Podcast: How To Write The PERFECT LinkedIn Headline (LinkedIn Headline Tips!)

Before you make a sale with LinkedIn you need to book a call.

Before you book a call you need to start a conversation on LinkedIn.

Before you start a conversation you need someone to connect with you.

Before someone connects with you they will likely read your profile.

And before they decide to read your profile they will first read your headline…

I can’t understate how important your LinkedIn headline is.

Although only a sentence in length can make or break your LinkedIn Sales Success.

In my latest video, I go over how to craft a successful LinkedIn headline!

Video Transcript
So as you run lead generation exercises, reach out to people, trying to start conversations, trying to get people onto calls. The first thing that people generally interact with generally see, and generally, you know, use as the basis as to whether or not they’re gonna interact with you further is of course your headline.

Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here from B2B leads.com. Today. I wanted to talk about how to write the perfect headline for LinkedIn. So when I’m talking about your headline on LinkedIn, what I am, of course talking about is if you’ve gone to your LinkedIn personal profile, you’ve got your profile picture here and then underneath it, you have essentially, well, it’s, it’s your headline.

It’s called your head. And it is a lot of people just put their job description there or that their title, but for anyone who wants to actually generate leads, this is a perfect opportunity to use this space here as a way to tap into your ideal. Needs once it gets them to want to read more about you read your about section and then take some initial call to action.

Now, the cool thing about your headline is it follows you around on LinkedIn. So as you reach out to connect with people, as you start conversations, as you comment on people’s posts, all that stuff, your headline follows you around. Is catchy catches people’s attention and identify as your core market, the problems that you solve, or the solutions that you provide, it’s going to get their attention.

And it’s going to get them to want to click on that link, end up on your profile, see these images here, get their attention, and then want to read more. And then they head into your about section, essentially the top of your funnel. That’s going to funnel them to eventually talk to you and become client and sale.

So how do we get. The perfect headline. That’s actually going to get people’s attention and get them to want to rate. So first thing we need to consider is we need to identify who the target market, the people that we actually. Provide support to the industry, all that kind of stuff. Small businesses, Australian, small businesses.

If you’re a localized business, identify where you actually are because that’s going to help build trust. Some people like to deal with local businesses. We want to identify our core target market, and then we want to identify. The problem or solution that we provide, the problem that we solve and not be helping with cashflow.

Mine is B2B lead generation. So business to business lead generation book demos. So that is both the problem and the who the business to business lately. I’ve been also focusing more on technical type products and services B2B. It companies, things like that. And so I believe I’ve got that in the headline.

Now I’m always experimenting with different headlines, but I’m identifying the who and the problem with just lead generation, which from my experience has been one of the biggest problems I’ve seen for a lot of small businesses is, or at least the perceived biggest problem is that initial top of funnel filling their sales pipeline with new prospects and leads.

So we want to identify the who and the problem. These are the. The main things you don’t necessarily have to identify the what? So for example, what in my title could be B2B lead generation lead generation with LinkedIn. So for me, that would be telling people that I’m providing leads through LinkedIn.

But for me, I don’t always put that in. I mean, I do experiment with, like I said, different things, but the, the, the watch is less important than the actual outcome, because today I’m using LinkedIn tomorrow, I might have. I didn’t really care. I just care about what provides the best results for the best input, output, best ratio of return.

So we want to focus on who we’re helping, what problem we solve. Sometimes we can talk about the, what, especially it does depend because some people are looking for very specific services or specific things. So it can help in certain instances to identify that what now we also want to build where possible things like credibility, and that’s why you often see people.

Speaker author and CEO. Reputable brand, things like that in the title, because that all helps in some small way, build credibility and trust as someone who is knowledgeable and credible in their area of expertise. What I will say as well, just to finish up with the old headline. Is of course not to use any filler text.

So for instance, CEO could be beneficial to say, you know, you’re a CEO of some company where it’s more beneficial is if the company has some brand recognition or. Or has a powerful name that people would recognize, but if it’s a CEO of Liberty blop, you know, something that doesn’t necessarily correlate with the problem that you solve, then it doesn’t mean anything to anyone.

And it just becomes filler text and doesn’t actually hold any credibility. So you’re better off just getting rid of it entirely. So there’s no, I mean, as long as you have the who and the. These are the key things that we need to have in it. Now, depending on the size of your business, what you do, the industry, or a bunch of other things you may want to put the water in, you may want to try and include some sort of credibility build in there.

But yeah, it does depend. So yeah, if you want to try writing a headline, putting it in the comments below, I’d be happy to have a look, make some comments in there as well. I might put some examples down below the video as well. For reference of ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. So super important, don’t overlook the headline.

It’s essentially your core value proposition, even though it’s only short. It’s one of the most important things you can do with your LinkedIn profile and your outbound lead generation. So that’s been helpful as always. I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com. Have a great day.

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