Catching up with Adam from Sleek Websites and Online Marketing he shares some great insights from our work together generating leads and sales with LinkedIn.

We cover a number of great topics including…

Getting your messaging right on LinkedIn
Diversifying your lead generation without spreading yourself too thin
How Adam was able to get 2 new clients in the first week of his campaign.

Video Transcript

– Hey, everyone. I have Adam here from Sleek Websites and online marketing and he’s going to share a little bit more about his experience working together on the B2B lead machine program and share a bit more about himself and his business, his results. So yeah, take it away, Adam. Tell me a little bit more about your business and who you serve.

– Yeah, cool. Hi, everyone. I’m Adam from Sleek Websites and online marketing, just like Ryan mentioned. Basically we’re a web design and online marketing company. So, we’re similar to Ryan in our main focus is creating leads, but we just do it through web design, Google advertising, so Google Ads, search engine optimization, and Facebook ads. Yeah, we’re based here in Adelaide but service clients all over Australia.

– Yeah, cool. It’s definitely the best time, or an important time, to have an online presence, especially with everyone going into lockdown.

– Yeah, definitely. So, we’ve found with the recent times that more and more businesses are wanting to increase their presence online. So, there’s definitely a lot of opportunities out there for businesses.

– Yeah. So, first question, how did we end up working together? How did we have our first interaction together?

– So, I basically received a message through LinkedIn about lead creation.

– Surprise.

– Because we’re in a similar industry, got my attention fairly quickly, because I’ve always been interested in exploring LinkedIn but basically I only did it the manual way, which is quite time consuming. So, yeah, once I saw your message and the way it automated, I thought about it pretty strongly, because everyone is pretty short on time. That’s what appealed to me initially and that’s how we got chatting.

– Yeah. Okay. Cool. Yeah, so I guess what was your biggest instigator to wanting to use LinkedIn? I know you’ve already got solid lead generation systems with your own business. Yeah. Tell me a little bit more about that.

– Yeah, we definitely get a lot of leads through online marketing, Google Ads and so forth, but like most other businesses, everyone wants more leads. I think it’s important to explore as many different avenues as possible, not just focusing on one lead source. Yeah, that’s why I was interested. Because it was an area that we weren’t getting leads, or many leads, from. And I did realize there’s lots of opportunities there to target your specific clients that you want to target. So, yeah, there’s lots of opportunities there. So that’s what got my interest.

– Yeah. It’s important. Right? Diversification. Which is why I tell everyone, especially in the program is, you want to get those contacts, and get those conversations, and take it offline. Get people’s emails and build your own asset there. It’s really important to not really entirely just on one system.

– That’s right. And the more places your potential client’s see you, then the more chance of they’re going to become a client.

– Yeah. Great. Well, what part of the program would you say added the most value to your business?

– Probably the automation, because once it’s set up, it just ticks along in the background and you get people responding to your messages and leads coming through. And I found the training very informative and easy to follow, to set up. So, I definitely couldn’t have done it without your training. It is pretty detailed and there is a lot to learn but it is explained very simply, that anyone can follow. And the most appealing part is, once it is set up, it is automated and you don’t need to put much time into it after it’s set up.

– Yeah. That’s kind of the thing I feel is not being addressed in the market today. Everyone is telling you what to do but completely ignoring the time input and how valuable your time is.

– Yeah. That’s right.

– So, if you consider your time like, 100 an hour, it just completely blows out the cost of acquisition. So, for me, it’s good to hear that because that’s a super important part, is minimizing your input as much as possible.

– Definitely. And everyone is time poor, so the less time you spend on any part of your business, the better.

– Yeah. And what have been your results since starting the program? I know you’re still fairly new into it, but yeah, tell us a little bit about that.

– So, we’re only two weeks into it, but we’ve had a fairly good response. I’ve had two scheduled phone calls within the first week and a half and signed up our first client this week.

– Awesome.

– And most likely going to sign up our second client tomorrow. He’s already confirmed, just finalizing a few things. So, yeah, two weeks in, two clients.

– Fantastic.

– Yeah. Very happy.

– It’s good to hear.

– Yeah. So, yeah, it’s traveling along really well. And in those first two weeks, we’re only sending out, I think 40 messages a day. So we can ramp that up to 75 now. I’m sure that will improve our results even more.

– Awesome. That’s exciting. It just goes to show how quickly you can get this set up and running and getting results with it. So, super important, I know, for a lot of people who, right now desperately need to get themselves out there and start generating clients.

– Yeah. Absolutely. It’s definitely the way to go.

– And as far as anything you’d like to share in terms of what you found was kind of the secret sauce, or how you stand out, or anything you’d like to share about your experience in standing out and getting results with the platform?

– Yeah. So, I think the message you’re sending out is probably the most important part. That’s the first contact they’re going to have with you, and yeah, through your training, I found it really helpful in writing the correct message and what to say, and how to go about it. And then you offered that support on checking over the message to make sure they have the right message. But probably the most important thing is trying to build trust through your message. You’ve only got a short message and a short time span to get people’s attention. So build trust as quick as you can and solve a problem that your potential clients might have, and then hopefully you get a contact.

– Yeah. It’s not as simple as it sounds, right? You only have 300 characters in that connection message and even if you had more, people would just ignore it if it was too long.

– Yeah. Short, sweet, and simple, straight to the point, I guess.

– Yeah. Fantastic. Well, yeah. This is just a quick interview, Adam. And thanks so much for your time. My final question is, what would you say to anyone who is thinking about working with us or considering joining the program?

– Definitely give it a go. The value is amazing. It’s just a one time outlay and then you’ve got leads coming through for as long as your campaign is running. So, the return on investment is amazing. The results speak for themselves and I’m sure there’s lots of other businesses out there that have tried it and are having great success, so join in and get on it.

– Awesome. Thanks so much, Adam. Thanks so much for your time. I know you’re a busy business owner as well, so thanks again and have a great day.

– Thanks. Take care.

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