When you spend time and effort producing the best possible content, it almost seems a shame to let it fade away after just one post.

If you’re putting your best foot forward, you don’t want to let that just disappear.

In this video, I’ll give you one quick tip to help really maximize the return on your efforts, and really get the best from the investment you put into your content.

Video Transcript

So often do I see consultants and advisors getting really frustrated. They put all this work into creating great content, great posts, putting it on LinkedIn and getting little to no views or visibility or results from their efforts. Now, one of the easiest way to maximize your return, visibility and all that kind of stuff from your content is to think of it like this elastic band here. What you want to do is really stretch out your content.

So what I mean by this is if you’ve created great content, don’t just throw it out there and expect everyone to see it that one time and never use it again. If you’ve got good content, and you know that some things do better than others, really reuse that content, really stretch it out. So obviously you want to post it on as many different places as you can, but also reuse it. Like, if it’s something that did really well, reuse it couple of months down the track.

I’m not talking about just posting the same thing over and over and over again. But if it got good value and people enjoyed it and people got value from it, then reuse it a couple of months later and repost it. Now, remember that everyone that connects with you and sees your post, a lot of times it’s the first time someone would have actually connected with you. So one really great approach you can do is to find out all the best content, all the best posts, all that sort of stuff that you’ve put together and when someone possibly joins your email list, put your best foot forward.

So have a bit of a sequence that gets your best content in front of them. Now remember, people make really quick first assessments, quick judgments on people when they first come into contact with them. So if you can get your best content in front of these people, first up, it’s gonna help build trust really quickly and get people wanting to talk to you as fast as possible.

So quick tip, if you want to try and maximize your ROI on your content, the first thing you should start looking at doing is getting more out of your content, stretch it out, reuse it, post it every everywhere you can. And when you know what works best, try and build a sequence so that people who first come into contact with your business get served that best content first. Just a quick tip to help you maximize your return on your efforts and on your investment on your content.

Hope that helps. I am Ryan from the Have a great day. Cheers.

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