Podcast: Kat Mac Shares How My Company Helped Her Close Extremely Large Deals With Iconic Organizations!

Meet Kat.

Like many people who have never worked with us before, she had her doubts about our strategy with LinkedIn.

After working together for nearly a year, with great results targeting executives and large organisations I’m happy to say we helped changed her mind!


In this interview, Kat was kind enough to share her insights from working with us at B2BLeads.com

Video Transcript
What’s really important for your audience and, and hope I can and help share with through my experience is that and you know, this, Ryan, I didn’t particularly love the way that you do the marketing that is sending messages out to people. And I’m like, no, I don’t wanna do that. That’s not what I want I don’t like getting those type of messages. And I’m eating my words big time.

Hey everyone, I’ve got Katrina here, Macdermid with me today, and she’s gonna tell you a little bit about what she does her work, working with us at b2bleads.com, and just a bit around some of the results she’s got working together. Welcome Kat. Hi Ryan. Thank you. No worries. Thanks so much for taking the time.

I know you’re a busy business owner as well, so once again, very much appreciated. You’re welcome. No worries. So Kat’s a leading it trainer and author, but I just wanted you to, if you could tell me a little bit more about what you do, who you serve. That would be great. I will do so very briefly about me.

Like all of us or most of us COVID impacted us. I did work in the aviation industry and had the dream job and covid the industry pretty much fell on its knees. So I had to rethink about what I wanted to do. And that was really focus on training and consulting. As you said, I specialize in a framework called ile.

If you don’t work in it, you’ve probably never heard. If you do, you probably will have heard of it. Yeah. It’s a framework that’s used by most IT organizations to help run their IT departments. And we do training and consulting in there. It’s a very competitive field. And so when I went out initially on my own, it was.

It was tough. And this whole world of social media and, and advertising and, and branding and product development and, and all of these words, Ryan, that was so new to me, was extremely daunting. And I’ve made we, we discussed earlier a lot of mistakes and I said you, I think you said you did as in spending a lot of money and investment in the wrong areas.

And then I found you, I was gonna say, yeah. Well, how did you end up finding me? I can’t, I can’t actually remember. Well, I, I And credit to yourself through, through your work you do on LinkedIn. Yeah, that’s right. Not, not everyone comes from LinkedIn, but I think most, most people seem to, it makes sense.

But yeah, I think I reached out to you and we’re in conversation for, well in conversation for a little while, and I think at the start of the year you decided to, To make the decision and yeah. And here we are. Here we are. So, so, yeah. I mean, you told me a little bit about your situation. You are very much underselling it, like you’re a leading IT author and globally recognized.

And anyone who’s listening to this should check out your profile cause Thank you. It really, it really speaks to your service and also really helps me and what I do as well. Well, what we were talking about earlier as well is you, you can’t just market your way into having a good business. You need to have a good, solid product, a good service, and be really determined as well.

Like you’ve said, you’ve you’ve tried a lot of different things, made a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I feel like you just can’t avoid those mistakes. You kind of need to go through them to learn it. No, that’s right. Yeah. Yeah. Really appreciate sharing that. Cause it’s not always easy to, to say. And then I think what, what’s really important for your audience and, and hope I can and help share with through my experience is that and you know this, Ryan, I didn’t particularly love the way that you do the marketing that is sending messages out to people.

And I’m like, no, I don’t wanna do that. That’s not what I want. I don’t like getting those type tougher messages. And I’m eating my words big time . I remember like, yeah, I remember there was a lot of back and forth on that. And when we first started, like one or two weeks in, you’re like, right, it’s not working.

Like, it’s, it’s alright. Just, just do the time I did. I’m like, no, I’m not, I haven’t had one response. I’m not happy. Yeah. You know, as said, it’s not working. And as I said, I, I am eating my words because the, I, I think a relatively small investment of what your company charges is. My return on investment is.

I don’t know, a hundred fold shall we say. We’ve got some extremely large deals with extremely large and iconic organizations through what you do, Ryan, and, and as I said, I wanted to shout that out and, and, and encourage people in my position to, to utilize what you do. Cuz it certainly, I can test the testament to that.

It is worth it. Thank you so much for saying so. Yeah, like a lot of people say, I’m guessing this doesn’t work when you reach out to, you know what, in your instance, CIOs of billion dollar companies, I mean, we’re all people. If you have the right message and you’re going after the right person and you have something of value to them, yeah, then it works exactly the same as it would for someone, you know, a small business or a professional.

Or an employee. Yeah. So, and that’s right, and, and I, I think that’s been the, one of the biggest surprises through our campaigns is that CIOs of iconic organizations are responding to, Yeah. And, and I said like, I just thought, oh, as if they would, they’d know this isn’t, you know, rah rah. And, and as you said, they’re actually, it’s quite humbling for me that they’re taking the time that they’re busy people.

And as you said, I, I think that, you know, importantly, Ryan, as, as you said, we discussed, you know, you have to have a product. That is applicable. And then complimented by, by your, your services, it’s success. It’s a simple, we just help people scale up a message and if the message is there, then it works.

I often say like, People say, oh, you know, it doesn’t work on LinkedIn, or, I don’t like getting these messages. First of all, most people do a terrible job of messages, so it’s easy to stand out from the crowd, but ultimately people don’t care how they get their mail so long as it’s relevant and useful and helpful to them.

Exactly. Basically. Your model makes it one affordable and, and two there’s not a lot of admin overhead, whereas other campaigns and, and other ways of trying to build and promote my business, I have found it pretty much untenable for me to do. Yeah, just constantly creating content and Yeah, exactly.

And, and the cost. It’s very expensive. Very, very expensive. And I’m, I’m, as, I’m just getting amazing. Through, through your services. As I said, I wanted to call that out to you, to submit to you and also help other people in my position. Awesome. Yeah. Well, that was gonna be my next question is how does it compare to other strategies?

But you’ve pretty much answered that. Mm-hmm. And I think you’ve answered my next and final question is why don’t you tell someone who’s thinking about potentially working with us. Well, I recommend you all the time, Ryan . Awesome. And I, as I said, I just say that, you know, for the amount of money and time and investment, it, it is absolutely worth it.

And as I said, I’m, I’m proof of that and, and happy to share further with anybody that wants to discuss with me. Awesome. Well, thanks so much again, Kat. It’s once again, I know you’re a busy business owner and I’m probably getting straight back into it after this, so I really appreciate your time and the kind words.

Thank you. My absolute pleasure and thank you for helping me grow my business, Ryan. Thank you. No worries. Happy to.

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