Your LinkedIn company page can be a great way to build a following and drive more traffic to your business and website.

In this short video, I share 3 quick tips to optimize your LinkedIn Company page.

Video Transcript
So here’s three quick tips on how to improve your company page on LinkedIn.

All right, let’s launch straight into it. So if you’re not aware of what your company page is should be at this point, but if your, if you go to your LinkedIn profile, view profile, or view someone’s profile, who has a company page, When you scroll down to the experience, it should be linked to an actual account or company page, and that’ll take you through to view it as a member, the company page, it looks a little bit something like this.

We’re just gonna go over three quick tips of things that you need to have in place to make sure that your company page is set up correctly and you’re gonna get the most value from it. Now, there are a lot of things you can do with it, but today I just want to really focus on that 80 20 principle.

What’s the best things, the quickest way to get it working for you in your business? So the first most obvious, or not most obvious, the first most important thing I would say that you need to have in place for your company page is an obvious link to your website. From my experience, most people use these company pages as a portal or as a gateway to your actual website, and that’s where most of the strategies should be around your copywriting, your core value proposition messaging all that kind of stuff, rather than focusing on trying to get that right in two different places. Just make it easy for people to find their way to your website. So making sure big visit website or learn more button here and that takes you through to your actual website.

The next thing is making sure that you have a nice banner image set up here and like obviously nice concise about section here too. Don’t wanna say too, don’t need to say too much. Like I said, we really were trying to. Drive more people to our actual website than than actually on this page specifically.

At least that’s been my experience. Most of the hard work I’ve found is done through your personal profile and the LinkedIn company page is kind of like I said, more or less a gateway to your website. That’s how we’ve used in the past and built a million dollar company. More or less with that strategy, using personal profiles to drive people to through this, to the actual website.
That’s not to say that you can’t do more with the page. That’s just been our experience, so, Make sure that it’s very easy to get one. Make sure it’s easy to find their way to your website. Make sure you got a nice banner image there. If you’re not really design inclined head to fiver and you’ll be able to hire a freelancer to put something together for you like five, 10 bucks next to nothing.

So if you head or, or Upwork, Upwork’s good too. But five has got more productized type services. So if you head here and type in LinkedIn, it should start to. Show you what you want. Want to see LinkedIn, banner and then yeah, 15 bucks, seven bucks. You’ll find something there. If you’re cluey enough with design, you can do it in Photoshop, but it doesn’t have to be super complex.

Just make sure it looks spot on. It looks slick. Cause if it looks, if you just have that. Normal banner image there. It’s not that exciting. We just wanna make sure it aligns with your branding as well. So you wanna make sure you have an obvious gateway to your website. Follow that 80 20 principle. Just make sure you have a nice concise little about section, a good call.

Obviously your logo, your background image, nothing too fancy. Most of the work’s gonna be done by your website. And then you can also invite people to follow your page as well. We, as you can probably tell by our numbers, have never really focused on this. I might test it out this year. Most of the strategy has really been around building connections with the personal profile.

Cause you tend to get more organic free reach through your personal profile. So that’s where we’ve put the focus. But we might experiment more with this in the new year. And if you want to grow your network, the simplest way is you can either send people messages with the link to the actual page. So obviously, Just cut out this stuff here.

And I’ve done this for other clients of ours where we’re trying to promote and grow the actual company page. You can just send people that link in the actual message, or they actually provide a native way to invite your connections as well. So if you click on you as member admin tools, invite connections.

There it is. You can actually invite people to connect. So I invite my sister and Michael, two connections invited to follow your page. Awesome. So just three quick tips, hope that’s been helpful. If you’ve had a different experience or have some tips that you recommend as well on the LinkedIn company page, feel free to put in the comments below.

Definitely open to learning as well, but like I said, our experience with company pages has been that it’s more or less just how Gateway to the website and we put more focus in on the website and getting that me messaging right there. Hope that’s been helpful. Ryan Caswell from b2b As always, have a great day.


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