Lion’s are commonly known as one of nature’s greatest hunters.

Strong, fast, relentless…. But most importantly efficient in their methods.

Watching a documentary on Lions recently I learned that there were a number of great lessons that translate directly into lead generation.

Want to learn how you hunt like a lion on LinkedIn? Check out this video to learn how.

Video Transcript

So I’ve been watching some documentaries about nature, about lions and the way they hunt. I think there’s always really interesting lessons that we can learn from nature. Now it’s interesting when the lion hunts it doesn’t just run into a pack of antelope or Buffalo, and then chase, just run into the middle of the herd and then start chasing one and they start chasing another and then just sporadically or radically chasing lots of different things and not getting anywhere.

So what the line does is when it goes into the hurt, it picks off the thing that it feels it’s most likely to be able to take down and they will work together to take down that specific animal or the one they feel is more likely to convert. So this is always really interesting analogies that you can see in nature that applied to just about everything in life and lead generation sales is no exception.

So where I see so many people getting it wrong, especially on LinkedIn, is they’re doing exactly that. They’re running straight into the herd and dispersing everything, jumping from one thing to another. They’re going where the most attention is, but it’s, it’s erratic and this there’s just no results from it. So as an example, people know that they should be engaging with people’s posts and they know they need to be getting more engagement, need to be seen more.

So they go on LinkedIn, they open up the feed and by no surprise, the most popular posts are going to be putting into what you see. And so people try and comment on that. It’s usually 100,000 comments in there and no one gives a crap. What you should be doing is first of all, finding who it is that you actually want to engage with. Who’s a potential prospect of yours, who is likely to convert and want to work with you.

And you’re better off going to their page and looking at their posts and adding comments to them. Now, it could be that your prospects aren’t that active on LinkedIn. They’re not out there trying to get themselves clients with LinkedIn. And so they’re not getting heaps of attention with their posts or their activity on LinkedIn. Now, imagine how your engagement on their page will stand out compared to just adding to the diluted engagement on someone who would never be your client anyway.

So the point here is focus your efforts on where you’re gonna get the most likely to convert, put your efforts into the prospects who are likely to be your clients and are likely to convert. Don’t just chase after where all the noise and attention is go, where you’re likely to see actual results and focus, and you will see more leads coming through and more sales. So just a quick tip, always great things to be learned from nature. Good thought for the day. So that’s it for today.

I’m Ryan from Have a great day. Cheers.

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