LinkedIn is a vastly powerful platform however it’s no good to you and your business if you find yourself restricted. Check out this short video where I talk about how to avoid LinkedIn restrictions and get the most out of your lead generation on the platform.

Video Transcript

All right, hey, how’s it going? Ryan here, from, just doing a quick video about what not to do when it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn. Now, as you probably see, I’m here in the beautiful Airlie beach checking out the windy Sundays, where I’ve set up office for the week, but the show must go on, so I thought I’d do a quick video sharing, once again, what not to do when generating leads on LinkedIn, some of the things I wish I knew when I got started so I didn’t have to work them out on my own.

First and foremost, when you’re generating leads on LinkedIn, you should really have a Sales Navigator account because that’s what’s gonna give you the ability to reach out and connect with a lot more people. But the very interesting thing about LinkedIn is technically, according to their terms and conditions, you can’t reach out and connect or message anyone that you don’t know on the platform, which kind of renders a lot of their high-priced premium accounts moot because there’s absolutely no point in having these accounts if you can’t reach out and connect and start conversations with new people. I mean, that’s the whole premise of generating business is you reaching out and trying to find people that you can help, but my understanding of this is it’s really just a blanket cover-all terms and conditions that basically says, “We’re looking after our end users, “and if we feel like you’re doing the wrong thing “and you’re spamming people, then we can block you. “We can cancel your account. “We don’t need to explain ourselves.”

So, a lot of what you need to do on LinkedIn is about not annoying people, obviously not being a spammer, and making sure that LinkedIn thinks you’re doing the best by their users. Now, when it comes to messaging and sending connection requests on LinkedIn, you can send up to 100 per day, which for a lot of people seems like a lot, but really, from what I’ve seen and my experience, you really shouldn’t be going more than 75 connection requests per day. Now, the real money in LinkedIn lead generation is having a really tight list. It’s going through that list and making sure that the people you are connecting with are completely relevant to what your service is all about.

So, even if that 75 or 50 or 25, if you put more work into making your list twice as good, then that number doesn’t matter, but for those who wanna know, 75 is kind of the limit where I haven’t seen anything go wrong, any accounts get restricted.
You can go higher, but if you do that consistently, you will most likely get your account not permanently restricted, but restricted for a short period of time. And the other important thing I always try to focus on is what’s the lower limit for connection requests? I’ve seen campaigns work with low conversion rates on connecting and campaigns with, you know, 70, 80% connection rates that don’t do quite as well.

It just really depends on the overall connection rate in terms of, not connection rate, the overall sales rate, and you can get more people to connect with more passive messages, but what really matters is connecting the right people with the right need, but basically, I’ve seen, if you’re going less than 20% in your connection rate, it does mean that your messaging is probably coming a little, across a little aggressive or a little spammy, or you’re messaging the wrong people, so it’s a good indicator that you need to kind of rethink who you’re targeting and what your connection message might be so that you don’t get in trouble and get your account restricted by LinkedIn. And what I’ve also seen is even though you can send up to 100 connection messages per day, and I say you should really keep it to a maximum of 75 if you’re doing it consistently, there is also if you do too many messages to people you’re already connected with, you can get your account restricted, not necessarily permanently, but you can get in trouble by LinkedIn, so you wanna, what I tend to do is, once again, you can do up to 100. You can do more, but once again, you’re probably gonna get your account restricted. I tend to try and keep it to 75 as well with people that you’re already connected with.

So once again, all this is really about is being more concise with your messaging. It’s less of that shotgun spray approach and trying to be a little bit more, “All right, how do I use the messages that I have, “the connection requests that I have, “and really try and connect with the right people “who can really use my services “so that I’m not annoying people on the platform, “and I can continue using LinkedIn “for a long time and getting my value “from the service and adding to them as well?” I hope that all made sense.Like I said, just a quick little video.

Any questions, feel free to reach out, and have a great day.


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