Podcast: 4 Sales Navigator Hacks To Double Conversion Rate!

Whenever I’m brought into an organisation to review their LinkedIn strategy I always find this one same low-hanging fruit opportunity.

With one simple change, I can often double campaign conversion rates.

In my latest video, I go through these simple sales navigator hacks so you can quickly double your LinkedIn sales conversion rates today.

Video Transcript
Today, I’m going to share four quick, super easy little hacks that you can use on sales navigator that you probably don’t know about are going to help you double your conversion rate when it comes to lead generation.

Hey, how’s it going? Ryan Caswell here from B2B leads.com. And today I’m going to share. A few quick hacks that can help you double your conversion rate by improving drastically improving your target market on LinkedIn. Let’s jump straight into it. Alrighty. So for those of you who aren’t familiar with LinkedIn or sales navigator and using it to build targeted lists of leads, I’ve really, this is probably a little bit further along for you, but I do have a really good video.

I posted you. On like it, basically it goes over everything around how to build your talk market on LinkedIn, which I would just kind of go over a few quick little tips that you probably don’t know about that are going to help you improve your targeting on LinkedIn. Assuming you already know how to find your target market based on the titles.

So let’s do a really quick one. So let’s have a look around Brisbane, Australia, get rid of caps lock, and we’ll look at an industry. Financial services and title. So let’s do just some of them, the main decision maker roles in here, or actually let’s just go director. So we’ve built a really simple list here around two K.

We’re looking at directors in financial services around Brisbane. Let’s say that’s, that’s our ideal target market. So the first tip I wanted to go over is how to, and this is probably the, of all the tips I’m going to talk about today. This is probably the best one we want to. Increase our chance of every reach out to these people when we’re using up our limit of invites and messages that we can send on LinkedIn, we want to make sure they have the best chance of converting that person, getting that person to engage with us and get on the call.

So the best tip on the easiest tips is going to this spotlight. And finding people who we know are active. So the best one here is posted in the last 30 days. But you know, we’ve also got changed jobs in the last 90 days, mentioned in news share experience, well share experiences, probably isn’t that grade one.

But these two are indicators that people are actually using the platform because a lot of people don’t actually even use LinkedIn. They have an account probably like me with my Facebook account and just never use it. So this helps us identify people who are more likely to engage, who we know are using the.

Super powerful. Ah, the next thing we want to do is of course tighten up our list. We want to make sure that the people we reach out to are all relevant makes sense. Right? So there’s two things that we can do here. This is a really cool little hack that a lot of people don’t know about. So what we can do is go through the list and exclude people who we know are not relevant rather than just saving this bulk list and hoping that they’re right.

We can go through and say, okay, Hey, this person probably isn’t relevant. That’s also put second and third and here second and third degree connections. So let’s say Tim is not a relevant prospect. So we just say, I want to save that person to list code. Exclude me, please. You can call it whatever you want.

Sorry, Tim. I want to add them to that list. And now what I can do is create custom list here. I’ve got too many of these already glued in place. And now I can see Tim here. Now, what I can do is exclude the people that are added to that list. So if I exclude that, you can see he’s been taken out of the list.

So a really cool little trick, a lot of people don’t know about. So when you’re actually building a search, like a dynamic list, not just a safe lead list, which is static, this will update as people change their time. But to exclude specific people, you can just now save them to that custom list and then we’ll exclude them from this search.

So really neat little trick that a lot of people don’t know about now, another really cool way to tighten up your targeting is. Four is heading to the last page and seeing of the results is still relevant here because oftentimes we look at the first page and we’re like, yeah, that’s awesome. That’s bang on.

These are exactly who I want to talk to, but then when, but that’s what LinkedIn does. It presents the most relevant results first. But as we get to the last page, that’s where the results tend to break down. And that’s where we might find that you know, the, we need to actually exclude more specific to.

So you know, we might put executive in, for example as a title. And then when we get to the last page we’re seeing executive assistants. I’m going to go. Ah, I need to actually exclude those people from the search. Cause then I’ll end up reaching out to people that aren’t relevant. So we can do something like assistant in the title, search and exclude assistant as a term.

And there’ll only be directly. Or executives in, as in the example I was talking about that aren’t executive assistants, that’ll exclude anyone with that keyword in their specific title, and one other really cool trick using sales navigator that not many people know about. And this is really cool if you’ve working in a team and you’re trying not to double hit contacts within site with lots of sales reps around is you can actually go view all filters and.

You can click on connection of, so you can actually say connection of, I don’t know, say Elliot, then you can search. I haven’t got anyone here, but you can search for connections of other people who may be in your team. And that way you can build lists of people, you know, to exclude as well. The downside issue here is that you can’t do like what we did here with excluding a custom list.

You can’t exclude people who are connections of that. So you instead need to save that list and then identified that as a list of people to blacklist. So a little bit more of a roundabout way, but it is a cool trick, especially if you’re working with sales teams, a lot of people are working together and trying to identify who’s already talking and connected and engaging with who cause you don’t want.

Put all your efforts into targeting the same person it’s source. It’s not just, where’s your efforts. It’s also like annoying for that person to be getting hit from left right. And center. So this is just for little hacks. Not necessarily everyone knows these, but really powerful and a great way to double your engagement on your LinkedIn lead generation.

So hope that’s been helpful as always Ryan Caswell from B2B leads.com. Have a great day.

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