Podcast: Focus on the Cake, Not the recipe


I will admit this video is somewhat of an epic fail.

My son was home sick from daycare and thought he could help to make a point about lead generation.

In some ways, he still helped me get my point across but you may need to use your imagination a bit!

In this video, I show my interview with my son and how any of this has anything to do with finding new leads on LinkedIn!

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Video Transcript


- Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here today and I have my son, John, to help me out to run a little experiment. John, welcome to the show.

– Chocolate!

– Hey, hey, hey. I have a couple of questions for you, can you help answer a couple of questions for me?

– Yes.

– Now, John, do you think it’s interesting that daddy knows how to use a mixer?

– Yes.

– It’s interesting, isn’t it? Hey, do you think it’s interesting that daddy’s a good baker?

– Mix, mix!

– Do you think it’s good that I’m good at mixing and baking?

– Like this!

– Yeah, yeah. Is that interesting?

– Yes.

– What do you think if daddy says he knows how to make-

– John Caswell.

– Yeah, that’s you. Hey, what do you think if daddy says he knows how to make a cake?

– For me.

– Is that exciting?

– Yes.

– Is that more exciting than mixing?

– Yes, you have to bake it now.

– I have to make it now, do I? Well, what if I showed you how to mix and bake, would that be exciting?

– I just chocolate.

– Okay, so the point I was trying to make, that was a bit of an epic fail, trying to bring my son into the equation, because as soon as the world chocolate was mentioned, his concentration was completely shot, lost, and focused on the chocolate. But in some ways, that still really demonstrates the point that I want to prove. And that is, when it comes to generating leads, marketing, anything to do with that, and especially when trying to do it on LinkedIn, you want to be outcome-focused, not service-focused or experience-focused.

So the point I was trying to make is that John was not really interested in how to make a cake, how to bake, how to mix. What his real interest and distraction was, was the result. So when it comes to trying to generate leads on LinkedIn, or any marketing really, always focus on the results or the outcome, more than your services or your experience.

So, a little bit like, a plumber doesn’t tell you what’s in his tool bag, he’s there to help you fix your problem; fix the pipes, fix the toilet, that’s all you really care about. And the same with advisors, consultants, coaches, people don’t even really wanna hire a coach or a consultant, or really spend any money for that matter, unless there’s an outcome. And that’s what gets people excited and drives them to actually make a decision and work with you.

So, the overall point I’m trying to make here is in your profile, make sure that you’re focused on the outcome and not just a big list of what you’ve done in the past, unless you’re mentioning results, of course. Or even just a big list of qualifications, because it’s only just gonna look like hieroglyphics to most other people who aren’t necessarily an expert in your field. And, in the end, most people don’t even really care; they just want to know, “can you help me solve my problem?”

And when it comes to reaching out and messaging people and trying to start conversations with people, the same goes. Don’t talk about yourself, but talk about, you know, why you wanna connect and what value you can add to them in the shortest possible time as well. People don’t wanna be sent massive, three-page long essays about what you’ve done and how smart you are. Just, as quick as possible, get to the point, “this is how I add value”, and the more specific you can get, the better because people take action on very specific problems, as opposed to general problems. They go, “that is the exact thing that I need help with.”

So, just little bit of food for thought for today. I’ll put a link to my guide, my cut and paste template, basically to overhaul your profile, really quick and easy to do. And that’s a great place to start, if you’re looking at generating new leads on LinkedIn. In fact, it’s the essential place to start.

So, if you’re hoping to generate 10,20 new leads on LinkedIn every single month, you have to have an optimized profile. There’s no way around it. So, I’ll put that in the bottom.

Any questions, feel free to reach out and have a great day. Cheers.

– Chocolate!

– Chocolate. What do you wanna be when you grow up?

– Like big, really, really, really big like this!

– How old are you?

– 45.

– 45?

– Yes.

– Cheese!

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