Podcast: First impressions matter on LinkedIn (how to make it count)

First impressions matter on LinkedIn. 

There is no way around it. 

Make anything short of a great first impression and you will have lost your prospect forever.  

In this short video, I share one key tip to make your first impression count so you can generate more leads and more sales starting today

Video Transcript
When I first noticed this specific thing on LinkedIn, I almost didn’t want to believe it. I thought to myself, why should this thing play such a big part in me being able to start conversations, genuine conversations, and find more leads and LinkedIn, but more I experimented with the specific thing. The more I found out how important it was and what I’m referring to is. The presentation, the presentation of your LinkedIn profile, how you look the professionalism in your profile, picture, the background image, all of this really matters because it’s the first thing that people see when they land on your profile.

Yeah. Now human beings are very judgmental and first impressions really make a big difference on LinkedIn. So there’s one thing I can say. That’s going to help you with your connection rate and with getting people to get past that basically split second of engagement and attention that you have when people land on your page. That’s about all you. If you don’t have something that looks really sharp and screamed professionalism, then people are just not going to read on further. So my quick tip today is to really make sure you have a good profile picture. Now, a good profile picture doesn’t necessarily only mean it has to be professional.

What it also can mean is yes, it does need to be professional, but it also needs to be open and friendly. Remember your reaching out to people you’re trying to. Be disarming. You don’t want this really serious stern looking, you know, aggressive looking, human being trying to start a conversation you want to be open and friendly, looking happy successful all these things. And so it’s really important to focus on two things. First of all. Yeah, we want the profile picture to look good and we want it to look engaging open. We want to be disarming basically. Now the background image most people just use that standard background image that comes with LinkedIn, a great opportunity to use.

You know, you can get tons of great images just from free stock images. If you just want to live in it up, give it a bit of a branding theming, or of course you can make it more aligned with who you actually serve. Leverage credibility through associated brands that you’ve worked with before. It’s all about building credibility and trust. Emotionally, when someone lands on the page, it’s going to be the first thing they see. And they say a picture tells a thousand words or something of that nature. It’s true. People are going to land on your page and they’re going to make an assessment whether they want to or not when they land on it.

So make sure that first impression someone has when they reach your profile is a good one. So if you’re thinking of generating more leads, funny, more clients easily. I highly recommend putting in the effort to get a decent profile picture. You don’t have to pay a professional to do it. I’ll put a link into a great article. It shows you how to do it with your own camera phone. The cameras on these things are incredible these days. So there’s absolutely no reason it’s more based around the actual lighting than it is around. Having a big, super expensive camera and also the background as well. So yeah, I’ll put a link in below to help you with. And also maybe a link to a website where you can get great free stock photos just to liven up your profile.

Anyway, that’s my tip for today. I hope that helps have a great day as always, and to learn more head to B2B leads.com. Cheers.

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