Unlocking LinkedIn’s Potential: Insights from a Lead Generation Agency Owner

In this video, I sit down with Chris Harasty, a successful business owner and coach, revealing how our partnership helped him accelerate his business growth using LinkedIn.

Having run his own successful lead generation company previously, Chris offered unique insights into what set our methodology apart. Explore our discussion on scaling up with LinkedIn lead generation as a proven business growth strategy.

Podcast: How Chris Easily Scaled His Business Using LinkedIn

Video Transcript
Hey everyone, I’m here with Chris Harasty today from Harasty Consulting. And he’s gonna be sharing a little bit more about his business and working together here with us at b2bleads.com. Welcome Chris. Thank you, Ryan. Pleasure to be with you. Awesome. Well, to kick things off, do you wanna tell everyone a little bit more about what you do and who you help?

Sure. What Harasty Consulting does it is we are management consultants, training and business coaches. And we’ve been doing it for over 15 years and we’ve helped over 3000 clients. Yeah. Amazing. You’ve got some really impressive results too, which we might dive into a little bit later in the in the call, but to start with, I guess I’ll, I’ll ask, how did you first find out about b2bleads.com?

I was contacted by one of your staff. In LinkedIn, and the approach was very professional. It was quite interesting, so I was happy to respond. It was certainly a lot higher quality than the normal responses you get. Awesome. I’m glad to hear that. And before, before working with us, tell us a little bit about what you were doing previously.

All right. So perhaps I’ll go back a bit and talk about my background. So I started a software business straight out of uni. I grew it to 20 plus staff with no capital. Our largest year was 10 million. And then I sold that to an ASX listed company about 15 years ago. After that, basically I started a management consulting and business coaching business because I wasn’t allowed to go back into the same industry for five years.

So does that give you some background? Yeah, definitely. So Like I said, you’ve got great experience in this space and, and it really speaks to, I guess, the results. I want to talk about what we did with some of those results and how we ran some of your campaigns in a minute. But you also used to run lead generation services yourself as well.

So what have been some of your benefits to outsourcing it to a company like us? Okay. So what we found that most of our clients were B2B clients. And we found that business coaching them was a relatively simple past because they had reasonably simple businesses. My previous market was billion dollar companies and consulting to them is complicated.

But what I did find is in my new target market. They all found two major issues. One was sales and the other one was lead generation. And of course it needs to be in a different order. Lead generation happens to be first, because if you don’t generate a lead, you can’t make a sale. So we were teaching that all the time.

And so I decided then to create a lead generation service in LinkedIn. And then I also decided to sell that. And as well as a service. And then I had about five staff, you know, many customers. And then I started to look around because you, one of your staff contacted me, and then when I went down into the details, I actually found that you guys were doing it a lot better than what we were doing, and we were actually very successful at what we were doing.

So I said, okay, well, if you can do it better than me, no problem. I’ll close mine down and that’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve been using your service because for some unknown reason you happen to do it better than me. Yeah. Well, I, I think you can add a lot more value with your knowledge and the business coaching space.

So that’s fine. That works well for me. I’ll, I’ll take care of the lead gen side of things for you. And what would you say has been, what’s provided the most value, I guess, at working with us? I, I suppose if you’re going to do lead generation. Then the, some of the major challenges you’ve got to understand the customer’s business.

Then you’ve got to be able to develop a strategy and a campaign, which is responsive. And what that really means is it targets the target market for that particular customer. And it’s something which resonates because if it doesn’t resonate, they’re not interested. They don’t respond. And prior to me starting my own LinkedIn.

What happens is I, I basically tried perhaps about a dozen different agencies over a decade and not one of them did it in a reasonable way. One of them was a big one at around 20, 000 customers worldwide and they still couldn’t do it. So, if you get the message, right, you get the strategy, right, you will get a good response.

And certainly that’s what you’ve been able to do for us. And you actually have done it better than what we were doing it. So I was quite happy to switch across. Yeah. Sometimes people don’t realize the messages don’t have to be that complicated, but what’s really important and people don’t realize is how much heavy lifting the profile does.

And having a strong offer and I think that’s, what’s really worked well for you in such a competitive space as business coaching is, is having a strong offer and being confident on that offer. And, and that’s what gets the conversation started. So I mean although I go into it in too much detail, I’ll encourage people to check out your profile and, and reach out to you if you think you can help them, but essentially like your profile and, and I always talk to people about this.

