Podcast: 3 quick tips to improve your LinkedIn messages (& book more calls)


Messaging people on LinkedIn is by far the biggest challenge most business owners face when trying to generate new leads.

Come on too strong and you push your prospects away.

Too passive and they’ll lose interest.

Too much information and you’ll be ignored.

Too little information and no one will know what you do or why you are talking to them.

To help you write your messages in a way that gets your prospects to take notice, I’ve put together this short video sharing my 3 key tips to help you generate more leads and booked calls using LinkedIn.

Video Transcript

Hey, how’s the going? I want to give you three quick tips on how you can improve your messages on LinkedIn, so that you can generate more leads and more sales. So, first tip is try to get people to connect with you based on the value you bring.

So rather than reaching out to people and saying, Hey, let’s connect I’ve seen your connected to this person, or, let’s join each other’s network, try and get your value proposition in front of them, so that people are actually connecting with you based on the value that you can bring, rather than it’s gonna make it a lot easier to transition that conversation, around the value and the help that you can give them.

Then if you connect with them on false pretenses or if you’re just trying to grow your network. So that’s the first tip. Second tip is, Single CTA, Single Call To Actions When you give people too many choices, they’re not gonna take any. So make the choices singular. Don’t say, Hey, if you wanna do this, do this, if you wanna reach out to me, do this, this is my phone number, if you wanna call me on a phone, if you wanna call me in an email, no one’s gonna take it.

When you give people too many options, they tend to take no option as opposed to one. The idea is we really need to make it very easy for these people that don’t know us. They don’t trust us yet, to take some initial first step. So just make it really easy, and rather than saying, the first step is jump on a call, just try and get some buy into the value or see they need help around what you offer. So, we wanna get, yes no sort of answers.

So it’s really easy for your prospect to take that first step. Now the final step is keep it short, keep it conversational. If you send someone a massive three-paragraph long sales pitch, they’re not gonna read it. These people are busy and they’ve got other things to do, and you’re not at the top of their priority list.

So keep conversations short, conversational to the point. And then you’ll actually have a chance of people reading the messages and wanting to progress the conversation through to a goal and obviously to a sale. So hope that helps three quick things that you can do with your messages today, to start generating more conversations, more relationships, more leads, and more sales on LinkedIn.

Hope have that helps. My name is Ryan Caswell from b2bleads.com. Cheers.

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