Podcast: LinkedIn Company Page VS Personal Profile - What to choose?

I often get asked about LinkedIn company pages.

Are they important?

Should you run lead generation through a company account or personal account?

Should you post from your company account?

In my latest video, I go through some of the differences between a company page and a personal profile page on LinkedIn and where and when to use each.

Video Transcript
So by now, you’re probably aware that you can use your personal profile to represent your business on LinkedIn, or you can use a company profile to represent your business on LinkedIn, or you can use both, but which one is more effective when it comes to generating leads?

Hey how is it going? Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com. And today I want to talk a little bit about the. Between your LinkedIn company page your business page versus your LinkedIn personal profile. I guess it would make sense to use your company page for things relating to your company. But the problem is, is that the LinkedIn company page doesn’t work as well as your personal profile for generating leads for your business and representing the business for a couple of key reasons.

So if we just quickly have a bit of a. As to what I’m talking about. So this is my personal LinkedIn profile. Most people have this, and then you scroll down to my arm experience. You can see it’s linked to an actual business page. And like a lot of companies do have a business page and it’s a good idea to have.

So the first thing I wanted to quickly touch base on is it is a good idea to have a company page, but you don’t necessarily need to do a lot with it. I do very little posting or anything through it. As you probably have a look and for you. You know, I’ve made basically I’ve made well over a million through LinkedIn now, and that was before I did anything on my LinkedIn business page whatsoever.

I did everything through my personal profile, but the page existed and it was a way for people to check out and it was as a bit of a portal to actually get to my website as well. So as far as. Generating leads on LinkedIn. You’re far better off using your personal profile for reaching out to start conversations.

And like I said, this is for two key reasons. The first reason being very algorithm based. So LinkedIn wants you to pay for engagement through a company profile. You’re more likely to get that organic traffic and engagement through a personal profile than you want. The company page, because similar to Facebook, LinkedIn wants you to pay for engagement through that company page.

So that’s the first reason. The second reason is just by human nature alone. So people like to connect with human beings. That’s how they that’s generally how they resonate and connect with brands as well. So if you look at even some of the biggest brands in the world, things like apple and Tesla, you know, people associate that well, very strongly, still.

Steve jobs, Elon mosque. We, we, we as humans, we like to connect brands and even enterprising, you know, a huge things to a singular human being. So it’s still really powerful just from human nature perspective to reach out. Personal account because people like to deal with people, not with logos or business names.

That’s how people like to engage. So these are the two key differences. I mean, essentially you profile ease essentially as a business. If you’re the owner of the business, or even a representative of the business, like a sales rep, you want your profile to be representative of the company and the problems that it solves are more so than around you when you qualifications and skills.

And it’s very similar. You’ve used very similar copy, very similar messaging on your company page. The only difference is, is where you’re actually creating a lot of that engagement and posting and connecting and that’s done through your personal profile. So have that make sense? If you have any questions, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

I’ll happily answer any of those and as always have a great day Cheers.

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