saw the biggest ROI, which is like your philosophy is, and correct me if I’m saying it wrong, but it’s really to be more direct upfront with the value. Because in the beginning I was doing a sequence where I’d say, hi, like Ryan I saw you on my network would love to add you to my network and grow my network. Right, and then the moment they accept then I would just start selling them something, and I think people just didn’t like that. And I’d spent a lot of time with people they are like, hey, I’m happy to connect with you, but no, no, no I’m not interested in your service, right.

And so I flipped the script and so now in a very nice and still likable way I’m like, hey, here’s the reason why I thought to connect with you if this resonates with what looking for I’ll be happy to talk to. And that just cut out like 80% of me going back and forth to people that were not interested and only focused on the people who were, and that was just like amazing.

– Yeah, yeah, fantastic. If you’re happy to share what would you say has been for you the most effective I guess tactic. I guess you’ve already kind of covered it in some of the, I mean helped you in the program but anything specific you’d like to share.

– Yeah, I think for me, I basically took what you gave me and then I was able to scale it with hiring employees. So basically with your program I optimized my LinkedIn profile, my messages, my sequence and there’s generally tons of calls, but I’m like, man it will take me forever to reach my whole entire market so then I hired assistant taught them the PR system on both of them and they are basically doing it. And now I scaled to just four employees, so three other ones including me and each employee

– Yeah, awesome.

– Is managing their own time zone so I have one person only messaging East Coast and one person only messaging Central Time Zone, right. And I basically pull all the leads to me and they basically schedule calls on my behalf and that’s worked out really well. So my advice would be if you’re out there and you’re looking to automate or you have automated but you’re looking to scale, I just feel like I have such a big advantage over other people in my niche because I’m sending the best messages that I’ve tested with the right system of managing the conversation and scaled it to 400% more than what the account can manage. All and I’ve never gotten any complaint from LinkedIn, no warnings it’s been a 100% above water.

– Yeah, that’s awesome. It’s hard to communicate to some people, especially when I first talk to them like if you have a team of people and they all have LinkedIn accounts now there is potential that LinkedIn account is a valuable thing. For like you have a genuine person who can help grow the company and if you have an approach that you know it works very easy to start scaling up and just saying, well, we messaged these many people, we’ll get this many leads, let’s make those and get us new sales, let’s do it again, let’s scale it up. So yeah, it’s a really effective strategy and it’s good to hear you’re taking that one on board.

– Yeah, and I think particularly because of my niche in recruiting everyone has own their LinkedIn account so there’s no recruiter that doesn’t have LinkedIn, so I think that was an extra effective for me. And so I think the combination of sending the right message, scaling it, just having things organized along with all of these time-saving shortcuts and strategies and tools has allowed me to basically, I think I’ve almost tripled up my client base since we first met just from, okay before I always had to put in hours and hours of manual prospecting to get one call now like I almost don’t have enough time to go through all my leads every day ’cause I’m getting a lot.

– Yeah, fantastic, well, that was gonna be my next question is what are some of your results from the program? So tripling your client base is certainly nice to hear.

– Yeah, I tripled my client base. In addition, I was able to increase my price as well by I think 50% or actually more there I’ve almost doubled my price, like 80%. I think this is because as I started to optimize and spend less time on prospecting I was able to put more time into my coaching clients and offer them more. And because they were seeing I was offering them more I was able to increase the value and the price of the program.

– Yeah, that’s an interesting one. Something I’ve found as well with paid marketing is because it chews away so much of your profit. It’s hard to reinvest that time back in your clients, whereas the LinkedIn side of things really just paying for the sales navigator. And it’s a great, really profitable way to generate clients and you can reinvest that into actually helping your clients more. So it’s really good to hear.

– Yeah, like it’s able to keep my business really lean in that like I think for every month the first client every month pays for my overhead by two or three folds, so if I just did nothing, besides closing one client every two or three months I’d still would break even, right, and of course I do more than that. So it’s been really helpful and also a way to kind of be at peace, and just be really more relaxed about it knowing that I have this process in place I’m not worried about if I take two days. And before my wife would say, hey, let’s take a two day vacation. I’m thinking that’s two days I’m not hitting the LinkedIn messages, I’m not doing messages, like I know when I come back my pipeline will be dry and I was felt like, well, maybe how about we don’t go on vacation, right. Now, I can be like sure, and I know when I come back I’m gonna have a bunch of messages to respond to.

– Yeah, that’s fantastic. It’s almost nice to have processes at least I think it is that are harder to turn off than it is to just keep running. So it just kind of, it just works in the background and you know you’ve always got something working hard and filling that pipeline ’cause it’s always easy to fill out when-

– And I think the state of things where they are now with everybody at least here in the States working from home because of COVID I found that to be even more effective because back in the day like when messaged people on the weekend, it’d be kinda weird, like why are you on LinkedIn working on a Saturday? And I feel kind of almost weird sending people messages in the evening and the weekend but now that everyone is online working from home in the States that’s why I’m able to run my automation messages seven days a week. Just I said normal hours would not be too strange but no one’s ever said, hey, why are you messaging me on a Sunday, it’s very normal now.

