Podcast: Get 10 Leads in 30 Days: Find Out What's It Like To Work With Us!

What’s involved? How long it takes? What do you do? What do we do?

Wonder no more!

In this short video, I walk through our simple yet effective customer journey.

Video Transcript
So I’m often asked, what’s it like to work with b2b leads.com? How much time is involved from you? What do we handle and how quickly can we get set up and running?

Hey, how’s it going, Ryan Caswell here, founder of b2b leads.com, and I want to give you a little insight as to what the customer journey is like. Should you choose to work with B2B leads.com, how much time is involved from view, what do we do and how quickly we can get up and running? So assuming you’ve made the wise decision to work with us, the first thing you’ll need to do is pay that setup and strategy fee and then book in an onboarding meeting with us and can go anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

So we’d like to get this booked as soon as possible. And then once you’ve done that, before you turn up to that meeting, we need you to fill in a short onboarding survey that’s gonna give us all the information that we. In order to develop an effective strategy for you and your business and understand your business, your target market, so that everything we do makes sense and alliance.

So in this first meeting, the focus is really on who, who are we going to be targeting, but not just broadly who, who are the different components and demographics within your industry? The different titles. What are the different industries you serve? Where have you had the best results? What are the different pain points of these different target markets?

So we can really. Bespoke and customized messaging for each of the target markets, and also learn as we go, even if everyone has the same pain points and same messaging. It’s really important that we separate each of the target markets so that we have data that’s segregated and we understand where we’re gonna get the best results and where we can focus so that you get the best results.

Working with us, this is where we’re different from most other companies, is that we’re really determined to find that best return on investment for you and understand where we should focus and double down on that. So that first meeting’s all around, building out that target market, understanding your target market.

And then after that we’ll do some more administrative work. Building out the less, organizing them into campaigns where we think we should start. We’ll then also write the copy for your profile. Develop the headline. Make a number of suggestions on what else we can do to help establish trust on your profile.

Probably most likely, we, in most cases, we help redo the images as well. It’s all about doing everything that we possibly can to make sure that we establish trust. And drive that buying behavior from prospect. So one week later we come back with all the suggestions and copy done for your profile, all the lists organized into campaigns where we think it’s gonna be the best place to start, and all the scripts for each of the different target markets and how we’re going to nurture and manage those conversations through to book to calls.

Once you’re happy with all of that, which comes back to you one week after that first meeting, then we’re ready to. You set up that monthly retainer and then from that point on we’re sending out invites on your LinkedIn profile or profiles We’re sending out messages, we’re replying to prospects, and we’re getting those through to book calls into your calendar.

So going forward after that first meeting, which can be 30 to 60 minutes, your time is really minimized going forward, and you should really only have to spend time. Meetings with booked prospects and interested people, which is what you want, which is what you’re paying us for. And of course if we need you to check any messages from people on LinkedIn, we would direct you to that too.

But ideally we’re pulling you away from LinkedIn so you can just focus on talking to people on calls with interested prospects. So that’s just a little bit of insight on what it’s like to work with us. If you have any questions, reach out to me, reach out to my team, jump on a call, and I hope to be working with you soon.


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