Podcast: How To Build Trust & Social Proof Using LinkedIn Recommendations

There’s one thing and only one thing that you need for someone to buy from you…


Everything we do is about building trust so that if someone hands over their money to you, they can trust that you will help them solve their problem.

In my latest video, I go through the elements of trust and how you can systematically build it over time and make more sales with LinkedIn.

Video Transcript
If you were to ask me, what’s the best way to build credibility trust on LinkedIn. I would say social proof.

Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here from B2B leads.com. And today I wanna talk about how you can build social proof, credibility trust on LinkedIn. Well, through social proof. So testimonials reviews and things like that. This is by far the easiest quickest. Way to build credibility and trust. And I personally always learned really hard on testimonials reviews, good video testimonials, things like that because no one tells your audience how good your product is better than your actual clients.

So it’s by far what’s put me ahead of my competitors. At least from feedback from my clients when it comes to outreach was having good, positive testimonial, social proof, and the easiest way to do that on LinkedIn specifically if you just want to quickly get some social proof so that when you reach out to people, people see that your profile and see that you’re credible is coming down to your your recommendation section here.

So the cool thing about LinkedIn and is that people are far more. I guess likely to provide recommendations cuz it’s a platform for it and it’s, they provide a really easy way for you to do it. So you can click on, ask for a recommendation and you can actually search for the person. On LinkedIn specifically.

So I’ll just put Trent, you know, you can collect the person’s name as an example, and you can select, you know, whether they’re a client of yours now, where a lot of people get held up is they think that it only has to be clients of yours. You know, it can be anyone, it can be character reference from someone you’ve worked with in the past, or you even a past manager, a past boss, if you only just recently started your business.

This is all gonna help to build credibility, even if it’s just through like character references and not necessarily for your business references and reviews for your business will obviously be better, but we just need to build something to get started with. So you can use the standard boiler plate recommendation here, or what I recommend doing is saying, you know, Hey, I’m, I’m trying to build ability or I’m trying to build my profile on LinkedIn.

And I’ve read that it helps by having good recommendations and it would mean the world to me. If you could provide a recommendation for me, any questions, let me know. So I recommend doing this, taking this approach, but it doesn’t end there. So what’ll happen is you’ll reach out to people. You’ll ask for recommendations and testimonials, and that’s great.

A lot of people will do it straight away. A lot of people will say they will. And then just, you know, it’s not at the top of their priority list. Of course it’s not, why would it be, so you will need to follow some people up, try and just get people to say yes first, even if you ask them via an email first and you may need, like I said, you may need to still follow people up in order to get it over the line, but this is easily.

The LinkedIn make it really easy for you to get recommendations. It’s a great platform for it. And then you can copy those recommendations and put them on your website as well, rather than trying to ask them for one on your website and then asking them to redo it for LinkedIn. So yeah, I really highly recommend doing it here and it’s a great way to build social proof on LinkedIn and it is actually linked to that person’s account.

So it’s far more to rust building. Then even doing it directly on your website. So I hope that’s helpful. Any questions? Just leave it in the comments below as always Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com. Have a great day.

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