Podcast: How to find your clients on LinkedIn with pinpoint accuracy


It doesn’t matter how good your approach is to find leads on LinkedIn, if you are targeting the wrong prospects you won’t make any progress.

In this short video, I got through the core component to finding your ideal clients on LinkedIn with pinpoint accuracy.

Video Transcript

How’s it going, Ryan Caswell here, and today I wanted to show you a bit about, a bit around how to find the right clients or how to find your clients with pinpoint accuracy using LinkedIn.

So more specifically using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, which is one of the paid premium accounts with LinkedIn and unfortunately the reason you need to use this one is because the most important thing I found when it comes to finding your ideal prospect with pinpoint accuracy comes down to being able to drill down onto their title. And so what I’m gonna show you today is how to find your client using Boolean searches around their title. And what I mean by that, let’s pretend that we wanted to find specific decision-makers in sales.

Now if I typed in sales, specialist, you see there’s a bunch of terms that come up here. You got, I’ll just move that down, you got sales specialist, sales manager, specialist, executive, assistant, consultant, director. There’s a million different ways that people would call themselves what people would call themselves to specify that they’re a decision-maker or an expert in sales. Unfortunately, you’re never gonna be able to list every single exact combination of them. But if I did something like sales and director, all’s that would bring in people who have director or sales in their title, but it’ll also bring in people who only have sales and only have director. And so it’ll also bring in a lot of irrelevant prospects. So what you can do to combat that is to do what’s called a Boolean search.

I’m probably pronouncing that wrong, but the point is, what you can do is you can set some rules around how you wanna search for people’s titles. So I’ve got it stored in a little tool I use called aText. But basically, the rule kinda looks like this. So we wanna find, and you can use any term here, so it might be sales, it might be marketing, it could be business development. The point is that we’ve set these rules around finding decision makers around a specific title. So in this example we’ll say sales. Fill in the little blanks.

Now what you see we’ve got is rules that say I wanna find people with in their title, have sales and director and then you’ll get all the combinations of director of sales, sales director, director of marketing and sales, you get every single combination without having to write them out one by one, which is just, well it’s a pain and would never work. And then you say, well also, I, or if they don’t have this, match this rule, you say I wanna find people with sales and head of, sales and manager. And if you wanna add to that, just add another OR statement here and say I also want to look at people who are in sales and are a specialist. And then what you do is without having to write every single title out, you’ve got this really pinpoint accurate rule that you can just copy from here, and I suggest doing it outside of LinkedIn Sales Navigator ’cause it’s actually a bit easier to do here, you can move things around, cut and paste, and also save it.

So then you copy that, come into Sales Navigator, remove your rules here, paste that in, press Enter, and then you see you got much better results around the titles that come up. And this’ll be particularly evident towards the end of the list where your results generally start to fall apart and they’re a bit random, but this’ll keep it really tight the whole way through. So just to quickly walk you through how that works, if you wanna do an And rule, I like to encase it in a double quotation marks ’cause then what it does is it looks for an exact match of anything that’s in the quotation marks.

So let’s for example say marketing and specialist. And let’s just put it in brackets to keep things tidy and that’ll find anyone who has marketing and specialist in their title. If I was to say marketing, marketing and sales, that’ll really destroy a lot of the results ’cause it will have to find an exact match of marketing slash sales which is unlikely. So you can keep it broad while still keeping it targeted using Boolean searches. And then once you get this right, you spend the time going through the list and then what you can also do is say oh, let’s say you don’t want to talk to partners, you can say partner, exclude. And then you can keep tightening your list by running exclusions as well. Super, super powerful.

This is, this is what makes LinkedIn just the best platform for B2B lead generation and is far outweighs the cost that you pay for this on a monthly subscription. So you can get a free subscription for a month, I suggest having a play, giving it a go, but this is a really great way if you’re looking to be targeted whilst not missing out on finding potential leads. Hope that’s helped you out. Something to think about.

I’m Ryan from ryancaswell.com, have a great day. Cheers.

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