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Video Transcript
All right, let’s jump straight into it and get into the different ways that you can use LinkedIn to find clients in 2023.

Hey, how’s it going, Ryan Caswell here from B2B And in this video I want to go on a broad overview on the different ways that you can use LinkedIn to find clients specifically in 2023. So think of this video as kind of like your contents page. Because the, the topic itself, finding clients on LinkedIn is incredibly broad and incredibly deep.

I mean, I’ve spent the last five years just going through and focusing in on outbound lead generations specifically. So what I want to do is create this video as, as somewhat of a, like I said, a, a reference or a contents page that’s gonna tell you, depending on what you wanna focus on, Where you are with your business and what strategies you want to use, where you need to go to, what videos you need to watch, or what services you can basically use or people you can work with in order to, you know, essentially get what you want.

Find clients on LinkedIn and build a strategy that’s right for you. So let’s jump straight into it. All right, so there’s really if I was to try and break it down and keep things simple as possible, which I really want to do in this video, there’s three core methods that you can use to find clients on LinkedIn.

So there’s outbound organic. So what this is, is if we jump onto LinkedIn right now, I’ll share what I mean. So outbound organic is essentially finding people. People who can be your, who are your ideal target market people, let’s say connections. They could be first, second, or third. In this example, let’s say they’re not connected to us yet.

We want to get them into our network, and then you reach out to them. Don’t do this. Don’t say that. All right? But that’s essentially the the process. You’re finding people who are your target market and you’re reaching out and you’re starting a conversation with them on LinkedIn. So that’s one. Let’s come back to where we were.

The other method is what’s known as inbound Lee Generations. So people you are posting on LinkedIn, you’re putting content out there, you’re creating videos like this one. With the idea that people are going to come to you, they’re gonna see your content, and they’re gonna want to connect or follow you.

And start conversations or find out more about your business and how you can help. The other of course, is paid marketing. So you are using LinkedIn’s paid marketing feature to take an ad or you know, a survey or something like that and scale it up using paid marketing get in front of more people and get leads that way.

I personally haven’t had a lot of success with paid marketing on Linked. So if you’re watching this video and, and you have, or you know, some really good resources, put in the comments below. Or if, if you are that person who runs paid marketing on LinkedIn and have some good strategies or advice, feel free to add some comments below.

So, I’m gonna keep the focus to what I know and what I do well and what I’ve seen do well and people and resources I’ve seen help as well. But essentially they’re the three core ways you can generate leads. The two core ways that you can go about these three core options are doing it yourself generally when you are you. Money, poor time. Or you can pay someone to do it yourself. Do it for you when you are time. Poor money Rich, probably not the best way to phrase that, but you know what I mean. So you can either do it yourself or you can pay a professional to do it for you. So in terms of doing it yourself, this is where, well, I believe we can really help you out cuz we have tons of great training material and what this is gonna serve as is somewhat of a contents page for all the different resources you need.

So when it comes to organic outbound, reaching out to people and starting convers. The example I provided before where I reached out to Hailey was a terrible example of how to actually go about it, but the, the process essentially can be broken down into four components. So depending on whether you’ve tried this before, you’re brand new to it, I’m gonna provide all the resources you need in order to get started and build your own lead generation process.

Outbound lead generation. So the first thing you need to do is identify your target market. You need to be able to find them. You need to be able to group them. You need to be able to organize them into categories and campaigns. So there’s two ways you can go about that. You can find people using LinkedIn’s free search, which I just quickly showed you before, example and filters here.

You can do it free search or you can use their premium search feature using sales navigator. And it, it’s a paid option. It’s about a hundred bucks a month, but you get way more power in terms of who you can reach out to, who you can target in mails and things like that. If you’re just getting started having a bit of a play around, try the, the free if you wanna take this to the next level, get sales navigator, you get the first month free. Either way, I’ve got two really detailed videos. One on using free search. How to Get Started with Free Search, which I’ll link below, or a full lesson on how to use Sales Navigator updated for 2023, which I will also link below this video.

Everything’s gonna be linked below this video. Next thing you need to do when you know your target market, the who, who you’re gonna be reaching out to. The next thing you need to do, Is focus on the driving, buying behavior, your profile, like your presence on LinkedIn. Now, this is where you need to focus on getting your profile optimized for the platform and your profile, and both your company page and your profile, but most specifically your LinkedIn personal profile.

