Do you have a b2b SaaS or enterprise tech solution and struggling to find new clients?

In 30 days we will fill your sales pipeline with booked software demos through our revolutionary software sales system. 

Let us focus on finding you new clients so you can focus on helping them and improving your product.

Risk Free

“Win/Win” is a core value here at, which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the monthly retainer. If you are unhappy for any reason in the first 30 days of running your campaign we will refund 100% of your monthly retainer costs, no questions asked and you will no longer be committed working together. We only sign customers who we think will be a great fit and we are sure will have great results.

Happy Clients

"In 2 weeks we achieved the same as 6 months worth of cold sales calls and emails" - Peter Iansek - Owner, Operative Intelligence

"Its been an absolutely phenomenal campaign!" - Peter Dubiaz - CEO, Enviro Frontier

"I’ve had a number of conversations that have lead to warm leads and actual clients!" - Ben Farrow - C0-Founder, FirmChecker

Ryan helped us setup a lean lead gen process for our sales team which has them booking consistent demos each week. Its been a great way to find new leads and also experiment and AB test different markets. Highly recommend Ryan for anyone looking to generate more leads and optimise their marketing messaging.

Martin Schwall

Sales Director,

We've been working with Ryan for 4 months now and in that time he has helped us generate over 1600 connections, and more than 300 engaged conversations with our exact target market. It's been a great way to connect and engage directly with our end users. Thanks Ryan!

Ben Vagg

Global Product Manager, Datamine Software - Software Solutions for Every Stage of Mining

Before starting my campaign with Ryan I was nervous about reaching out to so many people I didn't know over LinkedIn. Ryan's processes made it easy to manage and his approach actually got complete strangers engaged in real conversations. By the end of the first month I'd booked over 10 calls and had many more text conversations with my exact target market. I also made meaningful personal connections with people whose interests perfectly aligned with my business, including meeting with a perfect potential business partner. Thanks Ryan!
Warren Rerden

Owner, Writer Click

Check out more great testimonials and case studies on our reviews page!

Who Is This For?

B2B Software

You have an Enterprise Tech solution / Software / SaaS you are ready to take to market.

National Potential

You can service your clients nationally or internationally. We want to work with clients with serious growth potential.

Hunger For Growth

Your business is hungry for more leads, more sales and serious growth!

High Value Offer

Your CLV (customer lifetime value) or client subscription model is above $3000/year

What's Included?

The ‘Get Set for success’ Software Sales Strategy


Before we start generating leads and booking software demos we make sure we are ‘set for success’!
We Review your existing marketing assets, sales strategy and map out a blueprint that ensures any new prospects we reach out to can transition smoothly through to booked calls and sales. The strategy is built on 4 key components.


We work with technical companies and we know how to translate the tech jargon into high converting value propositions.


Precision Targeting is critical. We work together in the beginning to build highly targeted lists of your dream clients.


We develop non salesy messaging to reach out to your prospects and get them onto booked zoom calls with you and your team.


We handle all the heavy lifting so you only need to spend 15 minutes a day engaging with interested prospects.

Plug into the B2B Lead Machine


Leverage the power of LinkedIn and outbound as we plug you and your sales team into our revolutionary B2B lead machine. Manage and nurture leads with full visibility through our simple Social CRM that works with any existing CRM or sales process. Ready to scale? Simply plug more of your team into the B2B Lead Machine and start feeding them high quality leads!

Monthly Success And Training Calls

We catch-up regularly to review and adjust optimise our strategy and ensure we are doing everything possible to transition prospects through to red hot leads and closed sales.

We also review your existing sales and content marketing strategy and provide high value training to ensure increased conversion rates.

Expected Results

The aim of the program is to have your lead generating machine up and running in 4-5 weeks which at a minimum we want you to have a system that will...

- Generate 100-300 new connections per month with your target market per month
- Generate 20-100 warm LinkedIn conversations per month
- Book 5-20+ calls per month
- ROI in 1-3 months



What do I need to get started?

A great software product or enterprise tech solution ready to take to market and at least 1 LinkedIn account with a Sales Navigator subscription (~$100/month)


How do I get started?

If you're interested in learning more or would like to see if you working together would be a good fit please send us a message below and we will reach out to organise a time to chat.

What's The Cost?


+$USD1,000/month for each additional user

Ready to get started? Let us know via email and we will send over the next steps.

What's The Cost?

$2,000/month + GST

+$1,000/month + GST for each additional user

Ready to get started? Let us know via email and we will send over the next steps.

What's The Cost?

$2,000/month + GST

+$1,000/month + GST for each additional user

Ready to get started? Let us know via email and we will send over the next steps.