Too many businesses go wrong basing decisions on opinion rather than market research. 

I know this first hand and believe me it sucks!

Let me share how to avoid making the same mistakes and why market research is so important.

Video Transcript
All right. Why does market research matter so much? I mean, if you’ve worked with your prospects or your clients before you’ve seen all the pain and experience in the industry, you know, what their problems are, why do you have to reach out and ask people what their problems are? Because ultimately when we’re trying to market our business, it doesn’t really matter what their problems are. It’s what they think. Because it doesn’t matter if we know that their problem is some really specific thing. If they think it’s something else we’re never going to be able to get their attention, to get them off of call and lead generation is all about that first initial capture of attention to get someone to call.

Once we have enough that person’s attention, then it’s up to us. We can guide them to understanding where their problems actually sit or help guide them through asking the right questions on a call, um, using a correct like sales process. But before that it’s really important to understand what did they actually think it is. And that’s why it’s really important to reach out to your target market and understand where they think or where they feel that their pain sits. That way. It’s going to be a lot more effective when you reach out to people. On LinkedIn or any platform for that matter. And you’ll be able to create a really, really strong message and offer that really resonates with your target market so that you can actually get them on to Coles and you can progress it through and help them understand where it sits and how you can actually solve it.

So how important is. It’s absolutely critical, basically. So when it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn specifically, because obviously that’s what I love to do. Um, you have to understand what does your target market think that problem is, um, reach out to them, get an idea. If you have a decent sized email list, email them, um, you may have seen a lot of big companies do this themselves. They’ll email out and say, what is your. Biggest problem, or what do you want to learn more about with, um, ABC X, Y, Z, whatever it is. So that’s a really great strategy for anyone who wants to do a bit of market research is to send out a short survey. You can use Google forms, um, uh, survey Chimp, or whatever it’s called.

Uh, and just have the one question, you know, what’s the thing you want to know most about ABC, or what’s your biggest problem that you’re experiencing. You’re going to get so much great information. On where people feel their pain is, and it’s going to help you craft a really powerful message. That’s going to get people to actually take notice of you and want to talk to you. So if you’ve got a decent sized email list, email out a survey, asking them what they want to know about, uh, if you’ve got a good size network on LinkedIn, then putting a post out. If you don’t have much of a network, you might not get much engagement. Um, and if you falling short of that, you can actually just reach out to people on LinkedIn or social media and just ask.
As long as you’re reaching out to the right people, it won’t work. You’re reaching out to friends who have no idea, or it’s not actually their target market because ultimately if it’s going to give you crap data and the really cool thing is once you get a decent, um, list. Of what people say their problems is or what they want to learn more about. You basically get a wealth of information. That’s gonna help you craft your message. It’s also going to give you a lot of great ideas for crafting quality content that people actually want to learn about. So remember, don’t assume you know what your target market cares about what they want to learn. Reach out and ask them, it’s going to give you super valuable information. That’s gonna really tighten up your message to market your value proposition, your elevator pitch, and really make you get much better results with your marketing and lead generation. So that’s all for today.

I am Ryan Caswell from B2B head to B2B If you’d like to learn more and have a great day as always, cheers.

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