The first split second of your video can make it, or break it in terms of engagement.

In the age of the mindless scroll of news feeds, its important you have a way to get noticed with your video content.

In this short video I share some ideas on how to get more visibility with your video content.

Video Transcript

All right guys, let’s talk about something called the hook. So I’ve been doing a lot of video ads and marketing with videos lately, and I mean, always a big advocate for video. And a lot of you who know me will know that. And as I’ve been doing a lot more advertising and testing and really pushing numbers to it, I’m learning more and more how important the hook is.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the hook is basically that first segment or first few seconds of video that captures your user’s attention. So similar to how with the newspaper, the headline is in big bold letters, and it’s usually something kind of shocking or interesting. And it’s aimed to grab your attention. The same is true of videos. You need some sort of initial first image that grabs your user’s attention.

Now, ironically this video does not have much of a hook, but it’s still a really great topic. I’m gonna share some thoughts on what you can do with hooks. Now you don’t need anything big and elaborate or fancy scenes or anything like that. And, I guess what most people struggle with hooks is, hooks are really kind of a dog and pony show. It’s really designed to get attention and doesn’t always have anything to do with your product.

But there are a few easy ways you can get attention for simple things like whiteboard videos, or even screen shares for just simple videos that you can do to get more, I guess, visibility around your service and product and the value you can bring. So, some great ways is just if you’re doing a whiteboard video or a screen-share, have some initial image that grabs the user’s attention.

It could be something, some sort of metaphor that can be tied into your message later on your whiteboard. You might draw a big picture of a goofy elephant or something that’s gonna grab their attention. So they’re gonna wanna watch a few seconds of video. It only takes a couple of seconds. And once you get to have that initial gaze court, then you can start to add some real value.

Unfortunately, we do have to put on a bit of a show to capture people’s attention. So I really want you to think, if you are looking at doing video and trying to increase your visibility and make more sales, it’s definitely a great place. There’s less competition because more people are afraid to do it where there’s fear there’s an opportunity.

If you do it, always think what’s the hook? How am I gonna get people’s attention? And then when I have it, I can talk about what I know best, but think, how can I get that attention first and tie that into some sort of discernible value add to my prospects or clients. So just a little bit of a tip, hope that helps any questions, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to share any ideas I have around getting hooks and people to notice your content, cheers.

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