– No, well, I mean, you can check it in your own time that’s the cool part about it. It’s not like cold calling where you call someone on a Sunday evening and that’d be off at you. If you say it’s on the Sunday evening, big deal, they’ll check it on a Monday.

– Right, and then when I send them my calendar link, they can book whenever I’m free so it’s really just nice. So these days I open up my calendar, I’m like, oh shoot, like so-and-so booked a call like you have a new booked call, you have a new booked call. And sometimes I don’t even get a chance to even like read through their profile before the call, I’m just like busy. So that’s a good problem to have better than before where I would go like days without a call and that was a worst problem to have.

– Yeah, well, it’s a good problem to solve. And it’s, I know when I first started business that idea just seemed like a dream. So it’s really nice to obviously have solved that problem and to be helping other people solve it as well.

– Yeah, no, thanks, I really appreciate it. Like the structure I know it probably comes from your engineering background as well. Like I’m the opposite of engineer, I’m a more of a natural like sales person and creative side. But then to add on the structure behind that I feel like I’m able to utilize my creativity, but with a streamlined process that doesn’t make me leak opportunity through waste of time and stuff like that, right. So I think as a successful entrepreneur these days, you have to have both like the structure of an engineer or that type of mind with the creativity and drive of a creative person too.

– Yeah, well for me at least starting out it wasn’t creativity that was missing it that real emotional connection. And sales and marketing whilst it is very data driven and it’s very analytical, you can’t go past that emotional aspect of it as to what makes people buy and it really is understanding what drives a decision and what drives the pain. And when you understand that then you can apply really engineered processes and that’s the real fun part for me, but yeah, you just can’t ignore one or the other.

– You know what’s been like the fun part for me which is the opposite of like, because my business is so capital efficient, LinkedIn costs and automation tools cost almost adds to nothing and the grand scheme of things have to run like when I’m on calls if they don’t like whether or not they enroll I don’t really care that much. Like I’m like, okay, like it’s not a big deal because that means that they weren’t ready or I wasn’t a fit and if that’s the case that’s okay, like, I don’t really want to say it’s beyond that’s not gonna be the best fit. Because I know that like the business is set up in such a way where it’s very profitable so that allows me to really just relax and make that human connection and just get to know them and relax a bit.

And I don’t use sales scripts when I talk I just have a conversation, I show them this is my stuff and ask them if it’s helpful and learn about them and it allows me to kinda just right. They feel like it’s never any pressure to do anything they didn’t wanna do, right, and it’s nice. And I know that if I did not have an abundance of leads coming in and cost to them I would be more like, oh man, I need to make this sale otherwise I’m not gonna pay my bills this month, right. Yeah, so it’s nice to be in that relaxed state of abundance of like not having to apply sales pressure people and just more on conversation.

– It’s classic scenario where the more you need something, the harder it is to get.

– Yeah, it’s like people who are very desperate like in the dating world and they’re like eager, to they’re like, why are you so eager, right.

– Yeah, what’s wrong with you.

– It’s very counter intuitive, right, for people who’re like, ah, I’m not really looking for a date or whatever, I can leave it or take it those people do it better.

– Yeah, they’ll assume. Yeah, I guess final question will be, what would you say to anyone thinking of joining, the B2B Lead Machine program?

– Yeah, I’d say just book a call with you because one thing I appreciate on our call it’s something I actually started doing on my calls too where you were very like transparent. You just said, ”well, I can do a screen share.” You just showed me what it looked like. Here’s what this looks like, here’s what it is, and kind of check it out for yourself. You weren’t using like a slide deck to show me like slide for A take a look at this. You were just like, here’s my stuff, here’s how I do it, and here’s how it works. I’m like, wow, okay, got it, right. It was very nice to see it for myself how it works, all the moving parts.

– Very engineered parts.

– Yeah, very engineered. I felt like the call is really, you’re just like pop in the hood, like all right here’s how the engine runs with that and you need to, I’m like, oh, okay cool, like, yeah, I want that, right. So I said, yeah, book a call take a look behind under the hood, see how it works. Yeah, and if anyone is ever free to scale with LinkedIn deeds have a talk to me I’ll be happy to show them my stuff as well.

– Yeah, perfect, and of course, if anyone is in recruiting and looking to start their own thing definitely talk to Jon. He’s a master of helping people set up their own recruiting businesses, and yeah, definitely get in contact with him for that as well.

– Awesome, no, thanks, I love it.

– Thanks so much, Jon, pleasure and have a great day. And yeah, appreciate your time as always you’re a business owner as well so I know how valuable your time is, so I really appreciate it.

– Not a problem, take care.

– Awesome, thanks Jon.

– See yah, bye now.

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