Working more hours, adding more services and taking on more responsibility and stress doesn’t mean you are adding more value to your clients.

In this short video I tell an interesting story about toothpaste to help highlight that value isn’t measured in the amount of work you do.

Video Transcript

People think that in order to add more value add more value to your clients, prospects, whatever it is that you have to give more. But I want to talk to you about a very important concept and one that at were very, I guess, focused on staying true to, and that is the less is more. And so I’ll start by telling you a little story about, and forgive me if I get this, don’t get this perfectly right with the details.

But basically there was a traveling salesman who ended up finding this special secret to helping toothpaste companies or a specific toothpaste company increase their profits by 20%. And so he wrote to the company and they basically poo-pooed him and dismissed him, but he was adamant about like being able to get them 20% extra results with this special secret that he had. So eventually, the board, they talked to him, they had this meeting and they were like, “Well, what is it?” He says, “Ah ah, I’m not gonna tell you “until, you know, we’ve got all the contracts signed, “all the agreements and everything put in place. “So once I give you the idea, “I know that I’m gonna be entitled to what I deserve.”

So they went through all the due process, signed all the documents, everything ready and like, all right, gave him the space and the white board, all, everything he needed, right. “Tell us what, how is it “that we can improve profits by 20%?” And the man wrote down on a piece of paper, Increase the whole diameter, 20%, something like that. Simple, but what he worked out was that people don’t put the toothpaste on the toothbrush based on a set quantity, but more on the length of the strip. And so by simply increasing the diameter of the hole, people would hurriedly use more toothpaste, go through their toothpaste faster and buy more toothpaste. A very simple concept, and he got some huge royalty from it, but it was such a simple idea.

Now, by adding more to this, he wouldn’t have actually added more value. And what I’m trying to, I guess convey is, in all your marketing material, in your offer, always focus on the minimum amount that’s gonna generate the highest amount of effort. And by adding in more services, more things, generally what happens is you complicated it, where it’s better to find what works the best and double down. So that’s what we did here at

We found LinkedIn was the most effective way to find your clients, and start conversations and get high quality leads at minimum cost and minimum time input, which is why we’ve put all our focus or a huge amount of our focus on finding leads for our clients using LinkedIn. So just something to think about, don’t think that you have to keep adding more, putting more services in and complicating things, just think about what’s that smallest amount of work that you can do, or the smallest thing that you can do that will add the most amount of results. And think, well, can I do more of this? Or, how can I add more value by doing more high value work, rather than just lots of different things.

Hope that make sense as always have a great day and hope that helps to learn more head to Cheers.

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