Podcast: How To Deal With 100 Connections Requests Limit On Linkedin

Last year a lot of people were worried about LinkedIn’s update which drastically reduced the number of invites you could send on LinkedIn each week.

In my latest video, I go through why this is a good thing and of course, how to deal with it and generate more leads and sales in 2022.

Video Transcript
Early last year, LinkedIn made one of the biggest changes that have one of, I guess, one of the most drastic effects on the platform. And that was where it’s throttled back its daily invite limit from about a hundred per day to about a hundred per week. Now this sent a ton of digital marketers, B2B marketers into a bit of a wired frenzy, wondering how they’ll get to get that volume up.

But today I wanted to talk about what you can do about this hundred inbox. And why this is actually a really good thing for the platform.

Hey, has gone rank has on here from B2B leads.com. And today I want to talk to you all about the a hundred invite limit on LinkedIn. Now, if you know about this, chances are, you’ve probably done some work with lead gen on LinkedIn. You started to use the original invite. And then you ran into this issue where you’ve been throttled back to 20 a day.

Now, for those of you who have always practiced more of a spray and pray volume centric approach, where you just need to message hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of people, this was quite devastating because it really puts quite a hole in the volume that you can get out. But the reason I’ve seen this as such positive as it’s is that it’s impacting.

The engagement that I’ve seen on LinkedIn as people are being hit from far less angles, like is drastically reduced the number of messages that people are getting. So, so long as you’re very selective with who you reach out to, the engagement has been drastically improved. So from an overall standpoint, it’s been really good, but how do you, like without changing too much, or how do you take advantage of this?

How do you. Go from sending 70 a day to less per day and still get the same amount of leads coming in. Now, I believe it is actually around one 50. I mean, the LinkedIn platform is constantly changing, constantly evolving, but it still sits around the one 50. 100, 1 50 to 200 invites per week, which is a ton like if you’re talking to me about people and you have a valuable service and a great message to market this, like you, you generate more leads than you could ever handle.

But what I wanted to talk to you today is about how you can take advantage of that. So the white board and hook a little bit about what can be done. So we want to get more leads. So this. Whenever we’re talking about getting, getting more leads for our company. There’s really only two things that we need to focus on.

And that is volume and conversion volume as an oath or traffic. So the amount of people that we can reach out to and put that message in front of people and then conversion, how many of those people can we convert? So what’s happened is LinkedIn has throttled back the volume of messages that you can send on LinkedIn.

So for those of you who are not familiar organic outright outreach, outbound lead generation on LinkedIn. What we’re doing is we’re looking for our ideal clients on the platform. We’re reaching out, connecting with those people, aiming to get a conversation started and get those people on to phone calls a little bit like cold calling old school, cold calling, but we’re doing it through LinkedIn.

And we get people when they eventually get onto a call. It’s an agreed upon call and people are far more likely to convert. It’s an agreed upon time and there’s already a degree of engagement and interest. So there’s only really three key things that we can do within these two categories to increase our leads after we’ve sort of back the volume by our inbox.

The first one. And it’s probably the obvious one, which a lot of people really need to take a bit of rain check on is how do we increase our conversions? And we can do this by improving our audience or target market. So spending far more time on being very selective. The people that we want to target.

And one of the brightest things to do without even changing necessarily who you want to target is looking at, who is likely to engage. And if you use something like sales navigator on LinkedIn, you can target people who we know are actually engaged. On the platform, which means that they are more likely to engage with us.

So engaged as in posting or changing their job titles and things like that. People who actually have the platform because we know that they use it. So if we could be more specific around our audience, around people who know are gauged, then we can drastically improve our connection, right. That way, and being more selective now.

So this. Cogni. And then we also have our messaging. What can we say in a way that’s more effective. That’s going to get more people to convert. Once we improve our actual targeting. Now I won’t go too much into messaging cause I’ll talk for another three hours, but there is a ton of great stuff on this channel around how.

Right. Better messaging on LinkedIn, how to get people to convert, keep them short, sharp to the point, single points of call to action. I’m already going down the rabbit hole, looking at the channel. There’s tons of grant material, or reach out if you have any questions, but we’d want to improve our messaging.

So we get more people to convert, which comes down to timing, which comes down to what we say and how much we say. Now the volume game is I guess, where most people who are watching this video are probably interested because. There’s likely already a strategy or an approach in place. We know who we want to reach out to.

We have a bit of messaging. We know that we were just certain amount of people. We’re going to get a certain amount of conversions. So there’s two, I guess, simple ways that you can get your volume back up. And the first one is using InMails now by default, like if you’re using sales navigator and for anyone who’s serious about generating leads online.

You should be using sales navigator. It just gives you far more, better, I guess, functionality around searching and connecting with people. But in males, by default, you get, I think, 15 to 20 a month and they bank up to about 60 and then that’s where they stop. But you get, keep getting extra 15 a month until it hits 60.

And these, you can use to message people who haven’t connected with you. But the cool thing is, is that we can use in. On top of connection misses. Now 15 a month doesn’t seem like a lot. And for the most part, they’re not as effective. As a connection campaign, we we’re actually connecting. We have a chance to send a couple messages to people and actually get more touch points in and say, well, thanks.

People tend to ignore emails more. But the powerful thing about emails is if you take the right approach and you target people with open profiles. So a lot of people will have. Premium subscriptions on LinkedIn. And if you have a premium subscription, a lot of the time, LinkedIn by default sets your profile to open and an open profile means that you can send InMails for free.

Now, this means you can actually send, if you know how to find these people, you can actually send an addition. 20 in males, 2025 in males, I think about 400 total over the month per day. So you can get a lot of extra volume and get a lot of extra touch points in which is going to get you a, obviously a lot more leads, which is a really powerful strategy.

Like I said, the conversion rate is. But we could get more volume and we can also come back around to these people later and hit them with another touchpoints by our regular campaign, which is connecting and starting a conversation. Now the other way, which is really effective. And this is obviously a lot easier.

If you have a sales team is adding more accounts. So super simple, you’ve developed a process and messaging sequence and audience that, you know, works and generates leads on. If it works, do more of it, double down on what you know works. So if you’ve got a sales team or other employees at the company, encourage them to follow the same process, once it’s all set up and running, if you’re doing it right, it should only be 15 to 30 minutes of their time per day.

And it’s going to add a lot more value to the company, perhaps incentivize them, share them how to do it, whatever it is. It’s super simple because you have a process that’s repeatable and you know how to actually reach January. Just do more of it. Add in more accounts, have faith in the system that, you know, works with what you’ve done before and just keep doubling down on that.

So when it comes to a hundred invite limit, there are ways around it. In fact, I think some of the automation software actually can just completely bypass the limit so you can send, you know, I think 50 a day, pretty comfortably just have a bit of a look at the different ones out there, but essentially what you want to do, not even considering that you need to increase your conversion.

And focus more on picking the very select likely to engage people, get your messaging improved. Even if you don’t do that, there are ways to increase your volume once again, by either using InMails or adding in more accounts. So I hope that’s been helpful if you’ve got some more ideas on how to generate more leads in 2022.

I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com as always have a great day.

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