I’m super excited! has now officially become! Been quite the saga but excited to share what that means for you going forward šŸ™‚

Video Transcript

ļ»æHey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here, and today I am super excited because today I get to share that is no longer, but has now moved to And the reason this is so exciting is it’s ’cause it’s a demonstration of, I guess, our continued commitment to be the absolute best at B2B lead generation. So that is our absolute sole focus. That’s all we care about is, what is the best way to generate B2B leads?

Now, we’re gonna be continuing our focus on this, especially in three key areas. And that is, how do you generate B2B leads that are quality? Consistent, there’s no point in doing anything if you can only do it once. There’s no point in doing it if you can’t get quality. And low input. So what I mean by low input is low cost or low time input.

Once again, there’s no point generating leads if they’re not quality. There’s no point generating leads if they’re not consistent, if you can’t build a system and a process around having it feed your business consistently. And there’s no point doing it if it’s not low input, if it costs more than what you actually get out of it. Whether that’s your time or the actual money that you’re spending.

Then once again, it’s not worth it. So if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out the website or send me a message. More than happy to have a chat and share what we do.

As always, have a great day and stay tuned for more exciting news. Cheers.

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