Now, this is a really, really in-depth topic and it really drives almost everything you do. It gets, it drives your value proposition, your messaging, how you reach out to people who’s gonna connect with you. It lives upstream of nearly everything and it’s really important to get right and a hard one to rush. I’ve got a really detailed lesson on how to get your value proposition and profile optimized for LinkedIn. Once again, I’m gonna link that one below and and tons of great resources you can even head. If you’re looking for a real quick start guide, head to b2b and resources make you as LinkedIn profile sales machine and you should see everything you need.

Or if you try and exit the website popup will probably smack you in the face and say, do you wanna download that exact same resource as a pdf? But otherwise it’s written here as an article. Really useful. But I will include that as a link here. The next thing, once you’ve got that in place, is developing your messaging structure and strategy, how you’re going to reach.

Start conversations, nurture conversations, and get those through to book calls. It’s not, it’s not particularly intuitive and a lot of people not don’t know how forward to be, how you know passive to be you know, how much time you need to nurture conversations. We all want to get people onto calls as quick as possible, and it’s about following balance.

And I’m gonna link to a video that goes into this in incredible detail. So depending on where you need help, you can just choose, pick and choose what you need. But I’ll link to that below this video. Next thing you want to do is build a process that ties all of this together, and that’s probably gonna be included in that messaging or that prospecting video.

Either way, I’ll link it below so that you know how to do all this efficiently, because, you know, ultimately this comes down to how can you do this efficiently, and that comes down to everything you do. You need your inputs to be less than your outputs. And you know, people will say, you know, it’s, I’d rather have less conversations but more convert. I’m like, yeah, that’s not a profound statement. That’s very . Of course you would, but the problem is you need to reach out to more people, generally speaking, to find those people to convert. And sometimes the cost of getting more conversions isn’t relative to the amount of extra effort. So it’s about finding that balance and having the right process, and that is all covered.
The link I’ll include below. So for doing it yourself with LinkedIn outbound, a really great way, if you are getting started you’re looking for leads quickly, really great way to feed future inbound, then that’s where you’re gonna wanna get started. Next we’re gonna look at inbound, so posting content on LinkedIn.

So like, just like this video here it’s a really powerful way. Ed, educate your market and get more future inbound leads as well. Now, when it comes to content, there’s a, I see a lot of people struggle with it, to be honest, and video is king. I’ll say that right now. Like anything that helps you develop trust quicker and more effectively is gonna be your most valuable resource.

And videos king for a few reasons. One, you can see the ways people communicate. Just words on a page. You know, 80% of how we communicate is non, the actual what said, but how it’s said. It’s how you communicate. It’s your tone of voice. It’s how you look, it’s how you present yourself. And people can see that in video and it helps to build that trust.

Your content is king, meaning if you are writing the content, it’s gonna be far more effective. Problem with this, it’s very time consuming. It costs money, which is why outbound is generally a more effective strategy if you’re very time poor. Because it’s very, it’s a lot easier to leverage versus constantly trying to come up with new content.

You’ve gotta be efficient if you’re doing it yourself. I personally try and smash out as many videos and as much content in a, you know, a few days so that I can, you know, relax for a few months and also do it all while I’m in that space, in that mind frame and consistency is, When it comes to creating content, whether it’s video, whether you can’t commit to video, you don’t like video, you prefer writing articles, whether you like doing podcasts, doesn’t matter what you do, don’t care.

What matters is consistency. And the reason this matters more than quality is because with consistency will come quality. You can’t get better at something unless you’re. And you’re not gonna be good at something the first time you do it. So just start, put out content even if you think it’s not gonna be good or it probably won’t be good to start with.

My first videos were terrible. I’ll probably look back on this in a few years time and think, this is terrible. Just start putting it out. It’s gonna get better as you go. Consistency is king. You’re better off doing once every two weeks and then five times a week, and then giving up consistency. It’s hard with content I know, but.

That’s why I definitely recommend Outbound first, especially for people who haven’t done much marketing before, cuz that’s gonna drive and build your network. So then when you do start creating content, it’s not like putting a billboard in the middle of the desert. You’re gonna have an audience to provide it too.

Now, paid marketing, once again, I mentioned at the start, it’s not something I’ve done a lot of. I’ve tried a little bit with LinkedIn and haven’t seen great. For small businesses, if you have had good results with paid marketing on LinkedIn, low cost per leads, conversions that actually turn into calls and sales that are measurable, I’d love to hear from you.

