Using LinkedIn as a business owner vs. an employee are 2 very different things and will drastically change how you address the platform.

In my latest video, I go over how businesses need to change their approach with LinkedIn in order to get the platform working for them and helping them close more deals.

Video Transcript
When it comes to using LinkedIn, there’s a huge difference between whether you’re going to promote yourself as an employee or whether you’ve got your own business or just starting your own business. And you want to use LinkedIn to promote yourself as a business.

Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here from B2B. And today, I want to talk about how to use LinkedIn for a business and some of the key differences that there are between say I’m using LinkedIn as an employee or an employee employee versus using it as the business itself and using the Billington portfolios.

As a way to promote your business and get leads to that business and make sales. So the key difference, and I don’t think this is going to be a huge video, but the key difference that I see and I’ve always kind of took that in a model of, you know, the difference between the employee and the business is essentially the business.

It’s the product, it’s the complete machine. It’s the thing that solves a specific problem. It’s the automated vacuum that helps you back in your house to save you time versus the employee, which is the components to that machine. And what I mean by that is, you know, this is going to change drastically, how you want to promote yourself versus an employee versus a business.

A business is a solution provider problem solved. An employee whilst they out that as well, they’re more of a component to a specific machine. So a business hire an employee and they’re looking for, I guess, components to that machine components. More and more, better and better stats that they can fit into more and more places within the machine.

So an employee on LinkedIn is better off promoting, you know, the value that they’ve brought, obviously in the past, but obviously qualifications skills all the different I guess, components or Colts or different things that they can provide value to within that chain. Whereas the, the product or the business, when you’re a business on LinkedIn, you don’t necessarily want to be told.

You know, the components or the technical details of your product. People don’t give a shit. What they really care about is what value can you provide? And can you build any sort of credibility trust or you know, around this idea that you can do that. So from my experience on LinkedIn, people really don’t care about your qualifications, the nitty gritty, they just care about what’s the outcome that you can provide.

Get to the point and how, how can I believe that you provide that outcome? So social proof, testimonials stories. Anything like that case studies, this is what people want to know, because this is going to build trust and credibility fast around what you can do as business, what problem you solve and get people wanting to actually engage in 12 with you.

So what problem do you solve building trust and credibility around that idea? So these are the two core differences, I guess, from employee to a business business, focuses on the problem that you solve and building credibility and trust and marketing. This idea that you are the. That can help solve that problem.

So I hope that is helpful and gives you some something to think about when it comes to the differences between, you know, if you’re, if you’re moving in from an employee road to starting your own business, how you to start thinking differently in how you promote yourself. So hope that’s been helpful.

Ryan Caswell from B2B leads as always, have a great day. Cheers

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