It’s. How do you build that trust around what you’re saying so that when people check out your profile, they believe it enough to have that initial conversation and that, and that’s what the lead is, is then, you know, then it moves into a sales process. So you had a great, I think you had a lot of, you had a great background, great experience and potentially have a really great profile and it was just a matter of bringing that forward so that when you did reach out to people, it gave them a great reason to connect. Well, I think our profile was okay before you touched it. It wasn’t too bad, but you did make it better and our messaging was okay before you touched it.

But those little tweaks you made. It made a huge difference in the actual performance of the campaign. So how I would explain it is under a certain level, let’s say that might be seven or eight out of 10, you get zero. Yeah. Over a sort of threshold limit. Yeah. Yeah. You get zero. And that’s where the, you know, over a decade, that’s where the lead agencies I tried.

That’s where they were now. I was probably somewhere between a seven and an eight out of 10 in, in my messaging and my profile. We, we got responses and it worked okay, but you somehow managed to tweak that and you’ve probably got it to an eight and a half to nine. And the response is, you know, a lot better, badly, a lot better than what I was doing.

That’s all right. It’s a good reason to focus on the business coaching as well. Well, if you’re happy to share, can you share any of the results you’ve gotten so far? From my business coaching or from you? From me for your business coaching business. Okay. All right. Well, well, I’m going to ignore your question.

I’m going to talk about me first. That’s all right. Well, I’ve used the excuse to promote yourself. I’ll answer your question. So for me I’ve been doing this for a long while. So the actual service delivery is pretty easy. The largest client we ever got. Great results for was construction company, which had 50 million turnover and we helped them grow to 250 million over about five, six years, but it’s not unusual to help a business, which does about a million to go up to two, 3 million in 12 to 24 months.

So that that’s quite normal for us to be able to do that. And we can do that about 85% of the time. Now we can’t do that unless we get the lead. And that leads critical because we are strong in sales. So most of the leads we will convert. So in terms of what leads you’ve been able to generate, the thing which I’m very pleased about is you’ve generated not just a reasonable quantity of leads, but what you have done, which is right, is the quality of the leads are great.

So the leads we’ve had from you, our business is exactly the size we want to deal with. They’re good size. And because they’re good sized, they have meaty problems, and because they’re meaty problems, we’ll have good engagements, show huge value, and they’ll be with us for five to ten years. So it’s not just the quantity you’ve been able to deliver, which is bigger than what we were doing, but the quality has been significantly better.

And that means a lot of difference for us in terms of our quality revenue. And when we engage, right, if there’s a decent sized business with some complexity, that’s very highly sticky for us because we’ll produce value. So it’s predominantly the quality which you’ve been able to order for us and it’s been fantastic.

Yeah. And it helps that you do know, you do understand the sales process too, because sometimes we work with clients and we deliver the leads only to find the next bottleneck is the actual sales process. So it’s, it’s really nice. It helps when you understand that process very well. And it just means, yeah, everything works really smoothly together.

Well, for us, we’ve been doing sales training for 15 years. So that’s part of our expertise. Yeah. So final question is what would you say to anyone who’s thinking of working with us? Well, b2bleads. com is significantly higher quality than anyone else I’ve worked with. Unfortunately, most of the industry, because it’s in marketing, is good at marketing itself.

Okay? So, and there’s a lot of hype, and using a vulgar word, there’s a lot of bullshit around. But, Ryan, his background is an engineer, and as an engineer, he’s all about substance, and measurement, and… Optimization. And he does that actually really well. So the biggest thing I’d say is certainly if you’re thinking about doing any sort of B2B lead generation, contact him.

And make him one of the ones you talk to because his quality is really outstanding and, and certainly you’ll get a result. And the reason you’ll get a result is because the processes he puts in place, not 100%, but almost 100% guarantees the result. Okay, so he’s got some good, strong processes. He’ll understand your business.

He’ll create a strategy. He’ll then test the strategy and then he’ll refine that strategy. And if you do, and each, everyone does that, but the difference is they don’t do it properly. Ryan does it properly. So because he takes it seriously and does it properly, in fact, perhaps he’s a little bit obsessed with it.

And what that does generate is you definitely generate a higher number and higher. Quality of leads, then what the average lead generation supplier will do. So I definitely make sure you talk to Ryan and it’s a high likelihood that you’ll get a good result. Thank you so much, Chris, very much appreciate you and your time today.

As always, I know you’re a busy business owner as well. So yeah, I know how valuable your time is. So thank you very much. And thanks for sharing your insights. All right. Thank you.

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