Podcast: Getting LinkedIn messages right with the snowball effect


There is no denying that starting a conversation with your prospects on LinkedIn is one of the biggest challenges when trying to generate new leads on the platform.

In my latest video, I go over the secret to starting a conversation on LinkedIn with what I like to call the ‘snowball effect’

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Video Transcript

So if you wanna reach out to someone on LinkedIn, a complete stranger, someone you’ve never talked to before in your life, how do you go about getting that person on phone call? Because let’s face it, when you get someone on a call, that’s where I mean, that’s where most of us sham, we can have an honest conversation about the value we bring, we can establish trust, we can see there’s another human on the other end of this zoom call or phone call.

But how do we go about taking a complete stranger who doesn’t know us and getting them on call? And it might sound really simple, but it’s a big step and it’s big ask, and it’s a huge investment of someone’s time to want to have a conversation, even if it’s 5, 10, 15 minutes is a huge interruption to someone’s day. So how do you get someone on the call? Do you just reach out to them and say, hey, let’s jump on a call? But by the same token, do you take 20 years courting them and having nice conversations about irrelevant things before you suggest having a phone call?

And the idea is essentially what’s called the snowball effect. Where it’s all about taking a small idea, getting small bite-sized chunks of buy-in, which will eventually lead to a bigger snowball, snowball effect. I think we’re all familiar with the snowball effect of someone wanting to have a conversation with us jumping on a call. Now, we reach out to connect with someone on LinkedIn and we say, hey, let’s jump on a call, they’re probably gonna ignore us. But if we get behind to the idea of connecting with us based on an idea of the problem that we solve, then we have our first small chunk of buy-in.

Then what we wanna do is understand if the value we bring is something they need assistance with. Very small bite-sized chunks of buy-in, then if we know that it’s something that they need assistance with, it’s something they have problem with, then we need an understand if the idea of a call, or a really quick chat is something they’d be interested in. And still we’re not suggesting times or anything like that, everything’s about bite-sized small chunks of buy-in, because everything will snowball and lead to the bigger the call, which is what we want.

But it’s all about small bite-sized chunks buy-in before we get to this idea. Because if you go to this, too soon, you’re gonna get people putting up these brick balls, and you’ll never hear from them again. So if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about how to generate leads on LinkedIn, how to get calls quickly without spending all day doing it, then you’re gonna love this free training that are available. Just follow the link below and you’ll learn more about generating calls with LinkedIn, getting more leads, generating more sales, and you’re gonna get a lot of value from it. So hope to see you there.

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