Put some comments in the bottom. Yeah, I’d love to learn more about that as well. Personally, I haven’t had much success with it, so I won’t talk too much to it, but it is another option of ways to generate. And more clients with LinkedIn so you can do it yourself. And this, like I said, there’s a wealth of resources.

I tried to keep it as limited as possible so that there’s only four. I mean, across those four Ps, there’s four things that you need to get across in order to start generating leads. If you can get those on top of those and do them right. And you’re gonna have everything in place to start generating leads on your own for fairly low cost.

You just need a premium subscription or you can do it completely for free. So it’s pretty good value. It’s one of the reasons I’ve com chose to completely focus on LinkedIn outbound. The other option is, of course, hiring someone to do it for you. So in terms of your options in terms of organic outbound lead generation, yeah, you can work with us b2b

This is all we. At the moment, you know, might change tomorrow, but at the moment we see the best results with LinkedIn and outbound and that’s what we specialize in. So we’re very good at identifying that specific messaging. A lot of split testing, finding your target market, finding what message resonates best.

There’s other options as well. So we started around $2,000 a month, depending on the service. In terms of other providers, you can certainly get it cheaper, but it just depends what you need. If you’re really looking for someone. Like build that perfect approach and manage your entire in. Talk to people for you and get them through to book call so you have a complete hands-free solution.

Yeah, that’s what we specialize in. There’s other platforms. Forget the name of them. I’ll try and include some links here below, but there’s certainly other options. It depends how far along you are in your journey. If you’re fairly new to this, Or you’ve tried LinkedIn in the past and you’re looking for someone and, and it hasn’t worked.

A lot of people come to us cuz they’ve tried it in the past using cheap providers and they need help. Like actually split testing and trying different methods and actually finding what that process and ideal method is. Or if you’re brand new to this, then yeah, obviously work with working with us is a good way because we can help identify what that call messaging is for people who know it works and are just looking for someone to do it for them.

They’ve got a pretty established strategy in place with their outbound, whether it’s LinkedIn or even email and they just wanna scale it up. Yeah, you can, there’s certainly cheaper options. It probably work really effectively. It just depends, I dunno all of them. But where we are very good at is developing that really.

Approach and method. So you can either take, keep working with us so long as we’re getting new results, or you can take that process once it’s established and bring it in house, which we’ve even helped people to do in the past as well in terms of content marketing. We don’t offer that as a service.

There are, I, like I said before, your content is king, so if you can create the content, it’s gonna be the best, but I know that’s time Consum. If you have a strong offer with your business, then you don’t necessarily need content. But if you really are pushed for time and you need to stay consistent, is a really great option to just get something out.

So have a look at these guys $99 a month and they’ll create. I think two or three posts a week or every second day, which is insane. Like, I dunno how they create it so cheap. You know, it’s not that it’s not gonna be as effective as if it’s your own content, so you’ve gotta understand that. But it is consistent, it is branded, and it’s a really effective way to just constantly stay front of mind with your network and with paid marketing once again.

If you know someone good in this space, or you are good in this space, put some comments below. I’d love to hear from you as well, so hope that’s helpful. What’s different in 2023 in terms of generating leads on LinkedIn? You know, there’s new features, there’s always new features, there’s changes to LinkedIn, but in the five years that I’ve been running lead generation through LinkedIn, what I’ve learned is there’s, there’s always gonna be new fancy tricks and, you know, AI driven messages and stuff like that, but 90% of, you know, 99% whatever, Call it of the effort should really be put into those core foundational understanding of your target market and the value you can provide.

Always say people don’t care how their mails delivered so long as it’s valuable. So if you can really put that energy into understanding the value you provide and building a strong offer, then all these fancy tricks that generally don’t last long or. Work for a few months just gonna be a distraction from improving and building an asset, a strong offer, a good value proposition that’s going to drive more value in the long run.

So, in terms of what’s different, I don’t know. There’s not, not a huge amount in terms of new features on LinkedIn. They may adjust the volume they have in the past, but from what I’ve seen, so long as you have your core four Ps or your core strategy in place, then it won’t matter what changes on the platform you’re gonna get.

Because you’re building long-term assets and and a brand, a solid brand that people know and trust. I hope that’s helpful. If you feel I’ve missed anything, put a comment below. If you feel you can add anything to that or any other great resources, put it below. This is really a kind of a, a contents page.

Like I said, that’s gonna link people to all the resources they need, and I’d love to hear what you have to say. So anyway, I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B Hope that was helpful. As always, have a great day Cheers.

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