Podcast: How to follow up OUTSIDE LinkedIn (Without being annoying)

Sometimes on LinkedIn, no matter what you do you just can’t seem to get any engagement. 

Whilst LinkedIn is a powerhouse B2B marketing platform, the truth is that most people are still far more active in their email inbox than on LinkedIn.

In this short video, I share how to follow up with potential clients outside of LinkedIn for when a conversation has gone cold.

Video Transcript
All right, so you’ve found the perfect lead on LinkedIn, everything is going really well, then all of a sudden you’ve got radio silence. You’ve tried following them up but you just can’t seem to get anything out of them. Now, the really cool thing is that on LinkedIn you do have access to people’s email addresses if they provide in their profile. But you do have to make sure you have the right approach if you’re going to email those people as part of following them up and getting people’s attention. The truth is that a lot of people don’t use LinkedIn that regularly.

But the one thing that just that everyone uses on a regular daily basis is their email. They’re checking their email inbox. So you do need to use this sparingly but I’m gonna give you a few tips on how you can use people’s email addresses to follow them outside, follow them up outside of the LinkedIn platform and generate more leads, obviously more sales. All right, let’s take a look. So sometimes we may have got a conversation started on LinkedIn, but honestly a lot of people on LinkedIn aren’t necessarily there all the time, they might check it weekly or monthly or just not really even check their inbox at all.

And we managed to get a conversation started but we’ve found it’s kind of died and we can see that they’re not really even seeing their messages, you don’t see those read receipts on the messages, the little icon that shows whether the person has actually seen the message. So rather than sending a long, a message sequence through LinkedIn, if we know no one’s gonna check in anyway, what we can do is check for their contact email, their contact information, you can see some people have it, most people have it on LinkedIn in fact, once you connect with them under contact info. And then what you can do is send them an email. Now, ideally you don’t wanna just spend the hell out of people and you want to address the fact of where you’ve gotten their email from.

So what I typically do is, and our clients as well we put together a bit of a structured email to send saying, hey, just want to follow of our LinkedIn conversation one last time. And it’s important to mention that you got it from LinkedIn and you know basically say, hope you don’t mind this but we’re not gonna be adding them to an email list or just bulk messaging them. We just wanna get one last touch point in because a lot of people don’t check LinkedIn they’re definitely far more active in the email inbox. So I’ll go through this one that I use that’s very effective.

Hope you’re well, just want to follow up on LinkedIn conversation by email one last time. As I know not everyone checks their LinkedIn inbox regularly. I hope you don’t mind. Just wanted to check out, check in one last time make sure you see if you’re still interested in chatting or depending on how the conversation went or what’s going on LinkedIn I might change that around. Guarantee I won’t waste time and you’ll come away with some solid advice around using LinkedIn to generate more business. No obligation whatsoever, thanks.

Another thing that’s really important to remember your messaging, whether it’s email, LinkedIn or whatever is to write it in your own words it’s really important that you stay consistent and true to yourself ’cause you will start to resonate with the right people and attract the right people to you as well. So just something that I’ve used and found very effective on LinkedIn is to, if you’re not seeing the engagement on LinkedIn you’ve started it but after a few follow ups it’s not going anywhere. You can see they’re not reading the messages. You can use a structured email like this to take it off LinkedIn and try and continue that conversation.

Once again, it helps to have a CRM system or something to help you manage whether relationship is there and whether it is time to send that person an email and take it off LinkedIn. We use something specifically for that happy to share if anyone’s interested but otherwise this is just a nice neat way to continue the engagement once it’s died on LinkedIn basically. So that’s it for today as always have a great day.

I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com. Learn more, just feel free to reach out, cheers.

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