Sales doesn’t have to be that complicated. In fact, we can even represent it as a simple equation.

Traffic x Conversion Rate = Number Of Sales

Simple right?

Double your traffic, double your sales!

In this video, I share the best way to grow your network fast on LinkedIn so you can get more traffic to your profile, website, and content and make more sales.

Video Transcript
So I’m gonna show you the fastest way that I know to build connections on LinkedIn in 2023, and then I’m gonna tell you why you probably shouldn’t do this.

All right, let’s jump straight into it. So how do we build connections fast in 2023? So the quickest way to build connections is to reach out to a target market that you know are open to connect and basically send connection messages, blank. Connection messages are fine. No need to complicate it, keep it fairly simple.

The real question is, why do you want to grow your network? So if you’re trying to grow your network to generate sales, then the question becomes far more complicated. If you just wanna have a slightly bigger network or like increase your numbers at least to begin with. So your account looks more legit.

I don’t know. I’ll quickly show you one way just to boost your numbers of connections really quickly. So from experience recruiters tend to be. From my experience, one of the most open to connect target markets on LinkedIn. So if you just look for people recruiter and then go title, recruiter and connections second and third degree, then just, yeah, basically save this search.

Save it to your list and then just each day start connecting with, you know, around 20 people per day. And you’ll find that you should have a substantially high connection rate. You don’t even really need to put a connection message in. So if you wanna grow your network fast, this is probably the fastest way I know to grow it.

And you can use like automation platforms, like there’s so many of them anyway, you’ve, I’m sure you’ve heard of them. And you can use automation platforms to just automate that connection message. You can get to scrap the list and send out the connection messages here. That’s the quickest way. Now the real question is like, why do you want connections?

Do you want connections because you want to generate clients on LinkedIn, or do you just wanna get connection for connection’s sake? In which case, yeah, follow the process that I just told you, connect with recruiters. Recruiters at your target market and great, you’ll be able to get connections pretty easily.

But once again, if you want them to actually become clients, then that may not be the best approach. So what I’ve found is if you’re actually trying to generate clients on LinkedIn, getting the highest number of connections isn’t always the best strategy. And once again, it depends on the actual follow on strategy as well.

If you’re strong on your content marketing and you know that in the future you’ll drive inbound leads. Then sometimes, yeah, it does make sense just to get as many connections of your target market as possible. But if you’re looking to drive, you know, leads today and start those conversations, and for those who don’t, you can then later focus on inbound marketing.

Then you’re gonna want to message that, address the value you provide and is very open and honest about why you want to connect with someone. And that’s gonna increase your chance that that person’s actually going to engage and want to become part of your network and also progress that conversation along as well.

So I have posted videos previously on the, the best types of connection messages in order to get people to become clients, but yeah, it just really depends on what you want to actually achieve. So this is just a short video to share a little strategy on how to get your connection numbers up. But the quickest way to get connections is to.

Focus on a market that’s open to connecting. Some other tips if you have sales navigator. This is another really great way on building your target market really quickly is can’t do this with, I don’t believe you can do this with research. Let’s just have a quick look before I say something that’s potentially wrong.

Past company, schools, industry profile, open to service categories potentially you could use talks about and then use a hashtag here. Cause people who are posting. We’ll have things that they’ve talked about, but what you would prefer to do is if you have sales navigator and you’re looking at a target market, second and third degree contacts, and let’s say your industry’s manufacturing or chiropractors, let’s say chiropractors on that manufacturing came up, that’s good.

So if you wanted to connect with manufacturing is let’s make it a bit better. Managing director. So this might look like. Your ideal target market, but you’ll find a lot of these cuz you’re targeting both second and third degree connections. A lot of these people, we don’t even know if they’re even using LinkedIn.

They might have a profile, but I mean, I know before I started using LinkedIn a lot, I was never on the platform. So what you can do is, first of all, target second degree users, cuz they’re closely more closely connected to your network, which means they likely have, they’re more likely to have a bigger network.

Which means they’re more likely to be open to connecting. So that’s one way. And then you double up by focusing on activities and shared experiences. People have changed jobs in the 90, last 90 days. Well, they’ve updated their profile in the last 90 days, so they must use LinkedIn to some degree and post in the last 30 days, probably post in the last 30 days is your best one.

If you have a big enough list and you’re trying to grow as quick as possible, if you go post in the last 30 days, combined with second degree connections on your target market, if you connect with these guys alone, you’re gonna get a substantially increased connection rate and grow your network really quick.

And you can do it with your target market too. So the fastest way to grow your connections in 2023 is, well, if you’re not concerned about your connecting with your actual target market, then just go after any market, you know, to be active and willing to engage. If you want to grow with your actual target market, get sales navigator and use those filters to find active members and, and combine that with second degree connections.

And that’s, that’s one of the simplest ways to increase your connection rate and grow your network as fast as possible. So I hope that helps. If you have any questions, just leave it below. And there should be another video which I’ll connect to as well, around how to write a connection message on LinkedIn that will actually drive people to become clients and get onto sales calls as well.

Hope that’s helpful. As always, I’m Ryan Caswell from B2B and have a great day. Cheers.

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